10 incredible health benefits of yoga: Strength, Immunity, flexibility, and many more

Western studies and science are starting to provide concrete theories about the incredible health benefits of yoga. An ardent yoga practitioner notices the difference just after few yoga sessions like getting better sleep, increased breath holding capacity, getting fewer colds, and feeling of calmness and relaxation. Once you understand how it works to improve health, heal chronic ailments, keep sickness at bay, and relives pain, you will certainly feel more motivated to step on the mat. 

benefits of yoga

The purpose of the yoga is to build strength, harmony and awareness both in the mind and body. Here are the 10 undeniable health benefits of yoga that are supported by science. 

1. Benefits of yoga – Builds muscle strength 

Strong muscles have many other benefits apart from just making you stronger. They prevent arthritis, relieve aches, helps elderly people in maintaining body balance. With yoga, you not only build muscle strength but also improve the flexibility of muscles. It also increases the speed of healing of internal damage or injury if any. The gradual practice of yoga eventually loosens the stiffness in the body with toe-touching, forward, and backward bending poses. And seemingly impossible poses become easily accessible with regular practice over a period of time. 

2. Benefits of yoga – Protects cartilage and tissues 

The bends and twists during the practice of yoga give them a full range of motion. This prevents the cartilages from shrinking. The cartilages and tissues present at joints work as cushions to the bones and muscles preventing the pain during movement. Without proper care and lack of exercise can cause the wear and tear of cartilage, eventually exposing the bones to friction. One of the benefits of yoga includes the generation of fresh fluids and proper soaking of nutrients by this section to prevent future joint breakdown. 

benefits of yoga

3. Benefits of yoga – Increases blood circulation  

Yoga gets your blood flowing and this provides the entire body the required oxygen. As all organs get a fresh supply of oxygen they function better. Inverted poses like handstand, headstand, and shoulder stand pumps out the venomous blood from the legs and pelvis back to the heart for purification, and then the freshly pumped oxygenated blood is circulated back to it. It also boosts the hemoglobin level which carries oxygen to the tissues. 

4. Benefits of yoga – Maintains heart health 

The heart rate during the yoga session is slightly increased due to the aerobic exercise pattern it provides. You can lower the risk of heart attack, stroke, and can cure depression. Ashtanga Yoga is a vigorous form of yoga that boosts your heart rate. Along with yoga, meditation, and pranayama, also improve the cardiovascular health of a person. One of the best benefits of yoga is that it is highly beneficial in maintaining the optimum range of blood pressure. 

benefits of yoga

5. Benefits of yoga – Perfects the posture 

Regular practice of yoga strengthens spine health. It makes the spinal cord flexible, erect, and less prone to neck and back injury. A good spine is a pillar for a good posture. Poor posture can cause back and neck pain, stress, low self-esteem, muscle, and joint problems. Practice plenty of back bending, forward bending, and twisting yoga poses to keep your spine in a good condition. 

6. Benefits of yoga – Regulates the gland functioning 

Hormones are secreted with the help of glands present in the human body at various positions. Yoga stimulates these glands with various postures and asanas. As the hormones are secreted in the optimum amount, the health is prospered. Functioning of various glands like the thyroid, pituitary, adrenal is necessary for a healthy and long life. 

benefits of yoga

7. Benefits of yoga – keeps you happy 

Yoga is known to relieve stress, tension, and anxiety. It has propertied to help you cure the symptoms of depression. As mentioned earlier oxygen levels in the body are boosted with the regular practice of yoga. The healthier and more relaxed you feel, the happier you become. Yoga also acts as a mood enhancer. You become more optimistic and more social. It encourages you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  

8. Benefits of yoga – Improves focus 

Yogic and meditative kriyas make the wandering mind more stable, thus increasing concentration and maintaining the focus. It makes you realize the importance of focusing on the present moment rather than worrying about the future. It improves coordination, IQ score, reflexes and reaction time, memory, etc. It enhances the problem-solving ability of a person as you are less distracted by unnecessary thoughts.  

benefits of yoga

9. Benefits of yoga – better sleep 

Yoga gives you a break from the hustle and bustle of life. It relaxes the mind and maintains a healthy nervous system. The calmness and peace of mind you attain due to various yoga asanas and meditative kriyas help you get a sound sleep during night hours. In other words, it keeps the mental hustles, regrets, anger, frustrations at bay which may hurdle your good night’s sleep. 

10. Benefits of yoga – Improved immunity 

Yoga not only maintains the proper functioning of internal organs but also aids indigestion. A good metabolism keeps you energetic and fresh, this induces good sleep, eventually giving your body time to heal internally. Ultimately the immune system is rejuvenated. With regular practice of yoga, one sees the transformation in respiratory, nervous, endocrine, immunity system. 

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