7 amazing yoga asanas to keep diabetes under control

Diabetes has become a grave concern among the middle-aged population nowadays. It is a multifactorial disorder caused mainly due to irregular eating habits, lack of exercise and sleep, increased stress level, etc. Many studies by the Medical research institutes and expert dietitians have suggested that regular exercise especially yoga asanas and a healthy diet can keep your body sugar levels under control and to some extent can prevent the occurrence of a diabetic condition. 

Diabetes is a hormonal disorder that disturbs the formation and secretion of insulin in the body. High blood pressure, obesity, reduced metabolism, stress, weak immunity are common factors associated with diabetic people. Lifestyle changes must be incorporated with fair attention towards the overall fitness of the body. Yoga asanas along with meditation, pranayama is the right step towards this holistic healing approach. A yogic lifestyle not only treats outer ailments but also repairs the body from within.  

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What are the types of diabetes? 

There are two types of diabetes- Type 1 diabetes, where there is no production of insulin, Type 2 diabetes, where the production of insulin is not sufficient. Type 1 diabetes is generally a congenital one. Type 2 diabetes is primarily associated with lifestyle malpractices. The good news is that yoga asanas can be beneficial in both types of diabetic patients.  

Can Yoga asanas cure diabetes?  

Performing yoga asanas on a regular basis is a great option to fight diabetes. Mindfulness attained during its practice enables a diabetic person to manage the disease in a much calmer way. It reduces the stress and anxiety level keeping the blood pressure at bay, improves cardiovascular health, keeps blood glucose under control, and weight in check. Certain yoga asanas stimulate pancreatic cells, which is the main body organ where insulin generation takes place.  

Diabetes is notorious for its ill effects on the internal organs. Yoga heals these internal organs and the whole system. This increases the body immunity and longevity of a person. Yoga asanas need to be compulsorily incorporated along with medications and diet plans, to lead a normal, healthy life despite diagnosed with diabetes. If started early it can also prevent the disease. 

Yoga asanas to cure or control diabetes 

Here is a list of yoga asanas that significantly improve the health of a diabetic patient. While anyone can perform it to prevent the future diagnosis, the already suffering persons can keep their blood sugar at an optimum level with these amazing yoga asanas- 

1. Dhanurasana 

yoga asanas at shwet yoga classes & courses in thane

Dhanurasana is an incredible back bowing yoga asana for expanding and increasing spinal strength and adaptability. It stimulates the internal organs. It is an excellent stimulator for the endocrine system, helping to activate the internal glands. This maintains the hormonal balance. It massages the pancreatic muscles. This posture stretches the chest and strengthens the lungs, making it a very beneficial posture for those with asthma and respiratory issues too. 

2. Sarvangasana 

yoga asanas at shwet yoga classes & courses in thane

Sarvangasana or shoulder stand is often regarded as the extension of plough pose. It facilitates deep stretching of the neck and back that stimulates blood circulation as well as gets rid of all imbalances. Improves the function of the thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, and pituitary glands. All of the other endocrine glands are regulated by these main glands and so the overall function of the endocrine system is improved. This yoga asana helps control the blood sugar levels and improves the function of the pancreas. 

3. Uttanpadasana 

yoga asanas at shwet yoga classes & courses in thane

Also known as the raised leg pose. As the name suggests it requires raising the legs slowly above the ground with the rest of the body lying on the ground. It can be done with a single leg raised at a time or can be done with both the legs raised simultaneously above the ground. It benefits all the pancreatic muscles along with strengthening the outer core muscles and healing the inner organs. It improves digestion, relieves constipation, and improves the health of the intestines. It activates the nervous system energizing the whole body. 

4. Parivrittit Trikonasana 

yoga asanas at shwet yoga classes & courses in thane

It is a counterpose to trikonasana, which increases the flexibility of the hip joints and strengthens the digestive organs, and tones the buttocks. The deep twist involved stimulates the abdominal organs such as the pancreas. It is quite difficult to perform correctly, in such cases some modifications are generally made by the yoga trainers to accommodate it in the yoga regime.   

5. Ardha Mastyendrasana 

yoga asanas at shwet yoga classes & courses in thane

This sitting half spinal twist helps to massage the abdominal organs. It improves digestive function and stimulates the liver, pancreas. It’s named after the yogi Matsyendranath and also goes by the half- king of the fish pose. 

6. Vajrasana 

yoga asanas at shwet yoga classes & courses in thane

It is excellent for digestion and to reduce the fat around the waistline. It improves blood circulation in the lower abdominal region. It removes the stiffness in the knee and ankle joints. It also cures backaches. It relieves and prevents constipation. It is also known for strengthening the pelvic muscles.   

7. Setu Bandh Sarvangasana 

yoga asanas at shwet yoga classes & courses in thane

It helps to flush out the harmful substances from your body and has a wonderful detoxifying effect. It is beneficial in the administration of stress and nervousness. It helps you to control the obesity level.   

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