7 Types of yoga poses to avoid during pregnancy- Explained!

Pregnancy yoga gives an expectant mother and unborn child the necessary health boost they require most during the crucial phase of development of the new life. But prenatal yoga is quite different from regular yoga with reference to context and its essence. That is why one must enroll in good pregnancy yoga classes and perform the asanas under the observance of a prenatal care specialist to avoid any complexities and injuries. 

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Why you should avoid some poses during pregnancy? 

The body goes through an immense physical transformation during pregnancy. This means your exercise should also need to be tweaked according to this transformation. The same yoga poses you use to practice prior to getting pregnant can turn out to be harmful to you and your baby during different phases of pregnancy. Hence, it is essential to note down the yoga poses to be avoided during the pregnancy.  

1) Too intense or bouncing poses 

Fast-flowing poses can put your body under tremendous pressure. During the initial phase of pregnancy when the implantation process begins the embryo is in the development phase. Fast-flowing poses or poses giving your body a jerk, bouncy feel makes you more nauseous. So, it is better to avoid poses requiring intense flow. Instead, restorative and grounding poses are recommended to help fetal development. 

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2) Twisting poses  

Twisting, compressing, or twirling poses puts your abdominal region under stress. You must refrain from doing any strenuous abdominal twist or compression. As the embryo is attached to the uterus the formation of the placenta begins and you must pay attention to your belly potion. Deep twists or compressions can cause a decrease in the blood flow to this region hampering the growth of a child.  

3) Vigorous stretch 

During the pregnancy, the knee and other joints, as well as ligaments, become very weak and sensitive. It is best to avoid vigorous stretching as pregnancy already makes joints and ligaments more flexible to prepare for childbirth. Intense stretch can end up hurting your ligaments or pelvic joints.  

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4) Lying on your back 

Though they seem to be the most simple and easy poses, yoga poses require you to lie on your back and could put pressure on your inferior vena cava. This may lead to lower oxygen levels in your lower body part. It can cause the feeling of nausea, leads to lower back pain, increase blood pressure, and causes heartburn.  

5) Inversions 

These types of poses make you extremely nauseous and drowsy. As the weight is generally gained during pregnancy, especially in the belly region, it already makes it difficult for you to maintain the center of gravity and thus your balance. Because of this performing inversion poses especially during the advanced stages of pregnancy like the second and third trimester can make you extremely nauseous or dizzy, loss of balance is also common which can turn out to be fatal for you and your baby. 

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6) Heat generating poses 

Heat-producing yoga asanas or poses can lead to dehydration during pregnancy. Heated yoga poses can cause an increase in body heat and heartburn which can harm your child. Heat generating exercises should be avoided in all the trimesters of pregnancy. Loss of vital nutrients through excessive sweating and dehydration should be avoided at any cost during your life-generating journey. 

7) Belly lying 

As you advance in your pregnancy journey you will face difficulties in lying on your stomach with the increased size of your belly. Any yoga pose involving lying on your belly or bending down from the tummy may be harmful during the advanced stages of pregnancy. The growing baby tends to squeeze your internal organs, any extra pressure on the abdomen can be harmful to you and the baby growing inside you. Thus avoid all yoga poses that require you to bend down or lie on your belly.  

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Excising is extremely important during pregnancy. One must follow a prenatal yoga routine to experience a smooth pregnancy journey. But you and your baby’s well-being hold the top priority. It is strictly recommended to consult your doctor before practicing any kind of yoga poses or asanas during pregnancy. Go through this list, consult your physician, and take guidance from prenatal care specialists, and trusted and well-qualified yoga experts before starting your prenatal yoga practice.  

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