The 50 Hour One-month CYT is a basic certificate course which prepares students for teaching Yoga techniques to normal healthy adults.  The course covers theoretical and practical aspects of Yoga. The syllabus also consists of experiential learning of unique techniques & concepts our Institute. Learn Yoga the Shwet Yoga Way.

On successful completion of the course, which includes required class attendance, submission of assignments and final evaluations (theory & practicals), successful students will be awarded certificates of The Shwet Yoga Studio

Some Salient Features of CYT:

  1. Syllabus catering to QCI (Ministry of Ayush) Examination.
  2. Syllabus in line with World Yoga Allíance recognized at the International Level. World Yoga Allíance will provide you a UID No. On Ur certificate which has equivalent value at the International & National level.
  3. Special attention given to Personality Development & Self-Discipline.
  4. Variety in Techniques of Asanas, Pranayama & Meditative Practices.
  5. Yogic Lifestyle – Introduction of Yogic values in terms of applying yoga in daily routine.

Course Content

  1. Etymology of Yoga
  2. Introduction to Hatha Yoga & Ashtanga Yoga
  3. Stress Management
  4. Yoga & Personality Development
  5. Yoga Practices & Pranayama (Total=35)

How Shwet Yoga is different?

  1. Unique techniques of Asanas with variations, Pranayama & Meditative Practices.
  2. Unique Teaching Methodology
  3. Yogic Games
  4. Unique and different Projects, Assignments, and Challenges.
  5. Personal Coaching & Counselling.

Why you Should take up Shwet Yoga CYT?

  1. Caters to International & National level
  2. World Yoga Allíance Registered Certification with WYA UID No. Will be provided. Student’s name will be included in the International Directory of Yoga Allíance.
  3. Preparation for QCI Ayush Ministry Exam.
  4. Job opportunities open in all sectors such as Educational Institutions, Corporates, Hospitals, Gyms & Wellness Industry, Personal Yoga Classes.

Course Duration and Timing

Duration: 9 Sept 2019-8Oct 2019

Timing: Saturday & Sunday, from 1:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Open to all. Minimum age 18 years.

Course Fees: ₹17k