Want to slow down aging? Anti-aging yoga remedies you must try!

Are you one among the millions of mature adults who want to gain control over the constantly tickling hands of the clock & slow down the time? and ultimately your aging? Your most promising answer is turning to your yoga mat. To slow down aging or reverse the effects of it, anti-aging yoga remedies are unarguably the best things to try! 

anti-aging yoga remedies

Studies have shown that doing yoga doesn’t simply help your muscles remain limber—a regular yoga practice may increase the amount of stay-young hormones which will slow the aging process. The inevitable effects of aging are slowed down by yoga and it helps you to age gracefully.  

Can yoga slow the aging process? 

As you age, you’ll come across general physiological changes in elasticity, stability, speed, strength, and endurance, also as a special challenge on physical goals. From heart palpations to reduced lung capacity, decreased bone density to hormonal unbalances, and sore backs to artificial knees, physical changes will also affect and dictate the requirements of a yoga asana practice, but altogether, doing yoga will cause you to feel better. 

anti-aging yoga remedies

While it does get challenging to create muscle with age, it’s not utterly impossible, and it’s never too late. Exercise and yoga assist you to maintain the muscle mass you’ve got and still add more. Whether you suffer from weak bones or arthritis, but movement and weight-bearing exercises keep bones healthier for a prolonged period. 

Yoga is a superb anti-aging tool. And it doesn’t matter at what stage you are starting it from or at what age you begin—exercise and yoga can help. 

Producing anti-aging hormones and treating insomnia 

As we age, the constant stress and complexities of life make the process of aging faster and more tiring. The increased level of the stress hormone, depression adversely affect the physical and mental health of a person. 

anti-aging yoga remedies

How yoga is helpful? Regular deep meditation considerably affects the production of three vital hormones associated with increased longevity, reduced stress, and enhanced well-being: cortisol, DHEA, and melatonin. Meditation increases the level of anti-aging hormones. DHEA is considered as the “anti-aging hormone.” As we grow old our body produces little of it, but once we start practicing yoga and meditation, we become our own fountain of youthfulness! We naturally provide our bodies with this hormone also protecting our bodies from cortisol, the stress-inducing hormone. 

The melatonin hormone helps with getting quality sleep. Increased melatonin thanks to meditation results in increased well-being during the day and tranquil sleep at night! 

Osteoporosis and Arthritis 

As we age, our bone density starts to decrease and bones become more susceptible to fractures. This condition is known as Osteoporosis. Arthritis is a painful condition causing sore joints like hands, wrists, elbow, knees. It makes the joints stiff restricting the comfortable motion. 

anti-aging yoga remedies

How yoga is helpful? Yoga has a potential effect on our physical alignment, as well as helps us to build muscle, body awareness, and better balance. Weight-bearing lunge poses, like Warrior I, Warrior II, and Side Angle Pose, help build hip and leg strength; balancing poses like tree, and Warrior III helps to protect against falls which will cause fractures in already-brittle bones. 

Recent research shows that a daily yoga practice can aid in reducing joint pain and help in improving joint flexibility. Daily yoga practice may additionally reduce inflammation. 

Sore backs and disc ailments 

The narrowing of the vertebral openings can cause radiating pain and numbness of the spinal cord, affecting hips, legs, and shoulders too. Disc issues and lower back pain are also common issues caused due to spinal squeeze. 

anti-aging yoga remedies

How yoga is helpful? A yoga practice that cautiously approaches forward folds and side bending and avoids extension (back-bending) poses can help significantly reduce back pain. If you experience pain from disc issues, often it’s best to avoid forward folds or any pose that causes your spine to round, as this will exacerbate the difficulty by squeezing the disc more. Instead, focus on back bending poses and poses that Stimulate your abdominal muscles and strengthen your hips. 

Maintain the extra calories 

Aging reduces the efficiency of digestive organs, making it difficult for the body to burn those extra calories. Obesity further complexes the functioning of other vital organs. 

How yoga is helpful? Yoga induces good eating habits thus controlling the unnecessary food cravings. Daily yoga practice with a balanced diet helps to maintain weight. Poses like chaturanga dandasana, trikonasana, adho mukh shwanasana, setu bandh sarvangasana and surya namaskar tones your body giving you a youthful appearance. 

Facial tightening and collagen production 

Age comes with wrinkles, dry skin, facial muscles tend to troop with passing years. As the body produces less collagen the self-healing power of our body gradually decreases affecting our beauty. 

How yoga is helpful? When you exercise or enjoy a mindful Yoga session, the muscles in your body feel firm and powerful. Likewise, when your facial muscles are put to use with face yoga, they feel toned and provides the sensation of a natural facelift, if practiced regularly. Various breathing exercises, lifting eyebrows, making a fish face, chanting om with a smile, puffing cheeks are some facial yoga exercises worth mentioning. 

Maintaining the blood pressure 

High Blood pressure is the foremost common ailments that affect adults as they age. Dizziness and feeling uneasy are the most common symptoms and also can be seen as the side effect of the medications for blood pressure.  

How yoga is helpful? Some studies show that regular yoga can lower blood pressure, so a routine yoga practice will help. As you progress, avoid transitions that put your head below your heart, and cop-out of sequences that need you to maneuver quickly from standing to forward folding. 

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