Yoga for beginners: 10 Pro tips for the newbies

Seeing a yoga expert doing a difficult inversion or twisting pose makes a lot of people think that yoga is not for them. But yoga is not restricted to any specific body type, not to a body with certain fitness or flexibility level, yoga is for everyone. Any person at any age can start doing yoga. Yoga for beginners offers a flexible and customized collection of yoga postures that help you gain expertise in it with consistent practice and dedication. 

You will definitely want to revisit the thought of not trying yoga after reading these 10 pro tips about beginner’s yoga. This is the time to rethink your hesitations and initiate your practice to reap its amazing benefits.  

Yoga for beginners- yoga by shwet yoga classes in thane west

Yoga for beginners | a complete guideline

  1. Discover the real meaning of yoga 
  1. Take the guidance from qualified trainer 
  1. Warm-up is a must 
  1. Dress comfortably 
  1. Inform about any medical condition before-hand  
  1. Diet and hydration 
  1. Take small steps 
  1. You are unique so are the asanas 
  1. Practice, practice and more practice! 
  1. Relax & restore! 

This yoga for beginner’s guideline about how to start your yoga journey as a newbie will help you to have a smooth and life-changing experience. Let us discuss all these points in more detail. 

1. Discover the real meaning of yoga 

As a novice in the practice of yoga, we often associate it with spiritual upliftment. We consider it as a tough, limb-twisting exercise mode. Often concerning about lack of flexibility. But yoga isn’t about touching your toes or twisting your body to 180 degrees. It’s an easy process of uniting with yourself – using your breath, body, and mind. And it’s simple and effortless.  

So never panic about your inabilities to stretch out, or not being able to reach your toes, or venturing into yoga fitness after reaching your 40s. All these things really don’t matter. Remove all these unnecessary clutters and give your hundred percent with a free mind. You just need to initiate a step…. all other matters are going to be taken care of by yoga itself. 

Yoga for beginners- yoga by shwet yoga classes in thane west

3. Take the guidance from qualified trainer 

It is always best to learn beginner’s yoga under the guidance of a trained qualified yoga professional. Yoga teachers are experts in teaching you the correct techniques and sequences. They can lead you through complicated asanas and can also suggest modifications for the same. It helps you to avoid any injuries and you can learn the yoga asanas in a proper way. The knowledge in yoga keeps on updating, and an expert yoga teacher can lead you to broaden your vision and enhance your yoga experience with this modern knowledge. 

3. Warm-up is a must 

Gentle warm-up exercises are known as sukshma vyayam in yoga. It helps your body muscles to relax and loosen. The warming effects remove any stress from the joints and muscles and prepares them for the yoga practice coming ahead. Massaging the head, nose, joints regulates the blood flow and oxygen supply. Rotating the neck in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions removes the stiffness from the back, spine, and neck.  

Yoga for beginners- yoga by shwet yoga classes in thane west

4. Dress comfortably 

Wearing comfortable clothes while exercising is equally important. Clean, clothes made from natural fabric, with sweat absorbing properties and having a cooling effect are recommended. Avoid wearing too tight or even baggy clothes. While tight clothes restrict your movement, baggy clothes or unnecessary jewelry get in way of your yoga practice. 

5. Inform about any medical condition before-hand 

If you have a medical condition serious enough or worth mentioning, always inform your instructor before-hand. Yoga has asanas that are not recommended to persons with certain medical conditions or injuries. This may prove yoga hurtful and harmful for you rather than beneficial. One must inform the yoga instructor about such conditions before the commencement of the beginners’ yoga classes. It will help the yoga teacher to customize your session according to your conditions to avoid any further complications. 

Yoga for beginners- yoga by shwet yoga classes in thane west

6. Diet and hydration 

One must stay light to practice yoga. It is best to perform yoga on empty stomach. Here is a list of things you can eat before and post-yoga sessions, and as per the time at which you perform yoga. Similarly, it is also advised to always stay hydrated by drinking more than three liters of water throughout the day. Always carry a water bottle to the class. This ensures the release of toxins from your body during yoga practice. 

7. Take small steps 

Yoga for beginners tells you to limit your challenges. Take baby steps as you progress in yoga. Do as much as you feel comfortable, just push a little over your comfort zone to increase the flexibility, but don’t overstretch. Always take help of your breath, if it is light & long, then the muscles are in a relaxing position; but when the breath is tensed or uneven it shows that you have been over-exerted. 

Yoga for beginners- yoga by shwet yoga classes in thane west

8. You are unique so are the asanas 

Everyone possesses a unique body structure, don’t compare yourself with the other students in the class. Different people are at a different level of expertise, don’t feel pressured to get there quickly. Everyone has their own pace and unique positive points. Embrace your plus points and focus to improve the areas you are lacking in. All these require you to practice your own unique sequences of yoga. So, customize your practice with the help of your teacher from beginner’s yoga classes. 

9. Practice, practice, and more practice! 

Practice makes a man perfect! Be consistent with your yoga practice. Though yoga can be performed at any time of the day, it is best to practice it in the early morning so that you can feel fresh all day. But if you miss your morning session you can still do it at any time. Just make sure you practice it regularly. Don’t make your busy schedule an excuse to give up practicing yoga completely!  

Yoga for beginners- yoga by shwet yoga classes in thane west

10. Relax & restore! 

After your daily practice of beginner’s yoga is complete don’t rush to complete your pending work tasks. As a warm-up is necessary before starting the yoga session so is the relaxation post-yoga practice. It is always a good idea to lie down for a savasana or yoga Nidra for a few minutes. This helps your body to cool down and restore your body to its natural state, helps the body to channelize the energy produced, relax your mind and muscles after the yoga workout. 

You will experience the benefits of yoga for beginners in a better way if you follow all these 10 pro tips in your daily yoga practice as a newbie. So, invest your valuable time in yoga and be patient with the results that make you more flexible, energetic, relaxed & calm, productive & efficient. 

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