5 Most effective yoga asanas that work for migraine relief!

Migraine causing the severe headache accompanied with the sensitivity to sound, light, and smell, sometimes leading to nausea depending on the intensity of the attack. Its symptoms and seriousness vary from person to person making it difficult to treat, as the causes are still unknown. Mild headaches are common and can be self-limiting, not requiring active intervention. If you are suffering from severe headache causing interruption in your daily activities, one must not ignore it.  

What is migraine and its symptoms? 

A severe headache lasting up even for a day or more, giving a feeling of nausea, double vision, limb sluggishness is called a migraine. This even gets triggered or amplified with the sound, light or smell. The person’s ability to predict the possibility of headache is generally known as aura. As the symptoms are very common it requires a thorough inspection of the how it began, how it progressed, what amplified it, and what medications were administered. This determination helps to evaluate the severity of headache. The symptoms can be unique to each individual.  

Can yoga give relief from the migraine? 

yoga asanas for migraine at Shwet yoga classes in thane

Experts revealed that performing yoga asanas offers the natural relief from migraine.  The ancient practice of yoga compromising of the various yoga asanas, and breathing techniques can help you relieve the nervous tension and encourage the holistic lifestyle. The persistent practice of these yoga asanas help you better be prepared for your next migraine attack.  

Effective yoga asanas to mitigate migraine 

1) Hastapadasana 

Also known as the standing forward bend, this pose must be avoided by the individuals suffering from lower back injury or pain, spondylitis, cervical pain, or any other back or spinal issue. This yoga asanas gives a good stretch to the whole body, and regulates he blood flow throughout the body. It also facilitates the blood flow towards the brain, neck and upper head portion. This stimulates the brain nerves leading to less chances of headache. 

yoga asanas for migraine at Shwet yoga classes in thane

2) Setu Bandhasana 

Also called as bridge pose, is a gentle backbend pose that can be energizing, rejuvenating, or luxuriously restorative. It is one of the best yoga asanas to calm the central nervous system. It is also effective in increasing the blood flow in the upper part of body as heart is lifted above your head. It instantly soothes the back and neck muscles, also helpful in relaxing the mind and reducing stress, anxiety.  

yoga asanas for migraine at Shwet yoga classes in thane

3) Balasana 

As the name suggest, child’s pose, is a yoga asana giving a calming effect like a child feels. Aften known as a resting stance; this yoga asana is an effective relaxing pose. Child’s pose is very calming for your system and amazingly effective in reducing the pain. It not only relaxes the neurological system but also helps to reduce the blood pressure.  

yoga asanas for migraine at Shwet yoga classes in thane

4) Savasana 

Commonly known as the corpse pose is the most relaxing pose of all yoga asanas. When migraine hits all you want is to lay down, rest in a dark sound free room, and relax. Corpse pose serves the same purpose. It helps you to relax in a meditative state, or least it can allow your mind to get calm down and get relief from the pain. Ideally you should keep your body in neutral position while performing this yoga asana.  

yoga asanas for migraine at Shwet yoga classes in thane

5) Marjarasana 

Usually cat-cow pose is done along with each other. It stretches your neck and spine, improves blood circulation by stimulating the spinal system, and has a calming effect on the mind and spine. It also increases the flexibility of the spine, relaxing the stiff back, shoulders and neck muscles which can trigger the headache or migraine.  

yoga asanas for migraine at Shwet yoga classes in thane

Along with all these yogic remedies follow a consistent lifestyle, take a break from your activities and allow your mind to relax. Practice meditation, take good sleep in the night avoiding being awake late in nights. Yoga is helpful to induce these good habits in one’s life, helping to relax and treating insomnia. When migraine is about to start switch off the lights and take a relaxing nap, little caffeine intake can help in early stage of migraine attack, also try to avoid caffeine intake late in nights as it can disrupt your sleep. Always look forward to follow the meal and bed timings. Yoga asanas, pranayamas, meditation are a long term solution for the problem of migraine.  

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