Growing older brings many health challenges which can be tackled with the benefits of yoga. Getting old presents a person with wisdom, maturity, experience, and enlightened perspectives. But it also carries life-threatening ailments such as diabetes, amnesia or Alzheimer’s, joint pain, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, etc. 

Yoga especially restorative yoga can help to deal gracefully with all these old age-related problems. It offers a variety of physical and psychological benefits with the right eating habits. Here are the 7 amazing health benefits of yoga for old age people. 

1) Yoga improves flexibility and controls joint pain 

The gentler stretching in yoga improves the flexibility of senior citizen’s muscles and stimulates joint movement. It certainly helps to target a specific part of the body. For example, a child’s pose is beneficial in giving relaxation to the tight neck muscles, triangle pose opens the hip muscles, or chair pose strengthens the knee joints. 

benefits of yoga for senior citizens at shwet yoga classes in thane west

2) Improves the balance and stability 

Old age people tend to feel dizzy and it is difficult for them to retain balance and stability due to bad body posture. Yoga is known to correct the body posture, give strength to your core, and thus ultimately is highly beneficial in improving body balance and preventing any uncertain fall. Yoga asanas like cobra pose, mountain pose strengthen the critical abdomen muscles, legs to retain a good balance. 

3) Gives good relaxation to the mind and body 

Yoga promotes deep relaxation in the body of senior citizens with relaxing yoga poses and mindful meditative practices. Breathing exercises facilitate the inner organs with oxygen which revitalizes the energy levels and refreshes the mood. Pranayamas, shuddhi kriyas, asanas like savasana, sukhasanas or padmasana, pashchimottanasana gives a good stretch and relaxation to the whole body. The self-healed newly revitalized and re-energized body gives them strength, endurance, and boost to cope with the high energy levels of the other younger members of the family.  

4) Keeps blood pressure under control 

One of the best benefits of yoga includes improved cardiovascular health. Regular practice of yoga along with dietary restrictions can keep the blood pressure in control in aging people. It reduces the risk of stroke or heart attack, keeps the all-vital parameters in range. 

5) benefits the lungs 

benefits of yoga for senior citizens at shwet yoga classes in thane west

Yoga improves the breathing capacity of adults. With the advancing age, adults tend to lose their endurance capacity, get exerted easily, limitations and restrictions are put on respiration. Yoga and pranayama is the most effective solution to keep your lungs and respiratory system at the top condition at any age. Chest opening sequences in yoga, alternate nostril stokes, anulom vilom, and many such breathing exercises are highly beneficial in increasing lung capacity. 

6) Reduces mood swings and boost social bond 

Irritation is a common condition while getting old. Sudden change in mood, constantly feeling low, stress and anxiety are very common conditions experienced by older people. Yoga maintains the health of the nervous system, induces mindful behavior. Practicing yoga together at yoga classes under expert yoga trainers along with the other same age people, or making new friends through the yoga class medium, or practicing it at home, certainly makes the older people friendly and approachable. It also improves their relationships with their spouse and other younger family members. 

7) Keeps the Amnesia and Alzheimer at bay 

Forgetfulness, weak memory, decreased awareness level, slow reflexes are the most difficult conditions to deal with the growing age. Still, it is not a big deal for a regular yoga practitioner. Yoga is highly beneficial in improving concentration, focus, boosting brain power, increasing awareness level, and stimulating the nervous system. That is why yoga is recommended from young children, students to old age people. 

benefits of yoga for senior citizens at shwet yoga classes in thane west

Age is just a number when your all-vital organs and abilities are not affected by any external factors, all your health parameters are in good condition, your strength, endurance, and flexibility are intact. Yoga is the best solution to making sure all these conditions are fulfilled. Yoga is practiced since ancient times by our ancestors for longevity and good health condition. Consult our expert yoga teachers to know more about the yoga benefits and special precautions to be taken by older people to prevent any injuries while performing yoga. 

When a student or practitioner enters a yoga class, the foremost thing he/she notices is the environment in the room/studio. The vibes that come from the setup, feel-good atmosphere sets energy and motivation in the classroom. The calming effect created through the perfect environment setup for yoga class ensures the students feel maximum energy, give their hundred percent, and be able to attain the desired outcomes more quickly. 

shwet yoga class in thane west

Here are some great tips on how to have a calming and relaxing yoga class or yoga studio, helping your students to rip multilevel benefits of yoga to the full extent, and to positively impact the number of attendees in each session. 

1) Design and layout for a yoga class 

Try to choose a spacious place where you can accommodate plenty of students. Think about the arrangement in such a way that the students can stretch and exercise comfortably on the floor area. Always keep the space free from unwanted furniture, and other unnecessary stuff. Try to have a fully open space for maximum comfort. Keep an idol of meditative buddha or any god for more spiritual connection. 

Similarly, the design of your yoga class also plays a very crucial role. People come here to relax, have a world filled with peace, to let go of all the negative thoughts. Try to keep the design as simple as possible. The design should be as natural as possible, avoid artificial modern interior, be elegant, sophisticated, and clean.  

shwet yoga class in thane west

2) Space management in yoga class 

Arrange the room in such a way that it feels spacious. Space should be utilized wisely. All props and equipment should be arranged on shelves in a proper alignment such that no space is wasted. Try to keep the office or reception area separate and in such a way that there is no noise disturbance. Any noisy room or area should be kept out of reach of the yoga room. The practicing room should be peaceful, noise & hassle-free. 

3) Yoga class lightning/illumination 

Avoid flashy fluorescent or any such sharp light. Natural light is the best way to illuminate your yoga class/studio. Glasswork allowing lots of natural sunlight, with a view having greenery outside is an adage. If it is not possible due to space constraints in big cities then try to have some hanging plantations in the area. Evening sessions can be conducted in soothing lights or can be done in candlelight for meditative purposes. Natural light, greenery helps the students to connect easily with nature. 

shwet yoga classes in thane west

4) Pay attention to the flooring 

It is one of the most influential and important points to keep in mind while designing a yoga classroom or yoga studio. Avoid the slippery floor. No need to use high-end costly marble, vinyl, linoleum flooring. Hardwood flooring gives an aesthetic feel. Pamper the floor with yoga mats, blankets and bolsters to feel the comfort of the relaxing yoga poses. 

5) Incense and soothing music for a yoga class 

It is a topic of discussion whether to keep incensed in a yoga practice room where breathing smoke is always a no-no. A room filled with lots of smoke, the strong smell can make you feel suffocated. Still, the smell of incense has a relaxing and spiritual benefit. It is advised to burn aromatic incense at least 30 minutes before the yoga session starts or any student enters the room. This way the room is left with a calming fragrance without any suffocating smoke. 

shwet yoga classes in thane west

Similarly, yoga and meditative classes with some soothing and relaxing background music played at the minimum volume create a divine atmosphere to connect easily with your inner self. Music has already been proved to have healing properties. Make sure the music is very soft and subtle. Avoid noisy, disturbing music. 

6) Fresh airflow in yoga class 

Lots of windows keep the fresh air flowing in the room. The ceiling must keep at a high level. Lower ceilings hinder the movements and also restrict the flow of fresh air. Pure white, light yellow, light green, or light blue, cream wall colors are preferred for a natural, subtle look. No need to put any paintings or artwork on the wall of the yoga class as it can distract the practitioner. 

Consult our yoga life coach for more information on yoga teachers’ training course to start your own yoga studio.

Stressed about your child’s physical wellness and immunity in pandemic times? Learn from experts about the wonders kids yoga can do to boost your child’s immunity like never before! 

The speculations are high about the upcoming third wave of the pandemic and a potential threat to the young children’s health has already been predicted. In such times, the focus must be shifted to boost the immunity of children, and kids yoga is the best method to follow. Considering the need for a time when children can no longer wander freely outdoors, play at playgrounds; being at home performing yoga asanas and breathing exercises will not only keep them busy but also keep their energy high, aggression at bay, build stamina and strength, enhance their focus, and ensure their physical & mental wellbeing. 

kids yoga - A lady performing yoga and kid is playing at Shwetyoga Classes & Courses in Thane
kikids yoga

Our experienced and highly qualified yoga teachers at Shwet Yoga Classes ( in Thane west) have suggested these 6 asanas kids should practice daily to boost their immunity and overall physical, mental health- 

1) Paschimottanasana 

This seated forward bending pose calms the mind and helps relieve stress and mild depression. This asana is good for the nervous system and improves memory. It significantly reduces negative emotions like anger and irritability and energizes the whole body. It cures headaches and stomach pain. Provides a good stretch to hips, legs, and hamstring. 

kids toga at shwet yoga classes in thane west

2) Mandukasana 

Mandukasana or the frog pose keeps the heart healthy and removes colitis from the root. It gives relief from diabetes and constipation. Regular practice of this pose increases your lung capacity. It brings stillness to the body and encourages deep breathing & expansion of the lungs.   

kids toga at shwet yoga classes in thane west

3) Dhanurasana 

Dhanurasana is an incredible back bowing yoga pose for expanding and increasing spinal strength and adaptability. It stimulates the internal organs. This posture stretches the chest and strengthens the lungs, making it a very beneficial posture for those with asthma and respiratory issues.   

kids toga at shwet yoga classes in thane west

4) Matsyasana 

This yoga practice helps to balance and distribute the oxygen through enhanced blood circulation and stretches the lungs thus stimulates deep breathing. As this pose encourages deep breathing it gives relief from respiratory ailments. This asana gives a decent stretch to the muscles of the throat which makes it one of the useful activities to dispose of thyroid dysfunction.    

kids toga at shwet yoga classes in thane west

5) Vakrasana 

This asana increases the elasticity of the spine and relieves the vertebrae’s stiffness. It helps in the digestion and regular secretion of the digestive juices. It is a good way to warm up the body before practicing other yoga asanas.   

kids toga at shwet yoga classes in thane west

6) Setu bandhasana 

This yoga posture to support the immune system focuses on your thymus and invigorates it; which thusly improves your body’s instrument to battle diseases. It can likewise improve your blood flow and fortify the lungs. 

It stretches the hips, groin, chest, and shoulder regions. Alongside that, it extends the spine, opening it up. Rehearsing this asana or yoga pose discharges the strain from the lower back part. 

kids toga at shwet yoga classes in thane west

7) Surya namaskara 

Surya namaskar enhances the overall health especially the health of inner organs. Thus, it significantly improves the immunity system. The emphasis is given on the breath while performing each sequence. It opens up the chest, enhances lung capacity, and strengthens the respiratory system.    

kids toga at shwet yoga classes in thane west

Many breathing yoga practices and meditation techniques are also there which can be included in kids yoga sessions. Cleansing kriyas like Kapalbhati, pranayamas like bhramari, anulom vilom, and many such practices ensure good lung capacity and optimum oxygen supply throughout the body. 

Apart from boosting your child’s immunity, kids yoga practices can also help in correcting their body posture, enhancing their mind power and concentration, good memory retention, developing their social behavior. 

As early as the kids are encouraged for yoga the sooner and easily, they will adopt it and will be able to rip the benefits fully. To know how to encourage them for yoga read this article on kids yoga. It is very important that kids must perform yoga asanas under proper guidance and observation.   

Yoga is your eternal beauty partner that proves beneficial at every stage and age of your life. 

Yoga has the power to transform you from the inside out. Apart from helping you to enhance your outer appearance, it has an extraordinary impact on your inner healing and generating a positive personality in you.  

shwet yoga clsses in thane west

Yoga helps to flush out the harmful substances from your body and has a wonderful detoxifying effect. It is beneficial in the administration of stress and nervousness that can set off skin inflammation and breakouts. The increased blood flow fills the skin with the oxygen it needs. Thus, you get vibrant skin with a sparkling rosy glow. 

There are a few different ways you can attempt which can essentially diminish, and could even stop, hair fall. Two of them are yoga asanas and pranayama. Numerous professionals have encountered that ordinary and constant acts of these two have advanced hair development. Yoga, pranayama, and meditation cleanse and heals your body internally. This helps to maintain good scalp hygiene and healthy, voluminous hair. Regular practice of these asanas can show hair regrowth. 

Skincare with yoga- 

The following are some basic yoga asanas or poses you can fuse with your pranayama practice to get that glowing appearance. 


shwet yoga clsses in thane west

Surya namaskar improves blood circulation to each part of the body and provides a healthy glow to the skin. It keeps the wrinkles at bay and helps the skin to retain its firmness. As it relaxes the mind, it provides radiance to the skin. Increased blood flow to the scalp reduces hair fall and improves the texture of hair.    


shwet yoga clsses in thane west

Despite the fact that it’s a loosening up cobra pose that assists with decreasing strain, stress, and weariness, it likewise helps in skin revival by providing additional oxygen to the skin cells which thus encourages the body to flush out the toxins from your body. 


shwet yoga clsses in thane west

It is otherwise called the ‘Palm Tree Pose’, and this basic standing posture assists with focusing on profound and gradual breathing that is an indispensable component of sound skin. Getting in more oxygen through controlled breathing causes the body to discharge harmful toxins and keep the skin healthy and glowing. 


shwet yoga clsses in thane west

It is otherwise called the shoulder stand and is viewed as the best yoga asana for shining skin. It helps in improving skin surface and quality by advancing blood flow towards your face. Rehearsing this asana 3 to 5 times each day will get your skin free of pimples, skin break out, wrinkles and bluntness. 


shwet yoga clsses in thane west

The regular practice of kapalbhati improves blood circulation, feels the whole body with oxygen, and provides relief from constipation. All these factors give a radiating glow and hydrate your skin and hair. It is also beneficial in detoxifying the liver which is vital for your immune and digestive system, and for slowing down the aging process.   

Haircare with yoga- 


shwet yoga clsses in thane west

Shirsasana is known to be the best asana for hair growth. This inverted pose directs the oxygen-rich blood to the facial skin enriching the complexion. It prevents hair fall, hair loss, and premature greying of hair. It prevents and cures the baldness caused due to bad blood flow to the scalp. Apart from sending the enriched blood to the brain it also directs it to the scalp. It needs to be performed under the careful guidance of an expert yoga coach to avoid neck injury. 


shwet yoga clsses in thane west

Kurmasana or tortoise pose resembles the tortoise that withdraws in its shell when threatened or endangered. This asana enables you to withdraw the curtails pertaining due to the outside world and reconnect yourself to the inner you. It gives the euphoric feeling of establishing a connection with your inner world. It relaxes your head neck and shoulders. It is a great stress buster relaxing your mind and treating insomnia. 

Adho mukho svanasana 

shwet yoga clsses in thane west

All sort of hair problem is solved if you regularly practice the Adho Mukho Svanasana. Its benefits are considered as par with the Sarvangasana. It pumps the oxygenated blood to your whole body, especially to the head. It is beneficial in treating balding and dry, Brittle hair as the nutrition is supplied adequately through proper blood circulation. 


shwet yoga clsses in thane west

This asana helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue. It brings down the blood flow towards your head thus making your scalp healthy. This forward bending asana boosts hair health as the nutrition flow through the influx of blood, reviving your lifeless hair, and stimulating healthy hair growth. 

Meditation and cleansing kriyas 

shwet yoga clsses in thane west

Meditation, and various breathing exercises such as alternate nostril cleansing, kapalbhati, bhramari pranayama, and similar kriyas fill your body with oxygen. It has a soothing effect on your body thus calming the mind and reducing stress. Regular practice enhances your overall beauty including lustrous hair. 

All these yoga practices are interchangeable when are considered for enhancing your beauty. Contact us for more details on yoga practices and their benefits. 

People all over the world are joining yoga classes to rip the benefits of ancient healing benefits of yoga. Yoga is good for boosting immunity, increasing mind-body awareness, lowering blood pressure, improving cardiological health, reducing stress and anxiety, toning muscles, improving overall physical & mental well-being.  An expert yoga teacher from well-known yoga classes or yoga institutes makes the process of learning yoga easier, fun, and more mindful with reduced injuries and complications.  

shwet yoga classes in thane west

Just like the other forms of workout, yoga too has its list of numerous misconceptions. This makes people keep on hesitating to join yoga classes and keeps them away from enjoying the amazing health benefits of yoga. Let’s debunk some of these misconceptions and motivate yourself and others to join yoga and reap its benefits.  

1) Yoga is for flexible people 

One of the common myths about yoga is, you must possess a flexible body to practice yoga. Many of us drop the idea of joining yoga classes just because we feel that we are not flexible enough or our body is too stiff to do the bend. But, contrary to this myth you don’t need to be flexible but yoga helps you to get flexible. In the beginning, you may find it difficult to perform the asanas but over time your range of motion increases and you will be able to do the pose with perfection. 

shwet yoga classes in thane west

2) Yoga is gender-specific 

Most of the men hesitate to join the yoga classes, as they associate it with a specific gender. Many believe that yoga is for tender bodies like women and men must opt for a gym to build muscles and strength. But if you see the evolution of yoga, you will observe that most of the greatest yoga teachers have been men only. Yoga is also beneficial in building strength, stamina, and muscles. As far as the health benefits of yoga are concerned, everyone must be healthy, flexible, strong, and calm, be it a man or a woman. 

3) Yoga is spiritual 

Though yoga has a spiritual element in it, it is not only confined to some religion or single belief. It is universal. Yoga classes have different sessions arranged to introduce you to the variant aspects of yoga and its culture. It is not essential to chant mantras or focus on japas, you can perform yoga asanas without any chanting. The sole purpose of yoga is to help you attain enlightenment.  

shwet yoga classes in thane west

4) Yoga is nothing more than stretching 

Yoga classes offer you different styles of this ancient practice. From basic beginner yoga classes to modern-day practice of hatha yoga classes to weight controlling intense power yoga classes. Vinyasa yoga classes vary in speed with strongly focusing on the smooth transitions and continuous flow from one pose to another. Ashtanga yoga classes include all eight limbs. Therapeutic yoga classes have restorative healing yoga poses, and there are numerous Shuddhi kriyas to internally clean the body. 

5) Yoga does not have side effects 

The biggest myth is yoga is totally safe and has only positive benefits associated with it. But the fact is, if done incorrectly, yoga can harm the practitioner instead of benefiting. Yoga is healing, rejuvenating practice but it demands certain technicalities and modifications for certain bodies. Incorrect postures, pushing through pain, inadequate information, improper breathing disturbs the chakras and damage internal organs. Yoga classes must introduce their students to all the contradictions of each yoga asanas.  

shwet yoga classes in thane west

6) I am flexible yoga is too easy for me 

Yoga is not only about flexibility. It is more than only having a flexible body. At yoga classes, you will learn about many niyamas mentioned in the yoga texts and scripts. These niyamas are responsible to make a yogi more mindful, whether in the mat or off the mat. Yoga practice revolves around the pranayama, asanas, meditations, and realm of the siddhis & spiritual upliftment. Asanas are just the one eight parts of the total yoga philosophy. Try achieving this tall order.  

7) It demands vegetarianism 

Yoga is for everyone, irrespective of their culture, religion, diet, and lifestyle choices. Though yoga teaches you the path of ahimsa or non-violence, it does not pressurize you to follow a certain diet. Vegetarianism is preferred but if you have a vata body type, not best at extracting the nutrition from vegan food and you feel intense cravings for the meat, signaling missing vital nourishments then vegetarianism is not for you. On the other hand, a pitta body type with an athletic build or Kapha body with easier nutrition absorption can follow a strict vegetarian lifestyle. Yoga teaches you to balance the greed for excess and to honor your cravings. 

shwet yoga classes in thane west

Debunk all your myths about yoga by consulting our yoga experts and join the yoga classes as early as possible to get all the amazing health benefits of yoga. 

Many people suffer from knee or joint pain due to arthritis, osteoarthritis, or strain, making it difficult to perform the day-to-day mundane tasks. Thankfully, there are yoga asanas that not only give you relief from the joint pain but also strengthens them to avoid further wear and tear.

Yoga asanas give you a more holistic approach to deal with the weak bone structure, locked joints, increasing the flexibility and mobility of joints, preventing you from injuries, healing the wear and tear. You need to understand as you age, the chances of joint pain increases. Lack of regular practice of yoga asanas (which are easy on your joints), crash diets, eating unhealthy food leading to blockage of proper nutrition to the body further aggravates the situation. Make sure to have a healthy diet, adequate water intake, and regular exercise including yoga to keep your joints strong, flexible, strain & pain-free.


Yoga asanas for knee & joint pain at shwet yoga classes in thane west

Yoga works differently for different bodies. Though most of the practitioners experience a significant improvement, some may find practicing yoga worsens their pain. A well-qualified and experienced yoga trainer can guide you better according to your medical condition suggesting gentler styles and modifications. Unlocking the joints first and then slowly progressing towards strength building and flexibility enhancing yoga asanas is very important here.

So, it is always good to practice joint pain-relieving asanas under the surveillance of an expert yoga teacher to avoid any injuries. A good teacher will show you the right way to perform the pose, the use of blocks, blankets for support, introduce you to the gentler styles to allow adequate mobility resulting in lubricating the joints to prevent any injury.

Here 6 common yoga asanas which will ensure healthy, strong, flexible joints that will reduce stiffness and mild pain. Even if don’t have any joint issues you still can perform these asanas to further enhance the health of your joints to elongate their efficiency for the long run.

1) Dolphine plank pose

Yoga asanas for knee & joint pain at shwet yoga classes in thane west

It strengthens and stretches shoulders, arms, spine, and legs. It improves blood circulation in the body, elevates breathing, and helps in respiring easily. It can cure asthmatic symptoms, knee pain, and any lung-related issues. To avoid back, neck or spinal injury perform this yoga asana under the supervision of an expert yoga teacher.

2) Bridge pose

Yoga asanas for knee & joint pain at shwet yoga classes in thane west

This pose is known to calm the central nervous system. It strengthens the spine and reduces the strain on the neck thus reducing back pain. Additionally, it helps to develop stronger shoulders and gives relief from the sagged shoulders. This yoga asana is very beneficial to strengthen your knee joints and helpful for the person suffering from osteoporosis.

3) Crescent lunge

Yoga asanas for knee & joint pain at shwet yoga classes in thane west

Crescent lunge may be a good way to create leg strength and is often useful if you’re affected by sciatica. This yoga asana requires you to be stable in a high or lunge position, strengthening the glutes, quads, and calves. The balancing aspect of this pose strengthens the group of leg muscles, supporting the knees. Thus, it is highly recommended for knee and hip joint strengthening.

4) Child pose

Yoga asanas for knee & joint pain at shwet yoga classes in thane west

This is a very gentle way to stretch the lower back joints. This pose gives a feeling of relaxation to the entire body. Your yoga instructor can modify this pose in many ways. Use blocks to support your head so the strain on the neck can be reduced. A blanket or towel can be used to give extra padding to your knees so that already hurting knees are not stretched too much. This pose gives a good stretch to your spine without causing irritation to that may result from back-bending poses like the cobra pose.

5) Cat cow pose

Yoga asanas for knee & joint pain at shwet yoga classes in thane west

We tend to hold tension in our bodies due to everyday stress, inactivity, or lack of stretching. This holding of tension blocks the energy chakras further leading to stiffness and pain. Practicing yoga asanas such as Cat/Cow pose have a relaxing effect on our body that relieves tension from the neck, arms, spine, and central nervous system. It allows you to release heat from these spots and open up your energy centers, ultimately regulating your blood flow and joint movement.

6) Bound angle pose

Yoga asanas for knee & joint pain at shwet yoga classes in thane west

This yoga asana is incorporated into your daily yoga practice to strengthen and enhance the flexibility of your hip joints. Try to hold this pose for 2-3 minutes to strengthen knee joints. You can keep towels or blankets underneath your thighs for extra support.

Everyone has different abilities with respect to strength and flexibility, so it is advised to stop immediately if you feel too much pain after performing these poses. Always consult your physician or medical therapist before joining yoga classes for joint pain.

Prenatal yoga is the best way to prepare for a childbirth. It ensures the good health of child & mother, less complications and reduced symptoms like nausea, headache, swelling, and increased endurance for labor pain.

When should you start prenatal yoga?

You can start attending prenatal yoga classes as early in your pregnancy as possible. Sooner you start the more beneficial it will prove. But, always consult your doctor and start practicing yoga as per your doctor’s advice and your health condition. The yoga practices are usually customized according to the stages or the trimesters of the pregnancy, so it is always advised to join the pregnancy yoga classes having highly qualified yoga instructors.

prenatal yoga. pregnancy yoga classes in thane west. shwetyoga pregnancy yoga classes in thane west.

How often should you do prenatal yoga?

Most yoga experts recommend to practice yoga daily. But if time is constraint or you are new to yoga, then try to do it at least 3-4 times a week. You can perform the therapeutic stretches, moving and bending the spine, muscles, joints, breath in & breath out exercises as long as up to 1 hour. After the second trimester it can be reduced in duration and frequency according to your capacity.

What are the benefits of prenatal yoga?

Prenatal yoga has a multifaceted approach towards your physical and mental health improvement. It encourages stretching, focused breathing, mental soothing, physical & emotional endurance, and induces required flexibility for the smooth delivery. Prenatal yoga is proven to have many health benefits for the mother and the unborn child-

  • It improves the quality of sleep ensuring that the pregnant lady gets ample of rest.
  • It reduces stress and anxiety to a great extent.
  • It increases the muscle strength, flexibility and endurance of muscle required for childbirth.
  • It is highly beneficial in reducing the pregnancy symptoms like nausea, lower back pain, headaches, and shortness of breath.
  • It reduces the extent of hot flashes one experience during the pregnancy.
  • It promotes a connection with your baby
  • It takes care of the overall health of the mother and child.
  • It keeps body active, stabilizes your mood, and helps with mental centering.
prenatal yoga. pregnancy yoga classes in thane west. shwetyoga pregnancy yoga classes in thane west.

Precautions to be taken during prenatal yoga

To protect your and your child’s health always consult your health provider before joining pregnancy yoga classes. Don’t rush while practicing any yoga asana, take your time, don’t over exhaust yourself. Choose a well-ventilated place for the practice to avoid overheating. Drink plenty of fluids, always stay hydrated. Avoid doing deep forward or back bends, belly lying poses, avoid putting pressure on your abdomen. Modify the twisting poses accordingly, use props to balance your center of gravity. Always ask your yoga instructor about the safety of the yoga pose.

Common Prenatal yoga poses-

Cat-Cow pose

prenatal yoga. pregnancy yoga classes in thane west. shwetyoga pregnancy yoga classes in thane west.

The cat-Cow pose is a wonderful pose for future moms. Most women will encounter back pains at some point in their pregnancy. But gently practicing and transitioning between cow and cat pose will expand the spine, along with warming it. This helps you to get your sore spine back on the track. They also help to shift the load of the baby from the spine, supplying you with some much-needed relief.

Garland pose

prenatal yoga. pregnancy yoga classes in thane west. shwetyoga pregnancy yoga classes in thane west.

If there’s one yoga pose that’s almost practiced in every prenatal yoga program, it’s Malasana (also referred to as Garland Pose or a yoga squat). Squats during pregnancy provide quite amazing stretch to the groin area, opening the hips, and beginning to make space down there for a baby to form his grand exit. Try to do the pose putting a blog under your seating bones for extra support.

Butterfly pose

prenatal yoga. pregnancy yoga classes in thane west. shwetyoga pregnancy yoga classes in thane west.

Butterfly pose has tons of advantages, especially for pregnant women. It also can be used as a meditative pose and, thus, helps in relieving stress, through physical and mental relaxation. This asana boosts your metabolic rate, thereby giving pregnant women relief from heartburns and digestive problems during pregnancy. It also stretches and exposes the hips, thighs, and pelvic muscles, which help in having a simple, normal delivery.

Extended side angle pose

prenatal yoga. pregnancy yoga classes in thane west. shwetyoga pregnancy yoga classes in thane west.

Pregnant women most of the time feel sluggish. Try the extended side angle pose when you feel low on energy. It requires strong legs and works to open up the hips — away needed stretch if you’re sitting at a desk all day. Extending the upper arm above the top at an angle works the entire side body from fingertips to the extended back leg. If you reach for it, you would possibly find you’ve got more energy than you think.

For more such prenatal yoga asanas, poses and practices read our article Pregnancy yoga: 11 Highly beneficial poses for each trimester.

Practicing yoga asanas on regular basis helps you kickstart your day on a fit note. It fills your body and mind with energy and helps you regain body-mind balance. The main advantage of doing yoga is- you don’t require any special setup or extra equipment to get started with it. Do these yoga asanas daily and get rid of your lethargic and tired self permanently! Here is the list of top 10 yoga asanas recommended by the experts to keep you active throughout the day- 

Yoga asana at shwet yoga classes in thane west

1) Paschimottanasana 

Paschimottanasana stretches the whole body especially the calf and hamstring muscles, thus increasing blood circulation. It gives a good stretch to the spine and elongates it. It also stimulates the nervous system along the spine and neck and opens the energy chakras there. It ensures the proper functioning of the internal system and increases the blood supply to the abdominal organs. 

Yoga asana at shwet yoga classes in thane west

2) Ardha Mastyendrasana 

This yoga asana increases the flexibility of your spine and strengthens your back & side muscles. It tones the abdominal and core muscles reducing the belly fat. It helps to open up the chest area thus increasing the oxygen supply giving an instant energizing effect to the body and mind. 

Yoga asana at shwet yoga classes in thane west

3) Naukasana 

This yoga asana is also known as the boat pose due to its resemblance to the shape of a boat. It strengthens the vertebral column. It increases the efficiency of the abdominal system, aids in digestion, and helps in weight loss. It tones the belly and core. It also strengthens the arms, legs, and hip flexors. It improves the functioning of the liver, pancreas, and kidneys keeping you active all time.  

Yoga asana at shwet yoga classes in thane west

4) Dandasana 

This pose is excellent for toning and strengthening the core. This seated asana stretches shoulders and thorax. It improves posture and improves the body’s resistance to back and hip injury. It calms the mind, lengthens, and strengthens the spine. It burns the fat from the abdomen and increases the productivity of the abs, hips, and thighs. 

Yoga asana at shwet yoga classes in thane west

5) Bhujangasana 

This yoga asana stretches the spine and lower back. It tones the abdomen. strengthens neck and shoulder muscles. It stimulates the nervous system, improves blood supply, and reduces stress & fatigue. This asana has a calming effect on brain cells. This reclining back-bending pose is therapeutic in asthma, soothes sciatica, opens the heart and lungs. 

Yoga asana at shwet yoga classes in thane west

6) Bitilasana 

This spine-warming yoga asana is a counterpose to the marjarasana. It is also used as a warm-up exercise. It stretches the back and strengthens the torso, neck, and abdominal organs. It improves coordination, focus, concentration, and mental stability. It improves circulation in and around the vertebral column and relieves back pain and stress. 

Yoga asana at shwet yoga classes in thane west

7) Balasana 

This asana is a counter pose for many yoga asanas and is generally practiced before or after the shirsasana. It gently stretches the hip, thigh, and ankle. It is one of the best relaxing yoga poses to calm the mind, and reduce stress & anxiety. It reduces the stiffness in the neck and back. It increases blood circulation throughout the body. 

Yoga asana at shwet yoga classes in thane west

8) Surya Namaskara 

Surya namaskara or sun salutations are best for staying active all day long.  It is known as the ultimate yoga asana. It boosts metabolism, helps in weight reduction, improves blood circulation, gives glowing skin, strengthens the muscles, tones the body, improves body posture, reduces blood sugar level, helps to reduce pain due to menstrual cramps.  

Yoga asana at shwet yoga classes in thane west

9)  Sarvangasana 

Sarvangasana or shoulder stand is often regarded as the extension of the plough pose. It facilitates deep stretching of the neck and back that stimulates blood circulation as well as gets rid of all imbalances. Improves the function of the thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, and pituitary glands. All of the other endocrine glands are regulated by these main glands and so the overall function of the endocrine system is improved. As this yoga pose boosts metabolism rate it is effective in reducing belly fat also. 

Yoga asana at shwet yoga classes in thane west

10)  Halasana 

Halsana or the plough pose is an asana that you should take time to master perfectly. It involves stretching your legs as far as you can towards the back while you lie on the floor with your back. It stimulates the pituitary, thyroid, and adrenal glands. The asana releases endorphins within the body so that it is one of the proven yoga poses to boost the metabolism rate. 

Yoga asana at shwet yoga classes in thane west

All these yoga asanas are perfect to start your day with so that you can kick start your day on a high note or you can do it after the tiring day of physical and mental stress to re-energize your body and mind. DM us for more information on such useful yoga asanas. 

Yoga is for everyone. Believe it or not but everyone can start practicing yoga asanas and start busting the myth that it is only about bending your body in impossible ways. Be assured, you don’t need any super-human qualities or unbelievable back-bending expertise to practice yoga asanas. You may see some people do every yoga asana with so much perfection and ease, and always had thought that practicing it is not your cup of tea. But yoga offers everyone something good irrespective of what age they are in. All you need is a positive approach, a clear mind, and a strong motivation & dedication.

yoga asana at shwet yoga classes in thane west

There are some simple, easy to do yoga asanas that can be done by the beginners. These yoga asanas are basic level exercises that help you understand the true meaning of yoga. Free up your mind and embrace the yoga without any pre-existing doubts and apprehensions.

1. Tadasana

It is one of the most basic yoga asanas and preparatory or intermediate pose for every other asana. Simple and easy to do, it can be done by any person with ease. It mainly works on your legs and strengthens the hip muscles too. It helps to tone-up your stomach and aids in correcting your body posture. Once you attain the required balance it seems an easy task.

yoga asana at shwet yoga classes in thane west

2. Vrikshasana

Vrikshasana is also one of the easiest yoga asanas that work on correcting your body posture and giving a complete stretch to the body. It relaxes the stiff body muscles and highly effective in strengthening the spine and legs, especially ligaments and tendon of the feet. It tones the entire standing leg from toe to hips.

yoga asana at shwet yoga classes in thane west

3. Uttanasana

It is widely recognized as one of the most powerful yoga asanas in giving a good stretch to the entire body. This easy to do yoga asana stimulates your nervous system improving the blood circulation and activates the digestive system as well. It gives relief from stress, fatigue, anxiety and cures mild depression. It helps to cure headache and insomnia. Should be avoided by person suffering with sciatica and glaucoma.

yoga asana at shwet yoga classes in thane west

4. Adho Mukh Svanasana

One of the most basic yoga asanas it strengthens the entire body. It stretches the hamstring and the spine. This easy to do yoga asana makes you feel refreshed and reenergized. This yoga asana is especially boon to the children with growing body helping their bones to achieve maximum growth through muscle and ligament stretching. Person suffering with high blood pressure should avoid doing downward facing dog that is adho mukh svanasana.

yoga asana at shwet yoga classes in thane west

5. Trikonasana

One of the most basic yoga asanas it works on stretching your torso and legs. It stretches the sides of your waist and tones up the body. It increases the stability and activates your core muscles. It removes the stiffness in the back and spine, thus increasing the flexibility. It relieves gastritis, indigestion, and acidity. A person suffering from slip disc, back pain should avoid its practice. Those with complications in back, neck, legs, arms, shoulders, abdominal area should consult an expert yoga teacher to avoid further complications.

yoga asana at shwet yoga classes in thane west

6. Bhujangasana

This easy pose is especially designed to especially work on your spine. It stretches out the entire lower back muscles. It offers variety of health benefits and is one of the 12 yoga poses from suryanamskara. It stimulates the digestive system and boosts the metabolism. It tones the buttocks, open up the chest, and helps to relieve the stress and fatigue. It is not recommended to those with severe back problems, neck related complications such as spondylitis. As pressure in put on the abdomen pregnant women are not advised to practice it.

yoga asana at shwet yoga classes in thane west

7. Marjariasana

This is ideal pose for neck, spine, hips and abdomen. It is one of the easiest yoga asanas that can be performed by anybody. Apart from strengthening the back and spine it also releases the stress and calms the mind. It is best asana to add in your morning routine. It makes spine flexible, aids digestion, improves blood circulation, relieves backache, and strengthens arms and wrist.

yoga asana at shwet yoga classes in thane west

Apart from all these simple, easy asanas Pashchimottanasana, Setu bandhasana, Balasana, Badhha Konasana, Savasana are some other yoga asanas that are very ease to do. You don’t need to perform all these asanas to perfection but rather understand your body and perform each asana it accordingly. Always consult a good yoga teacher when in doubt.

Dhanurasana is one asana having multiple health benefits. It is named after the shape that the body takes while practicing this back-bending pose- a bow. And so, it is also known as the bow pose. The name is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Dhanur’ meaning ‘bow’ and ‘asana’ meaning the ‘pose’. Like a bow with an arrow is an asset to a warrior, an extensively stretched body helps you maintain flexibility and good posture. 

Significance of Dhanurasana

Dhanurasana is one of the twelve basic hatha yoga poses, can also be termed as Urdhva Chakrasana. It is one of the significant back stretching exercises in modern yoga, giving powerful stretch to the front of the body, providing a deep chest opening sequence. It helps to open up the heart center, reenergizing the body, and developing a fearless attitude. It is a great pose to stretch and stimulate the whole parts of the body including arms, shoulders, back, core muscles, hamstrings, chest, hips, and neck. 

dhanurasana at shwet yoga classes and courses in thane west

How to do Dhanurasana? 

  • Make sure your stomach is empty before practicing Dhanurasana. Do it 3-4 hours after having food. 
  • You can use Shalabhasana or Bhujangsana as the preparatory poses to warm up your body.
  • Lie on the ground on your stomach with feet apart, keep your arms on your side. 
  • Slowly fold your legs, push your hands backward and hold your ankles. 
  • Breath in and lift your chest and legs off the ground. Pull your legs up and towards the back. 
  • Look straight ahead, try to hold the pose for few seconds or as long as you feel comfortable.  
  • Continue to take deep breaths and concentrate on your breath while performing this pose. 
  • While exhaling release the ankles, slowly bring legs and chest to the ground. 
  • You can also use a strap if you are a beginner and unable to hold the ankles. 
  • While exhaling release the ankles, slowly bring legs and chest to the ground. 

Variations of Dhanurasana 

There are some variations available for Dhanurasana with different levels of complexities. One can perform these variations and can attain the final pose with stabilized breathing pattern over a course of time. 

Ardha dhanurasana at shwet yoga classes and courses in thane west

Dhanurasana or Bow pose is an intermediate yoga pose that requires some level of flexibility. You can use straps to hold the legs when unable to reach the ankles. Ek pada dhanurasana, also known as the half-bow pose is performing the dhanurasana with only one leg. This variation also provides an intense stretch to the body but not as intense as that of dhanurasana. 

Ardha dhanurasana at shwet yoga classes and courses in thane west

You can also perform Padngushtha Dhanurasana also called as Big toe bow pose. If you find it difficult to hold the ankles then you can hold the toe and perform the big toe bow pose. Once you start gaining the flexibility you can advance to the ankles. Always strive to hold the ankles while performing dhanurasana. 

Similarly, at the beginning holding the dhanurasana pose even for 15-20 seconds may seem difficult. One can move forward and backward like a seesaw to make the balance. There are such variations available that can help you to reach the ultimate dhanurasana pose or can also help to advance the practice further complexing it. Consult an expert yoga teacher for variations. 

dhanurasana variations at shwet yoga classes and courses in thane west

Benefits of Dhanurasana 

There are countless benefits of performing dhanurasana or bow pose regularly.  

  • It stretches the abdomen and organs in it, stimulating the reproductive system. 
  • It gives an extensive stretch to the complete body, strengthening the back and abdominal muscles, ankles, arms, legs, and groin. 
  • It opens up the chest, neck, and shoulders. 
  • It reduces belly fat and tones the legs, arms. 
  • Helps in alleviating stress and fatigue. 
  • It improves back flexibility, increases blood circulation throughout the body. 
  • It aids in digestion, cures menstrual discomfort. 
  • It is highly remedial in kidney disorders, curing asthma, and improving the functioning of the pancreas (benefiting in diabetes). 
dhanurasana variations at shwet yoga classes and courses in thane west

Who should not perform Dhanurasana? 

People with the following medical conditions should avoid practicing dhanurasana or must consult the medical practitioner or doctor before starting the practice-

  • Having high or low blood pressure issues 
  • Hernia 
  • Recent abdominal surgery 
  • Neck injury 
  • Low back pain 
  • Spondylitis 
  • Headache or migraine 
  • Pregnant women 

Dhanurasana has a collective health benefit that improves your physical wellbeing to a great extent. Though it is a complex asana, it becomes easier with regular practice and time. Avoid performing it at home without any guidance if you are a complete beginner in yoga. To know more about the Dhanurasana steps and benefits consult Shwet Yoga Wellness Institute, Thane.