Common myths about pregnancy everyone should know

Conventional pregnancy wisdom tells you many things about pregnancy symptoms, dos and don’ts. But you will be really surprised to know that many of these facts are actually myths. Although some pieces of information, especially coming from healthcare professionals, can be helpful and accurate, still, lots of myths surround the pregnancy.  

Here we are discussing some common myths about pregnancy and explaining the truth behind them.  

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Pregnancy Myth 1 – You must take complete bedrest 

The most common myth surrounding the pregnancy is –that one should be completely bedridden and not exert oneself. Unless and until your doctor instructs you to take complete precautionary measures like resting throughout pregnancy especially if it is the complicated one or late pregnancy, one must strive to remain active throughout the pregnancy. You don’t need to be avoiding daily chores, or quitting your professional career. With routine checkups, a nutritional diet, proper medications, gentle stretches, and exercises like prenatal yoga and mindful meditation one can easily remain active throughout pregnancy.  

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Pregnancy Myth 2 – You should stop exercising 

Like the bedrest myth, this one is also a complete misinterpretation. In fact, women should engage in light to moderate exercise during pregnancy to avoid aches, stiffed joints, and losing muscle strength. Regular pregnancy exercises such as prenatal yoga sessions are immensely helpful to cope with the varied symptoms, body changes, and pain endurance during childbirth.  

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Pregnancy Myth 3 – Morning sickness only occurs in the morning 

Though the name ‘morning sickness’ suggests the morning in its name, it can affect the expectant mother throughout the day. Very few women face the morning sickness in the morning period only. It typically starts by the fourth week of pregnancy and can remain until the sixteenth week. Medications, dietary recommendations, skipping certain food items, and performing some yoga mudras which ultimately give the acupressure effect are really helpful in combating nausea, headache, and other morning sickness symptoms.  

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Pregnancy Myth 4 – You will be happy and glowing all the time 

Intake of multivitamins and high nutritional food an expectant mother is fed can result in glowing skin and healthy growing hair. But this is not the case with every pregnant lady out there. Pregnancy can be difficult for many women. Hormones, body changes, mental and emotional disbalance, and tiredness can take a toll on their health. It is normal for any person to not feel good all the time, same with pregnant women.  

In fact, the massive transformation through which the body of a pregnant woman goes can result in chemical changes, hormonal changes leading to dry skin, acne, pigmentation, hair fall, and inflammation. Drinking a lot of water, breathing exercises like shitali pranayama, and yoga asanas helpful in balancing the hormones are the best solution to be happy, affirmative, and glowing throughout your pregnancy.  

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Pregnancy Myth 5 – External factors won’t affect the fetus well protected inside the uterus 

Though the fetus is well protected inside the uterus and does not get affected by external factors easily, it is not completely impossible. The air we breathe, chemicals to which we get exposed every day can penetrate deep inside the body over a period of time. It is best to avoid the chemical-infused lotions and creams on a very large scale and instead focus more on the internal cleansing. Removing toxins from the body is very necessary. With a lot of fluid intake, deep cleansing yogic kriyas under the guidance of prenatal care specialists, asanas to reduce the fluid retention (which may result in bloating and stretch marks) can be more effective and safest option to avoid unnecessary chemical exposure.  

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Pregnancy Myth 6 – You must start eating for two  

It is true that woman should increase their calorie intake during pregnancy but at the same time, they must not overeat. Overeating can further put pressure on the already weak digestive system. The focus should be on a gradual increase in food intake and emphasis must be on eating the nutritional food rather than on eating more. Overeating can be harmful to both mother and fetus especially if your diet contains a lot of empty calories. There are many prenatal yoga asanas available to reduce boating and improve your metabolic rate during pregnancy.  

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There are many myths surrounding the pregnancy, some of which involve completely irrelevant and incorrect advice that may be harmful in one or another way. One must avoid blindly following such advice and always take guidance from your doctor before making any significant dietary, or lifestyle changes during pregnancy.  

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