Top 5 reasons to prefer yoga over regular exercises

The astonishing benefits of yoga are spreading like a wildfire throughout the world. Many people all over the globe have appreciated its incredible power to transform the entire body structure and mindfulness.   

Joining yoga classes with an expert faculty definitely helps you gain knowledge about inversions, assists you in paying attention to movements, enhances the power to focus on a specific body part, and steadies your breath. You can start your practice at home and then join any of the nearby yoga classes for further improvement. Or you can join the yoga classes for a better understanding of its structural benefits and then continue your practice at home. Either way, joining yoga classes will be of great advantage for your fitness level.   

Yoga is all about generating much-needed body awareness over a period of time. Here, are the reasons one must give yoga classes a try for the ultimate fitness and overall wellbeing.   

1) It is more than fitness 

First of all, it is very important to note that yoga is much more than just fitness. It has deep down effects on the inner health system both physical and psychological. Originated in India, many thousand years ago, it was never considered as just a fitness regime. It is a philosophy about how to live life fruitfully and face all the hazards in life with calmness without any distress.    

Binding to its cultural significance, yoga has always been considered a way of life. It unites the soul and mind, involving eight limbs. The Spiritual awakening, inner peace & calmness, strengthened internal organs and immunity helps to revitalize the body from within. A good yoga class can introduce you to this life-changing experience rather than just confining it to a physical exercise. 

2) Keeps you happy 

One study has found that consistent yoga practice makes you happier, and reduces depression as it facilitates the increased level of serotonin. Practicing mindful yoga enables you to envision the different perspectives, and gives you insights into different aspects of life. It does not change the world around someone but changes the one who sees that world. The true meaning of life and your life purpose is achieved when you deepen your practice. Yoga gives you the strength to endure whatever life situation you are facing and helps you always emerge as a winner.   

3) It is for everyone 

Certain exercises are difficult to achieve at the beginning stage. And it is our tendency to give up easily when we don’t find any improvement even after trying for a long time. But yoga is for everyone, irrespective of your age and fitness level. Many teachers from yoga classes show you the modifications for such difficult poses so your body can adapt slowly and finally achieve the perfect pose. Also, there are props available to make the task easier and achievable. When you join the yoga classes you don’t need to invest further in yoga props.   

4) Unlimited benefits 

Though many of us nowadays are quite aware of the incredible benefits of yoga, knowing and experiencing is a completely different feeling. Once you start practicing yoga under the guidance of a qualified yoga instructor you are exposed to the wide possibilities your body, mind, the soul can achieve that you may never have even imagined.   

Form a calm, cool mind, thought processing to optimally perform hormonal glands, from a healthy beating heart to oxygen-filled lungs, from muscular strength to well-toned body posture, flexible joints to activated energy chakras, from good physique to healthy glowing skin and beautiful hair, yoga has everything to offer. 

5) Science also supports yoga 

Yoga is backed by many ancient texts and books. It is a world-recognized practice that even medical science recommends for many therapeutic purposes. Performing yoga requires you to follow the correct breathing sequences. There are rules about when to breathe in when to breathe out, and when & for how long to hold the breath. Many stretches, bends, and twists in different yoga sequences require you to be in a definite alignment.   

Many times, while performing the asana you don’t realize that the alignment is disturbed, techniques are not maintained. But when you perform the same under the observance of a yoga teacher, they always correct your posture and remind you about the proper breathing and holding sequences. 

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