7 Excellent reasons why people prefer to join yoga classes over home practice!

Have you ever wondered why people join yoga classes when they can practice it at home also?  

Yes, yoga can be practiced at home by yourself at your convenience. That is the beauty of yoga. Unlike the other exercise modes, it doesn’t require any fancy setup, costly equipment, or a lot of space to perform it. You can definitely perform it at home or your garden space full of fresh air provided you are thoroughly aware of the functionalities and breathing techniques that need to be followed during its practice.  

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But then why still people consider joining yoga classes a more convenient option rather than doing it by themselves? According to our students and yoga experts from Shwet Yoga Classes in Thane, there are many different reasons for this preference. Few of them were personal, but most were quite generic. Here, we have given the most common reasons resonating with many yoga practitioners about why people join yoga classes. 

1) Why join yoga classes? – Higher expertise 

You can perform yoga asanas at home with the knowledge you gain through books, YouTube video tutorials, newspaper articles, or reading it on the internet. But it is not always possible that you understand fully what the author is trying to convey. There are chances that you may perceive the information in the wrong way. Also, there have been incidences that the person pretends to be a yoga expert but the reality is different. 

Video tutorials are quite helpful but when you have any doubt you have no one to ask or discuss it with. That is the reason many people prefer to join classes to be fully assured that what they are doing is correct. They can seek help from the yoga teacher when in any kind of doubt.  

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2) Why join yoga classes? – To learn proper breathing techniques 

Performing yoga requires you to follow the correct breathing sequences. There are rules about when to breath in when to breath out, and when & for how long to hold the breath. Not following these rules may result in the fruitless practice of yoga sequences. This may delay in getting the desired results or may even do more harm than the benefits.  

Expert yoga teachers from yoga classes can only tell you how to perform yoga asanas with the right breathing sequences. This is one of the most common and important reasons for joining the yoga classes as per our students (at Shwet Yoga Classes in Thane). 

3) Why join yoga classes? – Perfect alignment 

Regular yoga practice corrects the body posture. Many stretches, bends, and twists in different yoga sequences require you to be in a definite alignment. These alignments are essential to get all the benefits provided by that particular pose. Many times, while performing the asana you don’t realize that the alignment is disturbed. But when you perform the same under the observance of a yoga teacher, they always correct your posture and remind you about the proper alignment. 

yoga classes in thane  yoga teacher performing veerbhadrasana

4) Why join yoga classes? – To avoid injury 

There are chances of injuries while performing the inverted poses, body twisting asanas, and not following the correct sequence. Some asanas are not recommended during some physical conditions or they are strictly prohibited for people with certain medical conditions.

An asana may have many benefits but can be fatal for the person suffering from high blood pressure, migraine, a heart condition, or any such ailment. Similarly, doing the asana in the wrong way can cause a lifelong injury. So, it is always preferable to join yoga classes to avoid such injuries because of faulty practices. 

5) Why join yoga classes? – Lack of space 

Many of us don’t have a dedicated place for yoga practice. With small-sized apartments, no green place, a room stuffed with furniture and other material makes it difficult to find a little place for yoga practice. There are disturbances from other family members too. Due to lack of space, many stretches cannot be performed to their full potential. Also, there are chances of injury. At a Yoga studio, you can get a dedicated place for yoga practice. This is also a mentionable reason, especially in big cities, why people prefer joining classes instead of practicing it at home. 

yoga classes in thane  yoga teacher performing reverse table top pose

6) Why join yoga classes? – To maintain consistency 

Yoga classes ensure consistency in your yoga regime. Though yoga is self-disciplinary you teach to your mind, body, and soul, there arise situations when you skip your daily routine of practicing yoga. But when you join a class you hardly miss out on a session. So, it makes your practice consistent. Regularity in timing too can be achieved easily when you join the one.  

7) Why join yoga classes? – Modifications and props 

Certain yoga poses are difficult to achieve at the beginning stage. And it is our tendency to give up on a yoga pose when we don’t find any improvement even after trying for a long time. Many teachers from yoga classes similar to our Shwet Yoga Classes in Thane, show you the modifications for such difficult poses so your body can adapt slowly and finally achieve the perfect pose. Also, there are props available to make the task easier and achievable. When you join the yoga classes you don’t need to invest further in yoga props. 

yoga classes in thane  yoga teacher performing shirsasana

Joining a yoga class or performing it by yourself at home is completely a personal choice. But many people all over the world prefer to join yoga classes due to above mentioned common reasons. of course, there are many other reasons too. You can also join yoga classes as a beginner and then do practice by yourself afterward but a yoga expert can give you more insights about the yoga techniques, new poses, and modifications.  

If you want to make your yoga practice more fruitful then join your nearby yoga classes as soon as possible or if you are looking to join yoga classes in thane west then click here to check out our institute. 

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