woman exercising at power yoga classes in thane

Power Yoga is a wellness-based vinyasa practice. A branch of Ashtanga Yoga, it has a significant number of similar characteristics and advantages, including building inner warmth, expanded stamina, quality, and adaptability, just as decreasing stress. Yoga instructors plan their own successions, while practitioners synchronize their own breathing strategies and styles. The first Power Yoga was created and established by Beryl Bender Birch, however, it is currently a term used to depict numerous enthusiastic vinyasa styles.

What is the difference between traditional yoga and power yoga?

Power yoga is a progressively unique variant of conventional yoga – it’s quicker, increasingly extraordinary and the attention is more on building strength building and less on spiritual aspects and meditation. And power yoga as a more flexible approach towards yoga. While traditional yoga has a fixed regime and techniques about how one should do a particular asana, power yoga has a modern and more adaptable nature. One can blend the asana into a different form by twisting and rearranging the body postures in power yoga.

Why you should do Power yoga?

Power Yoga gives numerous advantages to the body and mind and is an astounding method to keep you fit and solid. In view of Ashtanga Yoga, power yoga is energetic and fairly looks like an aerobic exercise. Various advantages accompany rehearsing power yoga consistently, some of which are better strength, improved physical quality and better balancing. It is quick-paced and emphasizes on a transition from one body posture to another with a flow.

woman exercising at Power yoga classes in thane

Advantages of Power Yoga –

Here are the advantages that power yoga has on your general wellbeing:

1. Lifts Immunity

Your resistance power will begin to work better if regular power yoga is performed. This is on the grounds that it ensures that the poisons are completely expelled from your body, as the format demands rapid posture change and has a strength demanding techniques it promotes sweating, and ultimately toxins are removed in the form of sweat. Stress hormones are additionally decreased, and the act of power yoga is exceptionally promising with regards to monitoring what you are eating. These things consolidated will enable your immune system to get more benefits.

2. Improves Quality of Sleep

The improvement in your sleeping nature in light of practicing power yoga is surprisingly exceptional. During performing the power yoga, your whole body gets an exercise, so nearly every organ will be invigorated, extended and tired. And this rigorous yoga exercise shows a significant change in your body especially your sleeping habits. The stress releasing properties and body relaxing postures induces quality sleep.

3. Increased  Muscle Mass

Power yoga demands strength and as you start performing it, you will need more strength for body lifting exercises. It has the same impact as the weight training exercises. Due to the use of muscles, it tends to improve the muscle mass in your body and strengthens the existing muscles, improving your overall body strength.

4. Helps In Hormone Regulation

Hormones are influenced by pressure and toxins that are in the body. Both of these issues can be settled with the powerful act of yoga. Certain postures in yoga can even assist with the correct working of the adrenal gland, the pituitary gland, and the thyroid gland, all of which will bring about progressively adjusted hormones. Even the level of stress hormones decreases significantly.

woman exercising at Power yoga classes in thane

5. Improves Capacity Of Lungs

Asthma and other lung issues can be treated with the breathing activities that are worked on during power yoga. While a lot of people are prone to take in breaths that are shallow and short, power yoga centers around long and profound inhales that take the oxygen to all parts of the body.

6. Improves Posture

Power Yoga teachers instruct you exactly how to adjust your body postures and hold them, right from head to toe. With the regular practice and dedication, you develop the strength to hold the postures for longer duration and with perfection. And once you master the technique and build enough strength to, it turns into a piece of your everyday life.

7. Improves Focus

In a simple physical way, rehearsing power yoga helps to focus, as it expects you to concentrate on the changing positions and stances of your body. The breathing and holding and changing the body flow during each and different asana require a focused approach. Likewise, you can utilize a similarly focused approach to accomplishing your life objectives also.

8. Improves Flexibility

You will figure out how to twist in specific manners and figure out how to change positions, spilling out of one posture to the next. This will assist with keeping your joints well tunes and encourages them to get the development that they require to stay sound and solid.

woman exercising at Power yoga classes in thane

9. Improves Blood Circulation

All the developments that power yoga includes will assist with improving the blood flow. This will have numerous advantages on your general wellbeing and the intensity used in power yoga reflects on your skin with a glowing effect. Its extraordinary property of removing toxins through sweating clears the skin pores giving you healthy skin and scalp. The whole body’s blood flow increases the oxygen level in each part of the body, improving the functions of each organ.

10. Weight Reduction

Power yoga benefits weight reduction as it is very quick-paced and gives an incredible exercise to the individuals who are attempting to get fitter. With the advancement of day by day practice and a decent eating routine, weight reduction is bound to happen.

Each kind of cardio routine has its advantages. Power Yoga is the best kind of cardio exercise routine that needs you to assemble muscle and body posture. While yoga gives numerous advantages, it is additionally something that can be counterproductive whenever fouled up or when you are experiencing some issues. To avoid this one must do it under the proper guidance. If you want to know more about power yoga classes please visit here.

Yoga has always been configured as the spiritual journey. But even if someone considers it for a materialistic gain, it has a lot to offer. Yoga is your eternal beauty partner that proves beneficial at every stage and age of your life.

We’ve all heard from ages that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”; and, while we altogether agree with the saying, a little outside assistance couldn’t do any harm, isn’t that so? An inside beauty combined with pretty and glowing outer appearance is a cherry on the top. Yoga is a wonderful practice from numerous points of view, which is the reason it can offer some genuine health and beauty benefits. Practically any training you do will profit your skin, hair, body postures and overall fitness, however, there are sure represents that are more helpful than others.

Yoga has that power to transform you from inside-out. Apart from helping you to enhance your outer appearance, it has an extraordinary impact on your inner healing and generating a positive personality in you. The increased confidence due to never-ending energy, toned muscles, and well-balanced body posture shows on your outer appearance.

Dr. Shweta Varpe doing pranayama at shwet yoga courses in thane

Here are given the amazing results yoga gives by detoxification, increased blood circulation, and decreased everyday stress and its complications, which makes yoga your eternal beauty partner.

Healthy and glowing skin

Yoga offers bunches of advantages for your skin tone and composition. It helps to flush out the harmful substances from your body and has a wonderful detoxifying effect. It is beneficial in the administration of stress and nervousness that can set off skin inflammation and breakouts.

Therapeutic postures, like a bridge or supported bridge pose and spinal twist, helps to have control over breath. The slow and gradual breathing increases the oxygen level. The increased blood flow fills the skin with the oxygen it needs. Thus, you get vibrant skin with a sparkling rosy glow.

Dr. Shweta Varpe doing bridge pose at Shwet yoga courses in thane

It helps you to sweat out the acne or pimple-causing toxins from your body. The power yoga is especially recommended to reap this benefit. The regular practice of yoga reduces stress and fatigue. This again enhances your skin complexion, making it brighter and radiant.

If you want to know further about the asanas that help you get glowing skin please read here. And if you are looking for yoga classes, you can join it here.

Yoga for beautiful hair

Regardless of whether it is a hereditary condition, a hormonal issue, abuse of hair colors, dandruff, stress, or even reactions of medications and cigarettes, there are a lot of triggers that can cause radical hair fall. In the event that the triggers are natural, at that point it could be hard to get away from their belongings. The increased cases of premature greying and falling of hair, dry and brittle hair, slow growth lowers your confidence.

There are a few different ways you can attempt which can essentially diminish, and could even stop, hair fall. Two of them are yoga asanas and pranayama. Numerous professionals have encountered that ordinary and constant acts of these two have advanced hair development.

All forward-twisting asanas upgrade bloodstream to the head. This aide in keeping up decent scalp cleanliness and solid hair. The accompanying asanas can assist you with that. Regular practice of these is suggested for the best outcomes.

Adho Mukho Savasana (Downward Dog Pose) –
Dr. Shweta Varpe doing adhomukh sawasana at shwet yoga classes in thane

This asana upgrades your blood course to the head. It is additionally powerful against the normal cold as it improves the sinus movement. It can likewise be useful for a sleeping disorder, restlessness, and mental weariness.

Vajra Asana (Diamond Pose) –

This asana helps in lessening stomach gas, improves assimilation and aids in weight reduction and urinary issues. As it helps in digestion and flushing out the toxins from the body it proves very beneficial for hair and overall health.

yoga your eternal beauty partner- Dr. Shweta Varpe doing Vajra asana at shwet yoga classes in thane west

Alongside yoga, pranayama has demonstrated to be the best remedy to reduce stress. Additionally, it isn’t just a compelling method to upgrade hair development, yet it likewise improves your general prosperity.

Improved & toned body posture

Regular practice of yoga stretches your body and warms your muscles. The stretching and twisting exercises involved in asanas induce sound sleep and relax the body stiffness making it flexible. Balancing postures in yoga improves body posture and balance of mind too. It proves highly beneficial in reducing the pain and aches that a sedentary lifestyle gives you. Further, it helps in flexibility and weight reduction as well as maintenance.

Does yoga help you keep a toned body?

There is no uncertainty in it, yoga maybe sometimes slow for any person to show the results but results are always long term accompanied with other incredible additional benefits. When your muscles are relaxed and strong it reflects in your body posture which fills you up with enthusiasm and confidence.

yoga your eternal beauty partner- Dr. Shweta Varpe doing yoga for toned body at power yoga classes in thane

Research in The Journals of Gerontology demonstrated that standard yoga practice was similarly as stretching and strengthening activities in improving wellness in grown-ups over the age of 60.

A subsequent report distributed in the Asian Journal of Sports Medicine had 80 members do Surya Namaskar, six days every week for 24 weeks. Toward the finish of the test, these yogis demonstrated an increment in their overall performance.

Increased energy levels

A happy and cheerful person, always bubbling with energy and positiveness is far more beautiful and desirable than a tired-looking, low on energy person. Yoga and meditation reduce the stress level significantly, and additionally fill you with everlasting stamina and strength, that helps you keep always be charged throughout the day.

yoga your eternal beauty partner- Dr. Shweta Varpe from yoga classes in thane doing yoga at Dubai

Regular yoga practice is far away from diseases leading to a healthy life. It further generates mind and body awareness, encouraging you to indulge in healthy habits. A pranayama or meditation practice for a minimum of 15 minutes a day also gives you an extra edge, increasing your efficiency. Yoga introduces you to the mind balancing techniques, which makes you able to use your time management abilities more profoundly.

This, mental alertness, positive vibes, breath awareness and efficient stress management makes life easier. And this easy-going attitude proves immensely beneficial in your beauty regime, reducing your biological aging process and making you look young, cheerful and enthusiastic forever.

yoga do wonders to your skin. A beautiful lady standing with glowing skin.

Can you really transform your skin and enhance beauty with yoga? The answer is unquestionable- yes, you can. The act of yoga may enormously help in helping you look progressively energetic and youthful even during your mature age. This really adheres to the term that – Age is only the number. The individuals who routinely practice yoga have specific energy and positive vibe about them that originates from inside and transmits outward, and gives you a youthful glow.

Yoga for Inner and Outer Beauty

Customary yoga practice won’t just guide you in accomplishing genuine internal rejuvenation, yet physical or external excellence also. It helps in losing excess weight and undesirable fat, all while improving your adaptability to keep up legitimate body posture, making you look young. As you most likely are aware, detoxification is essential to keep your body looking and feeling energetic and doing yoga asanas or getting clear of the toxins that have collected in your body. It will similarly help in improving blood flow to give that brilliant sparkle to your skin and hair.

You can likewise improve your it further with yoga since it helps in the greatest absorption of nutrients. since it is equipped for supporting in retaining nutrients at the cell level. Along these lines, all body organs will work at their best, which thusly will loan a more advantageous glow not exclusively to your face, but to the entire body. Likewise, rehearsing yoga normally has been appeared to impressively lift your state of mind since it can extraordinarily decrease feelings of anxiety, most particularly when finished with appropriate pranayamas or breathing activities.

Pranayama- Practice to Enhance your Beauty with Yoga

Pranayama yoga is the craft of controlled relaxing. With customary pranayama yoga practice, you figure out how to free your psyche of pointless mental mess. This will reflect well in your physical appearance. When you follow the regime of daily 30-minute pranayama alongside explicit yoga asanas you will be able to see the advantages. Some pranayamas you can include are:

A woman doing pranayama at yoga classes in thane as, yoga do wonders to your skin.

Anulom Vilom (Alternate Nostril Breathing)

Kapalabhati (Cleaning Breath)

Shitali Pranayama (Cooling Breath)

Bhastrika (Bellows)

Bhramari Pranayama (Bee Breath)

Asanas to perform along with pranayama

The following are some basic yoga asanas or stances you can fuse with your pranayama yoga-practice to get that glowing appearance.

1. Sarvangasana

It is otherwise called the shoulder stand and is viewed as the best yoga asana for shining skin. It helps in improving skin surface and quality by advancing blood flow towards your face. Rehearsing this asana 3 to 5 times each day will get your skin free of pimple, skin break out, wrinkles and bluntness.

A woman doing sarvangasana at yoga classes in thane as, yoga do wonders to your skin.

2. Halasan

It is otherwise called the Plow present and is probably the best asana for accomplishing solid and sparkling skin normally. This asana assists with improving your stomach related problems that are basic for sparkling and sound skin.

A woman doing halasana at yoga classes in thane as, yoga do wonders to your skin.

3. Utthanasana

This forward-bowing posture elevates the bloodstream to the face and makes it one of the most useful stances for sparkling skin. This yoga not just builds oxygen supply to the skin cells yet additionally supplies additional nutrients that battle the harm brought about by free radicals and empowers skin restoration.

A woman doing uttanasana at yoga classes in thane as, yoga do wonders to your skin.

4. Matsyasana

It is likewise called the fish represent that advances glowing skin by improving the elements of the thyroid, pineal, and pituitary organs and standardizes the hormones. This asana gives a decent stretch to the muscles of the face and throat which makes it one of the useful activities to dispose of the double chin.

A woman doing matsyasana at yoga classes in thane as, yoga do wonders to your skin.

5. Trikonasana

Broadly known as the Triangle pose, it is surely the best yoga asana for glowing skin which opens up the lungs, chest, and heart. It supplies more oxygen to the skin and henceforth the skin feels revived and restored.

A woman doing trikonasana at yoga classes in thane as, yoga do wonders to your skin.

6. Bhujangasana

Despite the fact that it’s a loosening up cobra pose that assists with decreasing strain, stress and weariness, it likewise helps in skin revival by providing additional oxygen to the skin cells which thus encourages the body to flush out the toxins from your body.

A woman doing bhujangasana at yoga classes in thane as, yoga do wonders to your skin.

7. Tadasana

It is otherwise called the ‘Palm Tree Pose’, and this basic standing posture assists with focusing on profound and gradual breathing that is an indispensable component of sound skin. Getting in more oxygen through controlled breathing causes the body to discharge harmful toxins and keep the skin healthy and glowing.

A woman doing tadasana at yoga classes in thane as, yoga do wonders to your skin.

To summarize, you can upgrade your skin condition and youthfulness with yoga while keeping your physical, mental, and profound states in their ideal condition. At the point when you practice yoga normally and eat healthily, you will see and feel the impacts instantly.

Dr. Shweta Varpe seating on yoga mat at Shwet yoga claases in thane to perform yoga to cure asthma without drug

A few lifestyles and dietary changes including adapting yoga in day to day life can cure asthma without the drug. Yoga has been stated as an art of leading a disease-free life. There has been a list of yogic asanas for various medical ailments. Similarly, inculcating yoga along with other healthy habits and food can give you much more relief from asthma and other breathing-related conditions.   

Asthma is an extremely troublesome condition that affects millions of people around the world. The gasping that is instigated by asthma can be unbearable and difficult for the patients. This lung condition causes the airways to become confined and reddened, which eventually leads people to experience poor respiratory function and breathlessness. In some cases, asthma can even cause death. Doctors generally prescribe inhalers and oral medications to control acute asthma attacks and inflammation of the airways. They are often deemed necessary to avoid hospitalization and serious asthma attacks. However, there can also be ways to control the signs of asthma without any kind of drug or medication.

Here are some of the ways that you can try out in your home to control the symptoms of asthma that does not involve the use of any drugs.

Yoga to cure asthma without drug

Dr. Shweta Varpe at Shwet yoga claases in thane to perform cobra pose yoga to cure asthma without drug

Yoga is one of the most potent forms of treatment for a wide range of health problems and it can also definitely offer you a range of benefits when you want to experience instant management of asthma symptoms. Through yoga, you can learn to do deep breathing which can reduce hyperventilation and effectively control the symptoms and outcomes, especially during attacks. When practiced on a regular basis, you can learn to make use of prolonged and deep breathing to enhance overall airflow so that the occurrence of asthma attacks can be greatly reduced.

Here is the list of various different yoga asanas that can increase your breath and body awareness, calms your respiratory system, and strengthens your lung’s functionality.


Savasana is an act of bit by bit loosening up each body part, in turn, each muscle in turn, and each idea in turn. At the point when you do this training for quite a while, it conditions the body to discharge pressure and can improve your feeling of physical and mental prosperity.

A woman performing savasana yoga to cure asthma without drug. learn it at shwet yoga- yoga classes in thane west

How to do savasana?

Lie on your back with your arms at your sides and your feet and palms dropped open. Close your eyes and relax your jaw, concentrating inward. Begin to concentrate on your breath and start breathing slowly, making it calm and relaxing, loosen up your whole body. Remain in the posture for 5 to 10 minutes, keeping up calm, slow and relaxing breathing.


Dhanurasana is an incredible back bowing yoga pose for expanding and increasing spinal strength and adaptability. It stimulates the internal organs. This posture stretches the chest and strengthens the lungs, making it a very beneficial posture for those with asthma and respiratory issues.

Dr. Shweta Varpe doing dhanurasana at Shwet yoga claases in thane to cure asthma without drug

How to do Dhanurasana?

Lie on your stomach with your feet hip-width separated and your arms by the side of your body. Bend your knees, take your hands back and hold your ankles. Breathe in, lift your chest off the ground. Look straight ahead. Keep the posture stable while focusing on your breath. Your body is currently bent and rigid as a bow. Following 15 – 20 seconds, as you breathe out, put your legs and chest to the ground. Release the legs and relax your body.

Breathing exercises (Pranayama) –

When performed in the right manner, breathing exercises can help us to regulate our emotions, thoughts, and enhance the oxygen levels in the body. The depth of the breathing process actually helps the body to relax completely. On the other hand, if a person is experiencing respiratory problems, he or she is going to breathe shallow and this is definitely going to make it hard for the body and the muscles to relax. So, when you pay special attention to your breathing, you actually rejuvenate your respiratory organs and enhance their functions. There are various types of breathing exercises, click here to know about them.

If you are interested in learning yoga for various ailments and looking to learn it from experts join yoga classes in thane west.

Foods that help you battle asthma without drug

Foods that help you cure asthma without drug includes fruits, vegetables, milk products, nuts and cereals.


It has been found that combining the use of ginger with various types of inhaled asthma medications allows better airway dilation than what can be achieved by medication alone. The chemical compounds that are present in ginger can help in treating the muscles present in the airways. This can help in minimizing the contraction of the numerous muscles that surround the airways.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the best antidotes against the symptoms of asthma. Extensive research has shown that a diet that has got high amounts of Vitamin C can prove to be very effective in controlling wheezing among children. Hence most doctors recommend asthma patients to include fruits like lemons, oranges, kiwis, and grapefruits in their diet.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids can provide the body with the nutrition it needs to fight off diseases and health issues without the need for medications. Hence including a diet that is rich with Omega-3 fatty acids can be a great way to combat asthma. Make sure that you have salmon, walnuts and pumpkin seeds in your diet to have better control over your asthma signs.


The Butterbur herb has long been used in various parts of Europe and Asia to treat patients of asthma. The anti-inflammatory properties of the herb can help in minimizing the contraction of muscles present in the airways so that acute attacks and wheezing can be eradicated.

Dr. Shweta Varpe doing deep breathing and overcoming bad mood through breath awarness.

We have all been through situations where our bad moods get the better of us and we feel totally out of control when it comes to regulating our emotions. Bad moods can make us feel irritable, critical, anxious and cranky and this can have a heavy effect on our bearing and disposition. We can even shout on others and experience anger without any apparent reason. In some cases, we may even start crying at the drop of a hat. It is a well-known fact that the frustration associated with bad moods can completely drain our energy and make it difficult for us to have positive moods. Many people find it extremely difficult to get rid of their bad moods. However, with proper control of breathing, it is perfectly possible for a person to have complete control of their moods. This can also help them to resolve bad moods even before they arise.     

When you cultivate a greater awareness of your breathing, you can easily have greater control over your moods so that stress and anxiety cannot bother you in any way. In many cases, excessive thinking can lead to negative moods and this is something that you can resolve by controlled breathing. Throughout the centuries, many mystics, sages, yogis and saints have used controlled breathing to enhance their inner bliss and remove negative moods completely.

How breathing is related to the state of mind

When performed in the right manner, breathing exercises can help us to regulate our emotions, thoughts, and moods. People always tend to breathe deeply at regular time intervals when they are experiencing good moods. The depth of their breathing process actually helps them to relax completely. On the other hand, if a person is experiencing bad moods, he or she is definitely going to breathe shallow and this is definitely going to make it hard for the body and the muscles to relax. So when you pay special attention to your breathing, you can transform your bad moods into good ones easily. Hence most yoga schools teach their students to be consciously aware of their breathing.

Techniques to improve your moods through breathing

The yogic breathing activities given here, to improve your state of mind will intentionally change/control the breath and will make our mind consistent, engaged and quiet.

For kids yoga instructors: Children beyond nine years old have more attention to their breath and can start rehearsing yogic breathing activities which include controlling the breath.


Dr Shweta Varpe is doing bhramari pranayama, a type of breath awareness program to overcome bad mood.

Pranayama is a breathing procedure that can aid you to maintain a proper balance of your physical and energy bodies. When you practice pranayama regularly, it can help you to get rid of bad moods and experience positivity at all times. The right nostril is associated with the left hemisphere of the brain that has the sun or solar energy. The left nostril is related to the right hemisphere of the brain which is the seat of the moon or lunar energy. By practicing pranayama, you can attain a balance between these two energies and this can eradicate bad moods completely. 

Deep Breathing 

Breathing deeply is one of the most effective ways to achieve calmness of the mind and improve moods. This can actually help you to fill your body with the most positive vibrations so that your bad moods can go away. 

A woman doing deep breathing exercise to overcome bad mood.

Breathing through alternate nostrils

As indicated by yoga, this change between the two nostrils assists with keeping the parity in our body. The right-sided nostril, associated with the left-cerebrum, is considered to convey the sun vitality; the masculine vibes and energy. The left nostril, associated with the right-mind, outfits the moon vitality; the feminine vibes and energy.

At the point when we inhale through just a single nostril for quite a while, an unevenness is made and we begin feeling either progressively apprehensive and nervous (if the right nostril is predominant), or increasingly on anxious and stressed (if the left nostril is prevailing).

Balancing breathing through both nostrils alternatively works as a precaution drug since it assists with keeping a normal and agreeable stream between the two nostrils. This gives you benefits of both the masculine and feminine energy that too in a balanced form.

Dr Shweta Varpe is doing alternate breathing by closing one nostril and breathing by another.

How to do it?

  1. Sit up in a cross-legged position with a relaxed posture, spine straight. Then using the right thumb press the right nostril to block it. Breathe in gradually and deeply through your left nostril.
  2. Using the thumb and index finger close both the nostrils and hold the breath for a few seconds as long as you are comfortable.
  3. Open your right nostril, keeping your left nostril closed with the index finger, and breathe out gradually and completely.
  4. Breathe in through your right nostril gradually and profoundly.
  5. Close the two nostrils and hold your breath for whatever length of time that agreeable.
  6. Open your left nostril, keeping the right one closed with your thumb, and breathe out gradually. This is one round.
  7. Practice 3-5 rounds. In the event that holding the breath is unreasonably hard for the kids, skip stages 2 and 5.

Purification of body is the primary step of yoga with reference to Gheranda Samhita, one of the prominent Hatha Yoga texts. Thus, before beginning the practice of asana or pranayama, one must cleanse one’s body through the Shuddhi Kriya processes of Dhauti, Basti, Neti, Trataka, Nauli and Kapalabhatti.  Once the aspirant completes the practice of purifying the body, then he/she is eligible for further practices of asana and pranayama.

Sage Patanjali believed that every individual must first follow the practice of Yama and Niyama – the code of conduct for oneself and the society, followed by the practice of Asana and thenceforth Pranayama. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras define this practice of Ashtanga Yoga which is considered to be the ideal one, thus termed as Raja Yoga. Ultimately, Hatha Yoga too believes that the aim and purpose of Yoga is to bring about oneness with the Lord – Samadhi. Hatha Yoga follows the principles of physical practice initially so that the Sadhak can gradually prepare himself/herself to reach Raja Yoga.

The practice of Pranayama can be done regularly. The aim of Pranayama is to control one’s breath with awareness so that the mind is free from distractions. It is difficult to control one’s mind; hence Pranayama enables one to control the breath first, thereafter helping to control all irrelevant thoughts going on and creating nuisance in the daily routine.

Contraindications of Pranayama:

  1. Pranayama can be introduced to children once they enter the age of 12 years old. Before that, some breathing techniques can be taught.
  2. Patients with heart ailments or asthma must do pranayama as per their capacity. They are recommended to do Pranayama without retention of breath.

Steps to do Pranayama:

  1. Do a preliminary conditioning in Sukhasana (crossed legs) or any meditative posture comfortable to the practitioner.
  2. Do not strain or constrict unduly any part of the body.
  3. Keep the spine erect and breathe normally.
  4. Pranayama is followed after having performed some asanas.
  5. Pranayama should be done under the guidance of a Yoga Instructor or Yoga Teacher who can introduce the process of “inhalation” as “Puraka” and “exhalation” as “Rechaka” and “retention” of breath as “Kumbhaka”.

Some of the practices of Pranayama are:

  • Equal Breathing
  • Diaphragm Breathing
  • Inter-Coastal Breathing
  • Clavicular Breathing

As mentioned in the traditional Hatha Yoga practices, following is the list of the practices of Pranayama that can be done every day:

  1. Surya Bhedan
  2. Chandra Bhedan
  3. Anuloma Vilom
  4. Sheetali
  5. Sitkari
  6. Bhramari
  7. Ujjayi
  8. Bhastrika
Bhramari Pranayama
A kid performing yoga at Shwet Yoga Classes & Courses In Thane

Getting your kids introduced to yoga is always a good idea as they can learn the techniques that allow them to have better control of their mind and body from the very beginning. Children who do yoga from an early stage in their lives learn the value of loving and respecting their bodies. This also helps them to love and respect other people around them and become noble citizens as they grow up. However, explaining the value of yoga to kids may require you to take a different approach than what you would normally do when you are looking to instruct adults about the same. Hence it is important that you learn about the various ways in which you can make yoga interesting for the kids.

Is yoga good for kids?

Nowadays, kids, are also equally stressed as much as elders. The very competitive environment where they are constantly under pressure to perform well, it is very necessary they must be encouraged to start yoga as early as possible. The proven benefits of yoga give them the strength and vigor to deal with all the stress. Not only it helps in stress management but it also has many other benefits like overcoming anger issues, improving concentration and a positive approach towards learning new things. Yoga is a life-changing journey. So, what else will be the perfect timing to start it other than in the childhood itself?

A kid and yoga instructor lying on yoga mat facing each other

How to encourage the kids to do yoga?

It’s not an easy task to generate an adoration for yoga in your kids. Yoga requires discipline and needs some rules to be followed during its practice. But kids already are burdened with to-do and not-to-do rulebook. That’s why it becomes more challenging to instill your kid with the yoga discipline. Kids Yoga needs to be taught with a playful approach, in a flexible manner without compromising on its very basic approach.

We ought to never force yoga on our children. Luckily, there are numerous enjoyable approaches to acquaint them with the training without compelling it. Here are some of the things that you need to remember when you are looking to teach yoga to kids.

Keep your yoga class flexible

Yoga for kids- A yoga instructor with a kid

When you are looking to work with kids, it is vitally important that you keep your classes flexible. Unlike adults, kids are not known to be really focused when they join the yoga class. So if you start working with a well thought out yoga plan, it might not work for the kids. Therefore you should have a flexible approach to your class and still have a basic notion of what you are looking to achieve. You should have a spontaneous approach and direct the yoga class by reading the moods of the kids. This is going to get the kids really interested in yoga. Planning the whole class the night before will not help you to appeal to the kids.

Show them how to do it

Kids have the tendency to copy their elders whatever they might do. Simply practice yoga before your children. They understand it better and are motivated to do it enthusiastically if you demonstrate it yourself. Take advantage of this fact to inculcate yoga in them. Make it a fun activity by doing it together with your kids.

You can start it with a more fun and playful approach, by inviting them to crawl underneath you or jump through you while you twisting and stretching your body with different yoga poses and asanas.

Encourage them with love and stimulation

A good way to boost the focus of all the kids during the class is to get them to do something that they can really enjoy. For instance, you may want to provide them with some art and craft materials or even do a dance with them that can really boost their spirits. This will help you to get the right kind of response from them. Once you have their full attention, you can guide them into performing different types of yoga poses.     

Make sure they are having fun

Yoga instructor lovingly teaching kid the yoga asana

Kids may not immediately get the idea as to why they should stick to a specific posture and alignment while they are performing a pose. However, this should not be a source of botheration for you. Just make sure that they are safe while doing yoga and they are having fun at all times. At this stage, you need to get them interested in the activity instead of emphasizing on complete accuracy. As they grow up, they can definitely learn more about the alignment and start performing the asanas the correct way.

Be open and receptive to kids

Kids usually have a unique intuition about the world and they often tend to be very honest and wise. Therefore you should always encourage them with positive words and create an environment of happiness in the yoga class so that they are encouraged to do their best while mastering yoga poses.  

Use of yoga products and toys

It is a very unique way to encourage kids for yoga. There are many market products that can generate interest in your kids in yoga. Toys designed like a doll performing yoga introduces them to the world of yoga and different asanas. Yoga mats also generate curiosity for them. Another fun activity could be by showing them various postures in yoga asanas that resembles their favorite animals. Doing yoga with various props like ball and ropes keeps their interest intact.

Yoga for kids- Doing yoga with props and products,


Yoga is admired all over the world for its great benefits. As early as the kids are encouraged for yoga the sooner and easily they will adopt it and will be able to rip the benefits fully. The caution must be taken about which asanas are appropriate according to their age. It is very important that kids must perform yoga asanas under proper guidance and observation. Some advanced asanas demanding more strength to hold the pose must only be performed only after clearing the basic level and gaining the required core strength.

A robust metabolism can help you to have all the energy you need and make sure that you have proper nutrition at all times. This is something that you can achieve through the practice of various yoga poses to boost metabolism.

Digestion comprises of the procedure that provides the required nutrients and vitality to the body. This process is controlled by the endocrine system, particularly the thyroid gland. Yoga has an amazing invigorating impact on the endocrine organs and in this manner can support the metabolic system helping it to burn more calories. Stretching and compacting the endocrine glands and stomach organs during yoga exercises, improves the blood circulation, vitalizes the organs, improves metabolism rate and ultimately boosts the immune system. Here are 10 yoga poses that can boost your metabolism as well as improve the strength and flexibility of various parts of your body.

10 yoga poses to boost metabolism and help you to reduce and get in shape :
  1. Ustrasana
  2. Sukhasana
  3. Halasana
  4. Salamba Sarvangasana
  5. Supta Virasana
  6. Anjaneyasana
  7. Dhanurasana
  8. Garudasana
  9. Pawanmuktasana
  10. Salabhasana

1. Ustrasana

Ustrasana is the first yoga pose to boost metabolism in our list. Ustrasana involves deep backward bending of the body that is performed while kneeling. Also known as camel pose, its role is to open up the whole front part of the body through stretching of the hips and spine. It also stimulates and activates the thyroid gland which ultimately increases metabolism.

A woman doing a ustarsana, one of the yoga poses to boost metabolism.

Other health benefits of Ustrasana

  • Decreases thigh fats
  • Opens up the hips
  • Stretches and reinforces the shoulders and back
  • Improves body posture
  • Opens the chest, improving lung health
  • Makes back and spine flexible
  • Invigorates endocrine organs
  • Discharges pressure in the ovaries
  • Stretches the lower legs, thighs, crotch, stomach area, chest, and throat
  • Tones organs of the stomach area, pelvis, and neck
  • Supplements in general wellbeing and prosperity

2. Sukhasana

Sukhasana is the cross-legged pose that works as a type of easy-seated meditation. Its goal is to strengthen the spine and open up a person’s hip region. It is important that the practitioner firmly holds on to the pose instead of slumping so that the neck and head remain perfectly aligned so that the pose ensures optimum benefits. This yoga pose to boost metabolism is very simple and easy to do, and so it can be done by the person of any age without any complications.

A woman doing  Sukhasana by seating in a relaxed cross legged pose with eyes close and breathing slowly.

Other health benefits of Sukhasana

  • It spreads a feeling of quiet and harmony through your brain and body.
  • It loosens up your mind.
  • All weariness, stress, and tension will be relieved.
  • Your chest and neckline bones are widened.
  • Your body arrangement is improved.
  • Practicing this asana lengthens your spine.
  • This asana gives your knees and lower legs a decent stretch.
  • Improves the digestive system, which makes this pose useful who are suffering from constipation and gastric problems

3. Halasana

Halsana or the plough pose is an asana that you should take time to master perfectly. It involves stretching your legs as far as you can towards the back while you lie on the floor with your back. It stimulates the pituitary, thyroid, and adrenal glands. The asana releases endorphins within the body so that it is one of the proven yoga poses to boost metabolism rate.

A woman doing halasana by lying on floor bending backward touching the ground with legs (one of the  yoga poses to boost metabolism)

Other health benefits of Halasana

  • Activates warms up and lightens the psychophysiological system
  • Muscles ligaments of thighs and calves get relaxed and stretched
  • Increases flexibility and provides a feeling of relaxation during leg cramps
  • Useful who are suffering from constipation and gastric problems
  • Beneficial for diabetic people as it normalizes the blood-glucose level
  • Stimulates the reproductive organs
  • Helps women during menopause

4. Salamba Sarvangasana

Salamba Sarvangasana or shoulder stand is often regarded as the extension of plough pose. It facilitates deep stretching of the neck and back that stimulates blood circulation as well as gets rid of all imbalances. Improves the function of the thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, and pituitary glands. All of the other endocrine glands are regulated by these main glands and so the overall function of the endocrine system is improved. As this yoga pose boost metabolism rate it is effective in reducing the belly fat also.

A woman doing sarvangasana yoga pose to boost metabolism. She is  lying on floor and lifting the lower body upward.

Other health benefits of Salamba Sarvangasana

  • Good for hair health
  • Quiets the cerebrum and calms pressure.
  • Stimulates the thyroid and prostate organs and stomach organs.
  • Stretches the shoulders and neck.
  • Tones the legs and hips.
  • It improves nutrient absorption.
  • Diminishes the side effects of menopause.
  • Diminishes weakness and lightens sleep deprivation
  • It makes blood flow to the head and nervous system

5. Supta Virasana

Supta Virasana, also known as reclined hero pose helps to strengthen the extensor muscles present in the legs. It offers numerous therapeutic benefits such as resolving digestive issues and diarrhea, respiratory ailments, intestinal problems, and acidity. The name comes from the Sanskrit where Supt means the reclined and asana means the seating position.

Other health benefits of Supta Virasana

  • It gives your thighs, knees, lower legs, midriff, and hips a stretch
  • It relieves tired legs
  • It improves posture
  • It soothes menstrual uneasiness
  • It fortifies the curves of the feet

6. Anjaneyasana

Anjaneyasana or standing crescent lunge helps to stretch and stimulate the hip flexors so that tension from the rear part of the hips can be released. The asana also boosts your heart rate so that metabolism is enhanced. Apart from a yoga pose to boost metabolism, it can also work as a stretching exercise for the legs.

A woman doing anjaneysana

Other health benefits of Anjaneyasana

  • Stimulates the thyroid gland function
  • Improves heart function
  • Makes the body more flexible
  • Strengthens the abdominal muscles
  • Helps to decrease sciatica symptoms

7. Dhanurasana

Dhanurasana or bow pose can stimulate your reproductive organs and work as a fatigue buster and stress reliever. The asana can also tone your leg and arm muscles. It can also enhance abdominal and spinal flexibility as well as improve their strength and shape.

A woman doing Dhanurasana lying on floor on stomach and arching backwards. legs are hold by hands inverse position

Other health benefits of Dhanurasana

  • Powerful in weight reduction
  • Improves hunger
  • Assists with restoring dyspepsia (stoutness), stiffness and gastrointestinal issues
  • Fixes constipation
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Offers adaptability to the back

8. Garudasana

Garudasana or the eagle pose can stimulate your shoulders, hips, thighs, ankles, and calves so that you have lean and strong muscles. It can also improve digestion and enhance your physical energy.

A woman performing garudasana, a body twisting yoga pose to boost metabolism.

Other health benefits of Garudasana

  • Strengthens the lower legs and calves.
  • Stretches the thighs, hips, shoulders, and upper back
  • Improves posture and balance
  • Reduces stress
  • Relaxes whole body muscles
  • Relieves the pain from joints
  • Improves body balance

9. Pawanmuktasana

Pawanmuktasana or wind-relieving pose is a powerful asana that can heal gastrointestinal problems. By stimulating the movement of the bowels, it can get rid of waste materials from the body. This yoga pose boosts metabolism along with relieving constipation, indigestion, acidity, and removing belly fat.

Other health benefits of Pawanmuktasana

  • Strengthens abdominal muscles
  • Strengthens the spinal cord
  • Eases the tension in the lower back
  • Burns the fat in thighs, abdomen, and waist
  • Reduces infertility by stimulating ovaries

10. Salabhasana

Salabhasana is a type of backbend asana which can open up the chest and strengthen the muscles present in your lower back and the legs. It can enhance your physical energy, elongate your spinal column and improve metabolism.

Other health benefits of Salabhasana

  • Vitalizes all body organs and muscles
  • Enhances blood circulation throughout the body
  • Decreases stress and tension
  • Strengthens the back muscles.

All these yoga poses have been recommended from ancient ages for their proven results and benefits to boost the metabolism rate. Yoga poses to boost metabolism may be an unknown topic to many but there is no doubt about its effectiveness. All these poses and various yogic activities are done under the proper guidance of a good expertise yoga instructor or guru can prove highly beneficial to even the chronic problem of metabolism.

Check out Dr. Shweta Varpe explaining the all these asanas-

Shweta Varpe

Ms. Shweta Varpe, the Virtual Yoga Guru and Life Sculptor and the Brand Ambassador of “Bottom Lining MA Sangsad” as an invitation from Development Organization of the Rural
Poor (DORP), is visiting DORP for a special event of mega celebration on both Mind-body and fitness to the Social Assistance Program for Non-Assetors (SAPNA) Package
implemented by Women and Child Affairs Ministry, Govt. of Bangladesh from 30th October2019 – 2 November 2019.

It is a proud moment for all Indians for selecting an ‘Indian Celebrity Face’ for DORP, Bangladesh. Ms. Shweta’s aim is to represent India and spread the awareness of Yoga heritage at the global level in Asiatic countries. This is a great opportunity and responsibility for her to exchange and enhance values, beliefs, culture, customs and ideas with the neighbourhood country. She is working hand in hand for the empowerment of
women and rehabilitation of children.

This four day visit of Ms. Shweta to Bangladesh will be incorporated with different activities and programs in and out of the capital, Dhaka. The program will begin with SAPNA Package in Kaligonj of Garipur District on 31 October 2019. On 2 November 2019, she is being honored as the Chief Guest at an event at BRAC Centre Inn; wherein a
competition is held to select the best 3 mothers considering family, economic conditions, culture, mother and child health, housing, employment and beauty. The best 3 mothers along with MA Sangsad will be awarded crowns and prizes by the respected Chief Guest. It was in December 2018 that Ms. Shweta Varpe was honored as the Brand Ambassador of Bottom Lining MA Sangsad DORP, while as the Chairperson at a session of World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) at O. P. Jindal University, Sonipat, India. She had presented a paper titled “Yoga as an instrument in Global Peace and Harmony”. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed in between DORP and Ms. Shweta at WCPA conference being held by Mr. AHM Nouman, Founder DORP and Gusi International
Peace Prize Award Recipient in presence of all dignitaries including Dr. Glen Martin, WCPA Chairperson and Mr. Azhar Ali Talukder, Chairperson, DORP.

DORP is an NGO headed by Mr. AHM Nouman, Founder and CEO, which aims at a mission for changing the condition of the disadvantaged and poor people of rural society with
special emphasis on empowerment of women. DORP also has the credit of innovation of Maternity Allowance (MA) based SAPNA Package for the pregnant and lactating poor
mothers. DORP has various projects to its credit – to name some of them such as Health Village, WASH, SPRING, DESWSP, Micro Finance, Samriddhi, Unique II, and VGD. Ms. Shweta has dedicated herself in the service of Yoga for the last 12 years wherein transforming lives of many aspirants. She won the esteemed crown and title of Ms. United Nations Goodwill International 2018 in New Kingston, Jamaica in line with Ms. Elite Asia Goodwill United Nations 2018 and Mrs. Tiara India Woman of Substance 2018.

“Yoga is a powerful instrument to help gender equality and rejuvenate mental health around the world; so recognize your unique gifts and talents as an empowering experience through yoga.”

Ms. Shweta’s message to all across the globe.0

Click here to see Shweta Varpe’s news on Bangladesh News Portal.

Yoga happens to be an age-old practice to bring the mind and body together. Indeed, this ancient science from India has been gaining popularity throughout the world with even a day being dedicated to it recently. Top medical professionals around the world have endorsed the practice causing people to flock to yoga retreats in the hope of attaining physical wellbeing and ensuring their peace of mind.

However, simply mastering an asana or two will not be advantageous. You must do it the proper way by training with an expert in order to get rid of the ailments that continue to plague. People, today can definitely hope to cure a number of conditions and lifestyle-related diseases by practicing yoga regularly.

Science has revealed that yoga can become an excellent medicine for the modern civilization where the mind
and body is united perfectly to become an entire human being just like the way God intended us to be.
Here are a few conditions that you can get rid of by continuing to practice yoga…

1. De-stress- Yoga is an excellent stress buster with the studies revealing that it can lower the cortisol levels of the body.

2. Anxiety- Yoga is also known to relieve anxiety hugely thus keeping the individuals calm and composed without having to fall prey to elevated blood pressure.

3. Inflammation- Yoga is also believed to have a controlling effect over chronic inflammation associated with several life-threatening diseases.

4. Heart Health- Statistics have shown that people who practice yoga regularly can significantly
lower the risk of heart diseases when they combine it with a healthy lifestyle by consuming a
balanced diet

5. Pain management- There are millions of people who get to suffer from chronic pain for years without any respite. Exercising with the help of yoga can go a long way in alleviating the symptoms causing the quality of life to improve drastically as well.