7 yoga asanas must be followed by students for better performance!

Yoga asanas incorporate breathing techniques, physical exercises, and meditation to encourage relaxation and reduce stress. Regular practice of yoga comes with many physical and psychological benefits. With today’s competitive lifestyle starting since the school days people especially students tend to neglect their physical and mental wellbeing accumulating stress and fatigue. There is no debate about the fact that yoga asanas are highly beneficial for students.  

Family & peer pressure, exam stress, long working hours, the burden of school projects & assignments, unpredictable dietary patterns, and a variety of such reasons lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. A number of diseases and health complications related to these bad lifestyle patterns have become common among students nowadays. Stress, lack of sleep or insomnia, nervousness, depression, stomach related issues, headaches leading to an unpleasant way of life. All these problems not only adversely affect their physical health & growth but also is a reason behind their poor academic performance. This again induces more stress and the vicious cycle continues.

yoga asanas for students

It is always recommended to perform yoga asanas on regular basis by everybody irrespective of their age. With daily practice, you reap its rich benefits like adaptivity, greater alertness level, better understanding, increased awareness, channelized energy, greater vitality, constant motivation, and many more. Learning yoga asanas at an early age provides enormous advantages for the progress and prosperity of the students. 

Students must perform yoga on regular basis at home or they can enroll in a good yoga class along with their other academic, sports, or hobby classes. Let’s discuss the basic yoga asanas that a student must follow on daily basis to become a happy, successful, and well-balanced grown adult. 

Yoga asana for students 1 – Sarvangasana 

Students are constantly under pressure, requiring them to deal with depression and anxiety. Yoga asana like Sarvangasana is the best way to help them face this family pressure, study pressure, and any other such distress. It keeps the stress away and makes the mind fresh and active. 

This inverted pose with keeping the upper body resting on the surface is fondly called “the queen of asanas” due to its uncountable benefits. It relieves the blockage of energy from the neck region, removing the stress from the neck & shoulders. As the chin is pressed against the throat it stimulates the thyroid gland, assuring the healthy functioning of the vital body organs.  

yoga asanas for students

Yoga asanas for students 2 – Halasana 

This pose is usually performed immediately after the Sarvangasana pose. It helps to build strength in the body. Physical strength is very important for the students to do the daily activities effectively. Students are overloaded with many tasks requiring them to perform Halasana on daily basis to build muscles and generate power. It relieves fatigue and gives good stretching to the whole body. It stimulates the nervous system especially the spine area. It ensures the proper functioning of the thyroid and parathyroid glands. 

yoga asanas for students

Yoga asanas for students 3 – Matsyasana 

Keeping stress, nervousness, and negativity at a bay, Matsyasana acupunctures your points that stimulate the grey matter. Thus it is highly beneficial to increase concentration and memory power. It helps to synchronize your left brain with the right one. This establishes the equilibrium in the brain energy, enhancing the thinking capacity and increasing mental strength. It eliminates stiffness from the cervical area, promotes lung functioning, and increased ease in breathing. 

yoga asanas for students

Yoga asanas for students 4 – Tadasana 

Also known as the mountain pose, this is the basic standing yoga asana. Easy to perform, this pose teaches the technique of standing correctly. It is strongly suggested to the young children, especially in their growing age, who want to increase their height. It corrects body alignment and improves posture.  

Students spend most of their time seating during the long school and coaching hours. This puts pressure on their back and makes them slouch, also lessening their breathing capacity. A tip to toe stretch with Tadasana revitalize the body and fills it with oxygen and energy. 

yoga asanas for students

Yoga asanas for students 5 – Natarajasana 

One of the most graceful yoga asana poses, this is also known as the lord of dance pose. It strengthens the legs and improves the whole-body balance. It stretches out the shoulders, hamstrings, and opens up the hips. As one needs to balance and stretch at the same time it requires focus and concentration. With regular practice, it has been effective to help students concentrate longer on their studies. It sharpens the focus and increases the concentration power, also simultaneously enhances the multitasking ability of its practitioners.

yoga asanas for students

Yoga asanas for students 6 – Bhramari pranayama 

This bee breath pranayama helps to relax and vitalize the brain waves resulting in a positive approach and increased confidence. Its regular practice enables students to master them in keeping calm during times of extreme tension and enhances their performance during crucial moments. It relaxes the conscious mind. It gives you access to communicate with your subconscious mind and enhance its capacity. It gives a relaxation like sound sleeping but with awareness. 

yoga asanas for students

Yoga asanas for students 7 – Shavasana 

It creates a balance between your mind and other vital organs. It relaxes the mind and when the mind is relaxed its productivity increases. Shavasana gives a good rest to the whole body after a long day of a hectic schedule. So, it is important for the students to take some time from your schedule and perform this yoga asana for 10 minutes to re-energize themselves.

yoga asanas for students

Yoga is a boon for student life. It helps them to induce the required growth hormones for overall physical development, relax their body and mind, increase their focus, retaining capacity, helps them to study for longer hours, and build strength & stamina at an early age. You should consult a good yoga expert to get all the benefits of yoga to prosper in your student life. 

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