6 Inspiring facts about yoga teacher training course to start your career!

What could be more inspiring than ‘living your dream’, doing the job you love most, and get paid for it! Yoga teacher training course gives you the same opportunity. The world is swearing by yoga and its benefits. So, what will be the more reliable career choice than to become a yoga teacher when yoga studios, institutes are blooming all over the world? 

A career in yoga gives you the opportunity to travel around different places, meet new people, learn new cultures, have the flexibility in working hours, be financially independent and become a yoga life coach. You can start your own yoga classes, can join a bigger organization or yoga institute as a certified yoga instructor, or can take your classes online. As a certified yoga teacher, you can participate in yoga retreats, host workshops, get invited to special events, and apply to become a yoga teacher at worldwide institutes conducting yoga teacher training course. 

yoga teacher training course in thane at Shwet yoga classes

How do you become a certified yoga instructor? 

Anyone passionate about yoga can become a yoga teacher by enrolling in an accredited certified yoga teachers’ training course. There are plenty of options available. You first decide your yoga style and then pick from available options depending on the hours of learning. Always enroll in government accredited and approved yoga courses and classes. 

How long does it take to train to be a yoga teacher? 

There are different level yoga teachers’ training courses available as per the duration of hours of teaching. Depending on your level of expertise you must select the course most suitable for you. Options like CYT-50 hours course, CYT-200 hours course, CYT-300 hours course, CYT-500 hours course can take a duration between one month to a year for successful completion. It all depends on the dedication, commitment you give, and how fast you progress in the course.  

yoga teacher training course in thane at Shwet yoga classes

Here, are the 5 inspiring facts about a career in yoga that will encourage you to enroll in a yoga teachers’ training course. 

1. Correct the facts- 

Through the Yoga teacher training program, you will learn about the art and science of yoga. You understand the deep root of yoga, where it originated, and its evolution over the period. A lot of myths & taboos surrounding its practice, misinformation available on the internet will finally be cleared. You will finally get to know the complete and well-illustrated, and factually correct information about yoga. 

2. Expand your circle- 

You will get to know the new people from different spheres during your training period or when you become a certified teacher. Different working professionals, students, homemakers, entrepreneurs with different socio-economic backgrounds, different genders & age groups come in contact with you while conducting the classes. You get to meet people from all walks of life, countries all around the world. This multicultural learning will enrich your life experience. 

yoga teacher training course in thane at Shwet yoga classes

3. No worry about work-life balance- 

Yoga itself teaches you how to balance the body, mind, and more importantly your complete life. Becoming a certified yoga teacher gives you the freedom to start your own classes either online or offline. You get to earn from the comfort of your home, schedule your classes according to your time availability. You will be in charge of your own life, in a position to decide your own destiny. 

4. Pass on the benefits- 

Everyone is already in awe of the astonishing benefits yoga provides. Becoming a yoga teacher gives you the opportunity to deepen your practice and not only gain its physical benefits but also gain the spiritual enlightenment it delivers. It also gives you the position where you can pass on these benefits to your students. You will be able to not only transform your life but will be a medium to do for others too. It helps you to become a better human being. 

5. Gain global recognition- 

yoga teacher training course in thane at Shwet yoga classes

Yoga teacher training course deepens your practice, introduces you to ancient scripts of yoga, opens the new realms of the yoga world for you. You get to learn about the alternative methods to heal your body and mind, learn about Ayurveda. All this knowledge and rigorous practice can fetch you global recognition and world popularity. You can become an influencer, start your own you-tube channel to share your knowledge about yoga and its spiritual advancements. It also gives you the opportunity to become a celebrity yoga life coach. 

6. You will fall in love with yourself more deeply- 

With deeper practice, you will learn how to love yourself. The rejuvenating properties of yoga when done with more precision with a deeper knowledge through yoga teacher training course boosts your self-esteem, overall health and gives you a very positive lookout towards life. This not only enhances your beauty, personality but intensifies your inner healing, making you love yourself more deeply. 

Everyone has different experiences and reasons when they enroll in a yoga teacher training course. But in today’s times when everybody is prioritizing their health above anything else, becoming a yoga teacher is one of the smartest choice one can make for a prosperous career! 

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