Shwet Yoga Classes | 6 Effective ways yoga asanas soothe menopause symptoms

Many women have experienced relief in hot flashes and pain caused due to menopause with the practice of restorative yoga asanas. You can simply do these asanas at home or can join a studio yoga program at yoga classes in your locality. At our Shwet yoga classes in thane, we provide medical therapeutic classes specially structured for various ailments; you too can ask your yoga instructor for the same.  

Yoga for menopause 

Women in their late forties or early fifties tend to experience complications with their regular monthly cycle. Hot flashes, abdominal cramps with interrupting sleep, irregularity in the menstrual cycle, heavy flow during the cycle and many such pre-menopausal symptoms are quite annoying and many times are unbearable. The medicines prescribed to ease the symptoms often elevates a women’s estrogen and progesterone levels. This aggravates the risk of breast cancer, stroke, heart disease, and other life-threatening conditions. 

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Does yoga help with menopause? 

A consistent yoga practice whether at home or at yoga classes, not only reduces the stress and discomfort associated with pre-menopause but also helps to ease the symptoms during menopause. Yoga is a natural, comprehensive remedy to balance your hormones, regularize your cycle, soothe the discomfort, and keep you calm and relaxed during this period. 

What exercise is good for menopause? 

Exercise is very important to deal with menopause especially when you are in the transitional phase before menopause that is pre-menopause. Brisk walking, aerobics, yoga are recommended to keep the weight gain under control, treat insomnia and inflammation.  

As per the personal experience of our students at Shwet yoga classes in thane, yoga is immensely effective in treating and restoring the body in a natural way. It helps you keep emotionally balanced during the distress, calms the insecurities related to getting older. Yoga for menopause is all about being calm, cool, and collected. Yoga asanas heal the mind, restore the nervous system, and increase body strength without overheating it. 

Effective ways yoga asanas sooth menopause symptoms 

Here are the symptoms of menopause along with the explanation of how yoga asana can soothe them. 

1. Hot flashes 

This is one of the most common symptoms associated with menopause. A sudden rise in body temperature especially felt at face to down the neck and arms, is often coupled with a rapid pulse rate. The temperature fluctuation is quite sudden and subdues in a short period of time. After its disappearance, a chill is also felt as the body tries to correct the temperature fluctuations. Stress, fatigue, and intense activity further intensify this condition. 

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Cooling and restorative yoga asanas such as Supta buddha konasana, Supta virasana, Halasana promote complete relaxation. These poses allow the abdomen muscles to soften, chest and belly tightness to release, and jittery nerves to relax. 

2. Irritation and anxiety 

As estrogen levels during pre-menopause and menopause are quite high, it tends to induce mood swings, irritation, and anxiety. Due to the increased stress level heart rate is affected, the metabolic rate is reduced, nervousness is common. After joining the yoga classes many women experience that their stress dissipates drastically, bringing the body’s balance back on track. 

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Forward bending poses like Paschhimottanasana, Prasarita Padottanasana soothes the nervous system, helps to reduce irritation and anxiety. Yoga regulates your menstrual cycle and its regular practice reduces the cramps and pain associated with menses. 

3. Insomnia and fatigue 

Women complain about feeling weary and fatigued during this phase. Depression and exhausted energy are quite common. Plunging progesterone is the reason for this feeling of lethargy. Surya namaskar and other yoga asanas rejuvenate the vital organs, reenergizes the body, develop an optimistic approach. Badhha konasana reinstalls the joy and courage calming and relaxing the body.  

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The restorative postures from yoga improve blood circulation and calm the mind. This helps in getting a sound sleep. A good night’s sleep gives a person a fresh start to begin a day on a positive note.  

4. Natural healing 

Yoga is a natural remedy for menopause. Unlike its treatment like HRT, it does not have any side effects and heals the problem within with long-lasting benefits. Treatment like HRT comes with a risk of life-threatening diseases like breast cancer, strokes, heart problems. Rather than relying on the medications that alter your hormonal system, yoga is a better and safer option.  

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5. Keeps blood pressure under control 

Due to the vast hormonal changes that take place during menopause, blood pressure is bound to increase. Fortunately, yoga is at your rescue. Regular practice of yoga asanas like Janu shirsasana, and some pranayama practices help you to keep the blood pressure levels in the optimum range. It promotes better oxygenation and blood circulation throughout the body.  

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6. Weight management 

Hormonal misfunction and fluctuations also cause weight gain in many women. Yoga is a great way to counter this problem. Yoga asanas help you to burn extra calories, restores the metabolic rate, and stimulates the digestive tract. Regular practice of yoga (at home or yoga classes) average 3 times a week or more, for at least an hour helps you to maintain the ideal weight. 

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If you are not sure which yoga poses to follow or which type/style of yoga will suit your body type, you can contact experts from Shwet yoga classes in thane. It is also advisable to consult your medical practitioner before starting the practice. 

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