8 yoga asanas and practices to protect your lungs from the increased level of air pollution

Rapid industrialization, deforestation, increased vehicle usage, and many other such man-made facts have increased the level of air pollution. With the Covid19 pandemic making the situation worse for your lungs, yoga asanas to strengthen the lung capacity is the need of the time. Since last year, the number of patients with lung-related complications has increased significantly. Worsened air quality due to vehicle emission, festive celebrations, road, and other infrastructure constructions make it mandatory to look after the health of your vital organ that is lungs. Covid19 significantly attacking the lungs make it an even more concerning issue. 

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What can be better than yoga to treat your lungs from inside out? Practicing yoga asanas is the best way to improve the health of the lungs, detoxify them by cleaning the airways and nasal passages. Here is a list of yoga asanas and practices to keep your lungs healthy and strong, make sure to practice them daily preferably at dawn. 

1) Kapalbhati 

Often when we inhale or simply breathe normally, there is not a complete exchange of air in the lungs. This leads to the suspension of stale air at the bottom of the lungs. Kapalbhati is the best cleaning process to fully exchange the air throughout the lungs. Successive, rapid, and forceful exhalation of air totally cleanses the toxins from the lungs and increases the oxygen supply in the body. This gives mild exercise to the lungs and thus increases the capacity of the lungs.   

yoga asanas at shwet yoga classes and courses in thane west

2) Anulom Vilom 

This practice cleanses the nerves of a yoga practitioner. With the right thumb, close the right nostril & breathe in through the left. Then close the right nostril with the ring finger & breathe out through the right. Breathe in again from the right nostril & breathe out from the left. This completes one round of Anulom Vilom. This practice not only improves our breathing pattern & lung capacity but also brings calmness to the mind & heartbeats in rhythm. 

yoga asanas at shwet yoga classes and courses in thane west

3) Bhastrika pranayama 

It gives mild exercise to the lungs. It gives a powerful boost to the respiratory system and creates a favorable respiratory tract. This pranayama is known to be a mind-body energizer. It detoxifies the lungs and cures a cold and flu. It is very beneficial in treating lung fibrosis.   

yoga asanas at shwet yoga classes and courses in thane west

4) Dhanurasana 

It is an incredible back-bowing yoga practice for expanding and increasing spinal strength and adaptability. It stimulates the internal organs. This posture stretches the chest and strengthens the lungs, making it a very beneficial posture for those with asthma and respiratory issues. The chest is expanded during its practice and so it opens up and stimulates the chest muscles.  

yoga asanas at shwet yoga classes and courses in thane west

5) Chakrasana 

It opens up the chest and stimulates the nervous system. It ensures the maximum intake of oxygen through expanded lungs. Fresh oxygenated blood gets smoothly into the brain during its practice, providing suitable nutrients to the brain. It stimulates the thyroid and pituitary gland thus balancing the hormones.    

yoga asanas at shwet yoga classes and courses in thane west

6) Yoga Mudrasana 

This forward bent sitting yoga posture is also called psychic union pose. It increases the flexibility of leg joints, hips, arms, shoulder joints. It is a slightly difficult pose for beginners. So, recommended to try it under the observance of your yoga trainer and you will eventually be able to touch the floor after practice for a week. It activates kundalini and chakras and is therapeutic in treating diabetes, asthma, and hypertension.   

yoga asanas at shwet yoga classes and courses in thane west

7) Mandukasana 

Mandukasana or the frog pose keeps the heart healthy and removes colitis from the root. It gives relief from diabetes and constipation. Regular practice of this pose increases your lung capacity. It brings stillness to the body and encourages deep breathing & expansion of the lungs. Those with any abdominal injury must avoid this yoga posture. Always ask a yoga expert before attempting any kind of yoga practice.  

yoga asanas at shwet yoga classes and courses in thane west

8) Tiryaka Tadasana 

Also called as swaying palm tree pose, it is a basic standing posture. It is a variation of the tadasana with a side stretch involved. It gives a good stretch to the arm and leg muscles, spine, and side body. It opens up the chest and helps in reducing the fat around the belly. It helps in getting rid of constipation and gastritis. It is highly beneficial for people suffering from asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), bronchiectasis.    

yoga asanas at shwet yoga classes and courses in thane west

All these yoga asanas and practices stimulate the nervous system, ensure the health of the lungs, and increase oxygen flow & circulation in the body. Always take the advice of your doctor and yoga expert before performing any yoga asana on your own.   

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