Full body workout – 9 Deep stretch yoga poses with benefits

Full body yoga workout is a deep stretch practice for the legs, back, and hips. This invites you on the mat to go deeper. Daily practice of 20 min yoga poses is great for the lower back and the hips! Lean in, take a deep breath, stretch it out, connect within, and explore the undiscovered areas in your body. This will be a good morning practice to start your day with. Or you can practice it after a long day to relax your body and mind. Try it and experience the changes and unfolds it brings into your life.  

yoga pose at shwet yoga classes in thane

If you are wanting to increase the flexibility of your body, wanting to stabilize the joints then these deep stretching yoga poses will really be an awesome choice for you. It helps you to reconnect with your breath, focus on body alignment, and balance out whatever it is you got going on in your life. So, what are you waiting for? Just hop in something comfy clothing and get started with these deep stretching yoga poses to give your full body a good workout. 

9 Deep stretch yoga poses with benefits 

Yoga Pose 1 – Adho Mukh Svanasana 

yoga pose at shwet yoga classes in thane

This is a deep rejuvenating yoga pose stretching shoulders, feet, calves, arms, and hamstrings. Also known as the downward-facing dog pose, it elongates the spine and strengthens the arms & legs. It aids in digestion and helps to loosen the tight muscles especially in the leg and back area. Adho mukh svanasana opens the chest and gives a good stretch to the shoulders. 

Yoga Pose 2 – Mastyasana 

yoga pose at shwet yoga classes in thane

This asana gives a decent stretch to the muscles of the throat which makes it one of the useful activities to dispose of the thyroid dysfunction. It is an incredible yoga pose for your back issues. It relieves the tension from worked up shoulders and relaxes them. It facilitates deep breathing and thus increases the lung capacity. It is also a great way to beat stress and work wonders for fatigue due to a sore neck and back. 

Yoga Pose 3 – Ustrasana 

yoga pose at shwet yoga classes in thane

Also known as the Camel pose, it is a simple backbend pose that opens the chest and increases the upper body flexibility. It increases shoulder mobility. This yoga pose is especially beneficial for the working professionals who are required to sit at a desk all day. Slouching due to continuous and long working hours can cause back issues and also wreak organs by compressing them. This yoga pose stretches the front muscles, abdomen, thighs, chest, and neck. Beginners may find it difficult to perform, but yoga experts can suggest simple modifications to make it accessible to everyone. 

Yoga Pose 4 – Ardha Mastyendrasana 

yoga pose at shwet yoga classes in thane

Ardha Mastyendrasana or half spinal pose energizes the spine, twisting and wrangling out all the stiffness from your back. It relieves the upper and middle back pain, stretching the shoulders, hips, and neck. It also removes the pain due to sciatica. 

Yoga Pose 5 – Karna Pidasana 

karnapidasana -  shwet yoga classes and courses iin thane yoga pose

This yoga pose requires flexibility and balance. It is sometimes called raja halasana as it is an advanced version of halasana. It calms the mind, reduces pressure & anxiety, and controls the negative thoughts. It stimulates the Visudhha, Manipura, and Svadhisthana chakras. Through these chakras, it not only cleanses the body but psyche and mind, balances energy and controls vitality, incorporates inner acceptance, and increases productivity. 

Yoga Pose 6 – Skandasana 

yoga pose at shwet yoga classes in thane skandasana

If you are looking for a great hip opener yoga pose then try skandasana. It stretches your hips and hamstrings and builds core strength. It is sometimes used as a transitional pose. It improves balance and cures sciatica. Avoid this pose if you have an injury in the hip, knee, or ankle. 

Yoga Pose 7 – Ardha badhha pashchimattanasana 

yoga pose at shwet yoga classes in thane

Also known as half bound lotus forward pose. Though it is placed early in the Ashtanga sequence it is quite a tricky position. It relieves the stiffness in the knees and tones the hips. It improves respiratory health. It is helpful in increasing the flexibility and strength of the body. 

Yoga Pose 8 – Mrjarasana Bitilasana 

yoga pose at shwet yoga classes in thane

Marjarasana tops the list of beneficial asanas for back pain. It is highly recommended by physiotherapists also. This is a multipurpose asana that helps to strengthen multiple parts of your back including the spine, rhomboid, and trapezius. It is helpful to loosen the stiff muscles in the upper back region. This one asana is especially recommended for all types of backaches like slip disc, cervical spondylosis, sciatica, or stiff back. It releases the prolonged stress your spine faces due to habitual lifestyle problems. 

Yoga Pose 9 – Balasana 

yoga pose at shwet yoga classes in thane

Balasana, also known as the child Pose, is an effective remedy to relieve stress from the spine and lower back. It increases circulation and provides oxygen to all body parts. It stimulates the Anahata chakra because it stretches the spine as you go down on your chest and stomach. this is often why the asana relaxes both your body and your mind, releasing all the dissipated energy. 

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