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Welcome To ShwetYoga 1

About ShwetYoga

ShwetYoga is an organization which not only features asanas but also focuses on cardio +weight training + boot camp + calisthenics + mental + emotional + toning of body. It is a complete fitness health package. Main features of ShwetYoga are as follows:

• A fitness program of Yoga to enhance Health Concept with a Holistic approach. • Systemized one hour program with warm-ups, Asanas, Pranayama and Shavasan. • Variations in fitness program. • Variations in Asanas and other fitness activities. • Caters to all age groups. • Tailor-made program that caters to individual requirements. • Maintains values and importance of Shudhikriya, Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Mudra, and Bandha as is prescribed in Yoga. • Provides total fitness program under one roof through cardio (Aerobics and Zumba), Boot camp (weight-training) and Self-awareness program. • Well trained and qualified yoga experts in the team. • Pregnancy yoga, Corporate yoga and ShwetYoga Academy Course conducted personally by Shweta.

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Fitness has all the time been my breath, routine and energy. Under the guidance of Yogacharya Shri Krishna Vyavhare Guruji, I got introduced to Ashtanga Yoga with indications and contra-indications of all postures. As these postures cultivated my day-to-day life, I realized that Yoga is not just ‘Asana’; Yoga is a way of THINKING, FEELING and BEING. I was also introduced to sangeet/music in yoga, thus getting a glimpse of Bhakti yoga. Along with yoga, I was keen about weight-training and cardiac exercises. A combination of weights + cardio + yoga enabled me in building a good physique, a toned body and a relaxed mind. I believe Yoga should reach the common human. My purpose of target audience is in gym -- to define “fitness” as a “Mental and Emotional Health Concept”.


• Official Zumba Instructor, Basic steps Level 1, Creative Director ‘Beto’ Perez. • Inner Engineering Program, Isha Foundation. • Bhavana Spandana Program (BSP) a residential program offered to those who have been initiated into Shambhave Mudra. • Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Course, All India Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Foundation Trust of Maharashtra. • Pregnancy Yoga, CAPPA, Child birth Educator, Pre-natal and post-natal care. • Enhancement skill course, ‘Ghe Bharari’, Corporate world. • Diploma in Yogic Therapy, Natural Living and Naturopathy, Guru Shri Sadashiv Nimbalkar, Yoga Vidya Niketan. • Certification Course Ghantali Mitra Mandal – Guru Yogacharya Shri Krishna Vyavhare. • Post-graduation in Yoga Philosophy.

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