Kids Yoga – A fun way to discipline your children

Children tend to be the biggest mess makers. No matter how much you beg, plead, or threaten them to be disciplined the tender age they are in doesn’t allow them to do so. Do you find your kids or teens always doing the stuff you strictly deny them to do? Do you always worry why they are the most disobedient among most of them? Do you wonder what is the best way to discipline them without shouting at them? The best answer is not to discipline their behavior afterward but to develop a character of self-discipline before-hand. And the best solution to do so is- Kids Yoga. 

Kids Yoga - A lady performing yoga and kid is playing at Shwetyoga Classes & Courses in Thane

The development of mental strength through Kids Yoga creates a foundation for living a calm, balanced, peace-loving, happy and blissful, satisfying life. It is never too early for your child to enroll in the Kids Yoga Classes to imbibe these values in their life as early as possible. And this gift lasts for a lifetime. Below are the points mentioned to help you understand how Kids Yoga is a fun way to discipline your children. 

Kids yoga develops self-discipline –  

You may be surprised to know that yoga is so much more than just physical exercise, meditation, fun with friends. By regularly attending the Kids Yoga Classes at a particular time your child develops discipline, learns time management, honesty, self-control. Yoga is simply a list of do’s and don’ts. And by thinking of these niyamas and yamas from yoga philosophy, a child will easily adapt to the basic values of society.  

Kids yoga at shwet yoga classes thane. Yoga instructor lovingly teaching kid the yoga asana

Kids Yoga imbibes ethics and Morales –  

Yoga philosophy teaches children the ethics to respect themselves and everyone around them, similarly an appreciation for the world they live in. Your child with his other fellow little yogi friends may not realize it, but cleaning, rolling the yoga mat after use, and putting it away imbibes the niyamas or observance in their life. It teaches them to take care and have a value of their belongings. This prompts them to keep surrounding neat and clean and do their work on their own. They become more obedient. 

Kids yoga make children consistent –  

As mentioned earlier, Regular practice and daily routine of kids yoga classes make children more consistent. It shows a mood and attitude change. Practicing a pose on daily basis to improve it to perfection, performing breathing exercises before every session, or meditating for a few minutes before sleep or after waking up makes them calmer, happier and peaceful. It is the consistent practice of yoga that gives them the power to set new habits, find new potential, and redirects their emotions. 

Kids yoga at shwet yoga classes thane. Yoga instructor lovingly teaching kid the yoga asana

Kids yoga encourages and motivates 

Only consistent practice is not enough, you must also need to push the limit for better performing an asana. You must keep challenging yourself to attain the perfect posture. This behavior children attend during yoga practice motivates them to face any challenge in life without giving up. It has a lasting effect on their mind making them truly believe that practice makes a man perfect. It develops an ‘ I can do ‘ attitude in them. 

Kids yoga calms them 

As yoga is known to build strength, discipline, mind and body control surely it will inculcate discipline in children. Yoga helps in calming the mind and body. This means one can learn from starting how to control negativity. When these kinds of things are taught from the starting, kids tend to grow as more happy and disciplined kids. Many studies have proven this point. 

Kids yoga at shwet yoga classes thane. Yoga instructor lovingly teaching kid the yoga asana

Kids yoga generates awareness about their body 

Yoga makes children aware of their body and its functioning. This makes them slowly start appreciating their physical bodies. As they regularly start practicing the pranayama techniques, they become aware of themselves. This same technique works for adults in a similar way. You get self-disciplined once you are aware of your system. However, you should consult a good yoga teacher for your children. 

Kids yoga improves social behavior 

Yoga helps to maintain or build a healthy social relationship. During the yoga classes kids perform asanas together, they tend to mingle with each other, impacting their social behavior positively. They cultivate the habit of showing a positive approach toward others. After a day of school, it may be a good time to relax a little and relax the tension to spend a good evening with family! The benefits of meditation and yoga in children are numerous and recognized, but above all, a family practice will allow you to share an accomplice activity and further develop the bond of attachment that unites you. 

Kids Yoga - A kid performing yoga at Shwet Yoga Classes & Courses In Thane

You can start yoga with your child from the age of 3 by concentrating on fun exercises: imitating animals, becoming aware of breathing with the help of a feather or a balloon. From 6/7 years, you can start to specify the postures even if the imagination can remain an important part of your sessions.  

As of today’s time, kids really need to adopt yoga from an early age, it will be really beneficial for them as they grow older. 

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