7 Ways how corporate yoga can increase your business’s profit and productivity!

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Yoga has always been associated with a spiritual journey from time immemorial. So, do you think it has got nothing to do with the money-making business or work environment? No more will be the case, after knowing these 7 benefits of yoga for corporates or small businesses or any working individuals, you will need to think again.

Whether you are a small business owner or a corporate mogul or self-employed person, yoga has much to offer for everyone. Both your company and its employees are going to gain benefits by incorporating yoga in their day to day work life and fitness regime. Corporates and businesses invest and spend a huge amount of money on the health-related policies and insurances of their employees to retain the maximum productivity. But companies that adopt corporate yoga in their wellness policies see a great reduction in insurance premiums and a surprising increase in the productivity of their human resource.

Many companies all over the world are recognizing the immense boost yoga can offer in corporate wellness programs. Just like it can help people from any age group, irrespective of the gender, no matter what is their current health, strength, and flexibility level is, yoga proves equally beneficial to every business, whether it is a small one or a corporate firm.  

Consider these 7 ways of how corporate yoga can increase your business’s profit and productivity as well as that of the employees:

1. Incorporates optimism

Yoga helps you to get rid of the negativity. It detoxifies the mind from all negative and procrastinating thoughts and attitudes. The hormones and vibes produced during the practice of asanas, pranayama, and meditation have a calming effect which increases patience in individuals. It helps to set a can-do attitude. This optimism and enthusiasm towards work reflect in a highly productive work environment. If you are physically and mentally fit, you feel energetic, if you are bubbling with the energy you create a positive environment at the workplace, keeping your morale high. The positive morale prompts employees to complete their responsibilities more sincerely and dedicatedly, thus increasing productivity.

2. Energizes the body and reduces fatigue

shwet yoga classes in thane west providing corporate yoga classes

In today’s corporate world the long working hours that too by sitting at one place for the whole day have become a serious issue. Sitting long hours continuously can kill productivity and cause various health ailments. Non-stop working also induces stress. Just standing up and stretching your body and taking a small walk in the office every 60 minutes reinforces the blood circulation in the body. If you incorporate some yoga stretches in this small physical activity, you will feel how wonderfully it reenergizes the whole body. This leads to less stressed out body and thus reduces the work fatigue to a great extent, making you more active and energetic to work further. Thus, corporate yoga has the power to reduce work fatigue and increase the length of productive hours.

3. Helps to relieve body aches

Continuous sitting and constant screen seeing not only leads to fatigue but also is physically tiring. Work involving no physical activity and only desk job are actually more harmful than the one involving physical hardships. Corporate work format makes your seat in the chair for hours and causes most of the employees to suffer from back pain, body aches, and other physical ailments. If you are suffering from any kind of pain or discomfort the last thing your mind will be concentrating is work.

shwet yoga classes in thane west providing corporate yoga classes

Yoga can give relief from most of the chronic pain. It helps you eliminate the stress and strain on your eyes and brain, reducing headache, back pain, and neck stiffness are also treated by its regular practice. Yoga can prove beneficial for the various body aches that come in a package with your corporate job.  

4. Improves focus and concentration

Controlled breathing exercises, meditation, and pranayama detoxify the mind. Many asanas and kriyas in yoga need you to focus and concentrate on your breath or some specific points in the body. All these activities improve your and your employee’s focus, concentration, and determination. Always working under stress and constantly being agonized by the work deadlines, workplace chaos creates a mental clutter making it difficult to concentrate and be focused on your work. Yoga’s pranayama, meditation, and other breathing exercises helps you to clear this clutter and free the mind of all the unwanted chaos and thoughts, letting you be mindful, alert, free of absenteeism, and help you take better work decisions.

5. Reduces work stress

shwet yoga classes in thane west providing corporate yoga classes

Everyday deadlines, endless meetings cause employees to always work under some kind of pressure and stress. Asides from physical pain and mental fatigue, work stress is a major factor contributing to decreased productivity and efficiency of an employee. Day by day the need for psychological counseling at workplaces is increasing. Stress accounts for the lump sum amount of money spent by the companies due to decreased productivity, employee absenteeism, accidents, and other issues. Avoiding such problems is paramount for the wellbeing of a business and its employees. Yoga releases stress-relieving hormones and is vital in dealing with all the stress-related complexities.  

6. Creative and Higher thinking

Yoga is known for its inner healing properties. You can think better if you are perfectly fit from inside out. Yoga frees you from the burdens and lets your mind introspect the surroundings with a new improved, innovative perspective. When your brain is not confined in a small box then only it is possible for you to think something out of the box. Yoga gives you that enlightenment to think differently. A yoga session performed together with your collogues creates a team spirit among them which proves detrimental when there is a need to support a business idea and execute it like teamwork.

shwet yoga classes in thane west providing corporate yoga classes

7. Reduces seek lives and insurance premiums

The improved overall health of the workforce reduces the causes of illness and seek leaves. There is no need for the corporates to invest so much on health insurance premiums to treat its employees for the serious health problems arising due to daily work stress.

A physically and mentally fit employee, owner, or any kind of human resource is the prime factor in building the most productive, efficient, reliable, and trustworthy company, business, or corporate firm. Offering yoga classes at work, including corporate yoga in your long-term business strategy is a low cost, high efficiency and effective way to achieve happy and productive employees.

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  1. Kailash Sharma

    It’s really a superb thought because after reading these 7 ways of yoga really I realised that it will helps me to relax from my office work stresses. In my view , these 7 Yoga ways really boost following things in our body –
    1- it empowers positive energy to achieve new heights & goals ( Reduce Negativity)
    2- it will help us to energies our body & will also help us to reduce fatigue
    3- it wil help us to reduce body ache & will improve our concentration on daily basis
    4- it will help us to reduce work stress completely

    These corporate yoga ways definitely helps to increase productivity for business person & corporate persons .
    I am thankful to Dr Shweta & shwetyoga for their incredible efforts.

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