Hundreds of different styles, variations, and types of yoga have found their eminence in yoga studios and yoga classes all over the world. As a beginner, you may find one type of yoga as your best fit but as you gain the expertise the equations may change for the better. Also, the physical conditions and body types, special requirements according to your fitness goals, age & gender, duration of the session also play an important role in determining the best suitable type of yoga for you. 

There are plenty of different choices available out there to choose from. First, you must understand your body requirement, an expert yoga teacher can help you with this. After that, you should do research on available different styles and types of yoga. Understand the variations, features of each type of yoga, their pace, intensity, spiritual inclination, then only determine which one resonates most with your requirements, and ailments. This will help you to better understand the differences and helps you to make a perfect choice. 

type of yoga at shwet yoga classes in thane west

Here are some pro tips to find the right type of yoga by examining their key features, benefits, and intensities. Take these points into consideration and be honest with yourself about your fitness level and requirements, and choose the right style for yourself. 

Type of yoga: Hatha Yoga 

type of yoga - hatha yoga at shwet yoga classes in thane west

Hatha yoga is a combination of body postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation (dhyana). It is the type of yoga from which all the modern styles of yoga are derived. Its goal is to invigorate both body and mind. It focuses on physical and mental well-being, bringing about a healthy body and a peaceful, calm mind. 

For whom? 

It is a slow-paced practice, where one needs to hold the posture for few seconds. It primarily focuses on the internal organs and spine. The stillness of the body is given more importance than the movement, so the body goes through less wear and tear. Also, there is less requirement for oxygen compared to other types due to its slow pace. This is best suited for beginners. This one also recommended for elderly people, people recovering from extensive injury, and people with severe knee issues. 

Type of yoga: Vinyasa Yoga 

type of yoga - vinyasa yoga at shwet yoga classes in thane west

Vinyasa is generally referred to as the “flow”, from one form to another. It is a modern type of yoga with an asana movement like a fluid, doing them one after the other combined with controlled breathing. Vinyasa yoga is often non-repetitive, with each class having different sequences each day. T Krishnamacharya has the largest influence on how the vinyasa style of yoga is performed today. There are many ways to vinyasa from rapid to slow. 

For whom? 

Vinyasa often provides the intensive workout helpful in a good cardio workout. There is a variation in sequences each day breaking the monotonous session and there are new asanas and flow sequences each day. As this requires intense focus due to its variety and intensity, it can be described as moving meditation. If you are looking for improved endurance and body strength, more flexibility, and detoxification then this type is for you. 

Type of yoga: Iyengar Yoga 

type of yoga - Iyengar yoga at shwet yoga classes in thane west

It is considered as a type of Hath yoga focusing on alignment as well as the union of mind, body, and soul. It is the purest form of yoga combined with pranayama where precision is given to the body alignment. Iyengar yoga is the world’s most well-known and most practiced style of yoga. Iyengar yoga teachers and instructors are well experienced in helping the students to reach the students to their own level in each posture. Yoga props are always useful here to attain the final posture in asana.  

For whom? 

Though it is far slower-paced than the other forms and styles of yoga you need to work hard. It is designed to be suitable for all ages and abilities. Props are encouraged to avoid injuries. It gives a good stretch to the whole body and tones up the muscles. It corrects body posture, improves blood circulation & digestion, increases concentration. Variations, moderate pace, effective in treating chronic pain make it one of the favorites among all. 

Type of yoga: Ashtanga Yoga 

type of asthanga - hatha yoga at shwet yoga classes in thane west

“Ashtanga” in Sanskrit literally means the eight limbs- mentioned by Patanjali sutras as Yam, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi. It is an intensive athletic practice. Ashtanga style is known for quick transitions and challenging poses. The students need to transition from one pose to another at a quicker pace and holding time is also less than the Hath practice. 

For whom? 

It’s dynamic, physically demanding practice collaborated with breathing techniques produces an internal heat, that purifies the body. It is great for toning your body and especially strengthening the core build. It also improves cardiovascular health, lowers blood pressure, and reduces anxiety & stress. One who wants to practice meditation and spiritualism must consider the ashtanga type of yoga for daily practice. 

Type of yoga: Power Yoga 

type of yoga - power yoga at shwet yoga classes in thane west

Power yoga is a form of vigorous, fitness-based approach towards vinyasa yoga. It is generally closely modeled on the ashtanga style of yoga. It involves the athletic approach of ashtanga yoga, including a series of yoga sequences performed alike in vinyasa yoga, but giving the flexibility to teachers to consider their own approach about the order of sequence, making each class unique.  

For whom? 

If you choose the power yoga style then be ready to work hard and to work up a sweat. People who want to lose that extra fat can burn a lot of calories with this type of yoga. It tones your muscles & body, boosts your metabolisms, and detoxifies it. It is beneficial in retaining the hormonal balance. Oxygen is pumped throughout the body during its practice. 

Type of yoga: Restorative Yoga 

type of yoga restorative yoga at shwet yoga classes in thane west

Restorative yoga is all about the internal healing of the body and mind with simple yoga poses. It is less about sweating and more about relaxing. The poses are often held as long as 20 minutes, with the help of props like blocks, straps, pillows, and bolsters. 

For whom? 

It is helpful for those recovering from illness or injury, some sort of emotional trauma, or mental agony. It nicely complements the active yoga practices. It encourages meditative practices and promotes a healthier lifestyle. It relaxes the nervous system and highly beneficial for those who suffer from insomnia. 

The above-mentioned type of yoga can be practiced individually or you can combine the different yoga styles as per your requirements for daily practice or an alternate day practice. Hope these pro tips from our yoga experts will clear all your doubts and make it easier for you to choose the perfect type of yoga for you. 

No matter what is your level of expertise in yoga, whether a novice or regular practitioner, when looking for a yoga class, you need to find the one that both suits your experience level and helps you achieve your desired physical & spiritual progression. Right from choosing the most suitable yoga style among the others to finding a perfect yoga teacher who guides you to achieve your yogic goals with minimal & explicit instructions is very important. 

Here are some tips on how to choose the right yoga class that fits your fitness goal, personality, fulfills your beginner requirements, etiquettes, and many more. 

yoga practice at Shwet Yoga class thane west

Tip 1 – First choose the style then yoga class accordingly 

There are several yoga styles that evolved over the years. Each style has its unique features, contributing its own range of benefits to its ardent practitioners. So, one must first research about the different styles, which one attracts you, what are your physical needs and goals, and accordingly then choose one style to begin your yoga journey. After you finalize the style, you can decide which yoga class is best for you. If you are confused about the styles or find it difficult to understand, then you can discuss it with the yoga experts from the yoga class or studio.  

Tip 2 – Decide your goal – what to achieve through yoga? 

While exploring the different styles of yoga, you must have a clear idea about what physical or spiritual goals you want to achieve with the help of yoga. Whether you are focused on alignment or posture, want to burn calories, want to advance your practice after mastering the basics, deepen your spirituality or test your limits, all these questions must be clear in your mind. 

yoga practice at Shwet Yoga class thane west

Tip 3 – Distance matters 

After you have decided on your goal and suitable yoga style, you must explore the available options of yoga classes in your area. Remember, there are thousands of yoga classes out there. But it is always advisable to choose the best option which is nearby. Choosing a yoga class far away from your place will prove to be hectic. For example, if you reside in Thane West (India), it is better to choose the best yoga class in Thane west rather than enquiring about any class or studio to the east thane, several kilometers away. When you reach for a yoga session you must be energetic and fresh, not tired by traveling a lot. 

Tip 4 – Check online reviews 

Once you have shortlisted some good yoga classes always search for their online presence and check out the reviews submitted by their students and happy customers. Google reviews can easily be accessed and are genuine. You can also get a good idea about their reputation, achievements, awards through their website, social media pages, and articles. This will fetch you more insightful information and help you choose the best option. 

yoga practice at Shwet Yoga class thane west

Tip 5 – Visit the yoga class or studio 

Always visit the entire studio before taking admission to any yoga class. You can also check out the photos online or can personally visit them. One must check if it is clean, hygienic, equipped with props or not. Walk around the studio to check if it is ideal for yoga and meditative practices or not. Ideally, it should be spacious, quiet, and peaceful, less noisy to minimize the distractions and make it easy to focus. One must feel welcomed, comfortable, and energized after entering it. 

Tip 6 – Speak with the instructor 

A good yoga class makes sure that their staff is well skilled and qualified with the knowledge about yoga and its techniques. You must speak with the instructors about your requirements. You should also enquire about their expertise, certifications, years of experience and accolades received. Clear your doubts before joining the class. Understand the class structure, schedule, and various programs they offer along with their perks.  

yoga practice at Shwet Yoga class thane west

Tip 7 – Talk with the existing students 

It is quite similar to checking online reviews. But discussing the pros and cons with existing students from a yoga class in one-on-one conversation will clear all the doubts left in your mind. Talking with them, discussing their concerns, listening to their yoga journey not only encourage you to join the class but also give you a brand-new perception of why yoga is the ultimate way to the betterment of your life. 

Tip 8 – Evaluate the affordability 

Yoga classes offer different fee structures and programs. Always select a yoga class providing the most cost-effective and affordable solution to your fitness requirement, but quality too matters. It is always better to go for a slightly higher budget if other points like environment, expertise, qualification, and value have an edge over the other options offering the services at a cheap rate. Never go for a yoga class with an unqualified, knowledge-lacking staff just because it is offering the cheaper deal. 

yoga practice at Shwet Yoga class thane west

Tip 9 – Check for registration and certifications 

Wrong yoga postures and poor techniques risk both your physical and mental health conditions. To avoid the lifetime or chronic injury it is always good to search for a genuine, registered yoga class or center. Never go for an ordinary yoga teacher. Always prefer an expert yoga instructor possessing government and international yoga school accredited certificates such as RYS (Registered Yoga School), RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher), etc. 

Keep all these tips in your mind while searching for a good yoga class in your locality to make your yoga experience hassle-free and blissful.  

Yoga has a solution for most of our common problems. But can this age-old practice involving numerous yoga poses, mudras, and kriyas has the potential to help get rid of that extra facial fat? 

Belly fat, saggy arms especially after losing weight, love handles, and double chin are the most common concerns about which people become overly cautious. They are the most noticeable personality traits one finds difficult to hide. Especially the facial fat, double chin to be precise, can’t be hidden under the baggy clothes or any such excuse. Some makeup techniques can help to a certain extent or few people even consider surgery to get rid of it. 

Yoga poses to get rid of double chin- yoga classes in thane

A sculpted face, perfect jawline enhances a person’s overall facial appearance, generating good self-esteem due to a presentable personality. Excess weight is one of the culprits causing a double chin. Furthermore, aging causes collagen loss that leads to saggy skin, losing its elasticity. Don’t worry! We are introducing you to the most natural way in form of these top 10 yoga poses to get that enviable perfectly sculpted jawline and cheekbones. 

Can yoga reduce double chin? 

Of course! Practicing facial yoga poses regularly can help you get rid of that embarrassing double chin. And this process doesn’t take much of your time. A daily practice of 15-20 minutes can also do the needful effectively. So why opt for time and money consuming makeup tutorials, or risky surgical processes? Just start practicing facial yoga and enjoy the amazing results. Shiny, glowing, clear skin is an extra add on! 

Here is the list of top ten yoga poses to say goodbye to the double chin and extra facial fat- 

Yoga pose 1 – Simhasana / Lion pose 

Yoga poses to get rid of double chin- yoga classes in thane
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Simhasana, also known as the lion pose, is yoga asana from hatha yoga and modern yoga. This gives good exercise to the facial and neck muscles, keeping the skin tight. It is one of the rare asanas where you need to make the sound. The roar releases the tension in the body which stimulates and energizes the throat muscles. This reduces the emotional stress and lets go of frustration, thus boosts the confidence of the introverted, shy person. It is good to retain the health of the ear, nose, throat, and eyes. 

Yoga pose 2 – Bhujangasana / Cobra pose 

Yoga poses to get rid of double chin- yoga classes in thane

This yoga pose opens and stretches the throat region completely. Stretch your neck as far back as possible and hold for at least 30-60 seconds to get rid of that extra fat at the jawline. Regular practice of this pose tones the neck muscles thus reducing the double chin. With the practice of this yoga pose, you can also get rid of the belly fat and saggy arm fat. 

Yoga pose 3 –  Ustrasana / Camel pose 

Yoga poses to get rid of double chin- yoga classes in thane

Be it belly fat, love handle, or double chin ustrasana is one of the best yoga poses to reduce all this unwanted extra fat effectively. This back-bending pose gives a good stretch to the entire neck and lower-facial muscles, which helps to carve a chiseled jawline. It releases the tension from the spine and stimulates the nervous system, thus giving a radiant glow to the skin. 

Yoga pose 4 – Neck roll 

Yoga poses to get rid of double chin- yoga classes in thane

A complete 360-degree neck roll loosens the muscles from the neck, throat, shoulders, and upper back. This increases the elasticity of the skin around the throat region. It is effective in reducing the fat accumulated in the neck region and toning the neck muscles. Make sure to keep the spine straight and not to move the shoulders while slowly rotating your head in a circular motion, during its practice. 

Yoga pose 5 – Matsyasana / Fish pose 

Yoga poses to get rid of double chin- yoga classes in thane

Matsyasana can be an effective yoga pose for reducing double chin. It gives required reverse stretch to the neck to reduce the stiffness caused by continuous heading forward while working on the computer for long hours. It increases the efficiency of abdominal organs especially boosting the metabolic rate. Thus, it causes overall body fat reduction. 

Yoga pose 6 – Fish face 

Yoga poses to get rid of double chin- yoga classes in thane

Different from the fish pose this one is the facial exercise. It is easy to do exercise. In this exercise, you need to suck your cheeks and lips until your mouth resembles that of a fish. Suck as much as possible until there is no air left in the mouth. After this, move your head to the right, left, up, and down. Repeat 4-5 times a day for best results. This can be done at any time of the day. 

Yoga pose 7 – Wide smile 

Yoga poses to get rid of double chin- yoga classes in thane

A dazzling wide smile is the most pleasant sight to look at. Smiling widely is one of the best ways to get rid of the double chin. Sit at one place with a straight spine. Smile as wide as possible, strain your cheek muscles, and hold the pose for 10-15 seconds. Now, pout and hold the pose for 10 seconds. Repeat 5-10 times a day. Remember to relax your skin after each position. 

Yoga Pose 8 – Parshottanasan / Pyramid pose

This intense side stretch benefits your core, corrects balance, posture, and improves digestion. It is beneficial for overall fat reduction. It improves the blood circulation throughout the entire body. This asana can reduce fat from your jawline as well as tone up your overall body.

Yoga Pose 9 – Ashtanga namaskara / Eight limbed pose

This is one of the prominent yoga poses from Surya Namaskara sequences. It is called an eight-limbed pose as eight parts of the body including chest, knees, and chin are used to perform this pose. Surya Namaskara is considered a fat-burning exercise that is known to assist you in rapid weight loss. Ashtanga namaskara mainly focuses on double chin, back & belly fat reduction.

Yoga Pose 10 – Hastapadasana / Forward bend

This yoga pose is another sequence from ashtanga Surya Namaskara. Popularly known as the standing forward bend, it stretches all the muscles in your back and legs, further improving the blood circulation in the whole body. It releases stress from the neck area and increases its flexibility. This yoga pose stretches your body, warms muscles & joints, and gives you a youthful appearance.

Along with these yoga poses pranayama and meditation also helps a lot with reducing the facial fat and getting a healthy glow. Do simple facial messages regularly with your bare fingers, practice these yoga poses, eat healthy, and stay hydrated to look radiating always. If you want to get more information on facial yoga, feel free to contact us here.  

What could be more inspiring than ‘living your dream’, doing the job you love most, and get paid for it! Yoga teacher training course gives you the same opportunity. The world is swearing by yoga and its benefits. So, what will be the more reliable career choice than to become a yoga teacher when yoga studios, institutes are blooming all over the world? 

A career in yoga gives you the opportunity to travel around different places, meet new people, learn new cultures, have the flexibility in working hours, be financially independent and become a yoga life coach. You can start your own yoga classes, can join a bigger organization or yoga institute as a certified yoga instructor, or can take your classes online. As a certified yoga teacher, you can participate in yoga retreats, host workshops, get invited to special events, and apply to become a yoga teacher at worldwide institutes conducting yoga teacher training course. 

yoga teacher training course in thane at Shwet yoga classes

How do you become a certified yoga instructor? 

Anyone passionate about yoga can become a yoga teacher by enrolling in an accredited certified yoga teachers’ training course. There are plenty of options available. You first decide your yoga style and then pick from available options depending on the hours of learning. Always enroll in government accredited and approved yoga courses and classes. 

How long does it take to train to be a yoga teacher? 

There are different level yoga teachers’ training courses available as per the duration of hours of teaching. Depending on your level of expertise you must select the course most suitable for you. Options like CYT-50 hours course, CYT-200 hours course, CYT-300 hours course, CYT-500 hours course can take a duration between one month to a year for successful completion. It all depends on the dedication, commitment you give, and how fast you progress in the course.  

yoga teacher training course in thane at Shwet yoga classes

Here, are the 5 inspiring facts about a career in yoga that will encourage you to enroll in a yoga teachers’ training course. 

1. Correct the facts- 

Through the Yoga teacher training program, you will learn about the art and science of yoga. You understand the deep root of yoga, where it originated, and its evolution over the period. A lot of myths & taboos surrounding its practice, misinformation available on the internet will finally be cleared. You will finally get to know the complete and well-illustrated, and factually correct information about yoga. 

2. Expand your circle- 

You will get to know the new people from different spheres during your training period or when you become a certified teacher. Different working professionals, students, homemakers, entrepreneurs with different socio-economic backgrounds, different genders & age groups come in contact with you while conducting the classes. You get to meet people from all walks of life, countries all around the world. This multicultural learning will enrich your life experience. 

yoga teacher training course in thane at Shwet yoga classes

3. No worry about work-life balance- 

Yoga itself teaches you how to balance the body, mind, and more importantly your complete life. Becoming a certified yoga teacher gives you the freedom to start your own classes either online or offline. You get to earn from the comfort of your home, schedule your classes according to your time availability. You will be in charge of your own life, in a position to decide your own destiny. 

4. Pass on the benefits- 

Everyone is already in awe of the astonishing benefits yoga provides. Becoming a yoga teacher gives you the opportunity to deepen your practice and not only gain its physical benefits but also gain the spiritual enlightenment it delivers. It also gives you the position where you can pass on these benefits to your students. You will be able to not only transform your life but will be a medium to do for others too. It helps you to become a better human being. 

5. Gain global recognition- 

yoga teacher training course in thane at Shwet yoga classes

Yoga teacher training course deepens your practice, introduces you to ancient scripts of yoga, opens the new realms of the yoga world for you. You get to learn about the alternative methods to heal your body and mind, learn about Ayurveda. All this knowledge and rigorous practice can fetch you global recognition and world popularity. You can become an influencer, start your own you-tube channel to share your knowledge about yoga and its spiritual advancements. It also gives you the opportunity to become a celebrity yoga life coach. 

6. You will fall in love with yourself more deeply- 

With deeper practice, you will learn how to love yourself. The rejuvenating properties of yoga when done with more precision with a deeper knowledge through yoga teacher training course boosts your self-esteem, overall health and gives you a very positive lookout towards life. This not only enhances your beauty, personality but intensifies your inner healing, making you love yourself more deeply. 

Everyone has different experiences and reasons when they enroll in a yoga teacher training course. But in today’s times when everybody is prioritizing their health above anything else, becoming a yoga teacher is one of the smartest choice one can make for a prosperous career! 

Have you ever wondered why people join yoga classes when they can practice it at home also?  

Yes, yoga can be practiced at home by yourself at your convenience. That is the beauty of yoga. Unlike the other exercise modes, it doesn’t require any fancy setup, costly equipment, or a lot of space to perform it. You can definitely perform it at home or your garden space full of fresh air provided you are thoroughly aware of the functionalities and breathing techniques that need to be followed during its practice.  

yoga classes in thane

But then why still people consider joining yoga classes a more convenient option rather than doing it by themselves? According to our students and yoga experts from Shwet Yoga Classes in Thane, there are many different reasons for this preference. Few of them were personal, but most were quite generic. Here, we have given the most common reasons resonating with many yoga practitioners about why people join yoga classes. 

1) Why join yoga classes? – Higher expertise 

You can perform yoga asanas at home with the knowledge you gain through books, YouTube video tutorials, newspaper articles, or reading it on the internet. But it is not always possible that you understand fully what the author is trying to convey. There are chances that you may perceive the information in the wrong way. Also, there have been incidences that the person pretends to be a yoga expert but the reality is different. 

Video tutorials are quite helpful but when you have any doubt you have no one to ask or discuss it with. That is the reason many people prefer to join classes to be fully assured that what they are doing is correct. They can seek help from the yoga teacher when in any kind of doubt.  

yoga classes in thane  a lady performing ashtanga namaskar

2) Why join yoga classes? – To learn proper breathing techniques 

Performing yoga requires you to follow the correct breathing sequences. There are rules about when to breath in when to breath out, and when & for how long to hold the breath. Not following these rules may result in the fruitless practice of yoga sequences. This may delay in getting the desired results or may even do more harm than the benefits.  

Expert yoga teachers from yoga classes can only tell you how to perform yoga asanas with the right breathing sequences. This is one of the most common and important reasons for joining the yoga classes as per our students (at Shwet Yoga Classes in Thane). 

3) Why join yoga classes? – Perfect alignment 

Regular yoga practice corrects the body posture. Many stretches, bends, and twists in different yoga sequences require you to be in a definite alignment. These alignments are essential to get all the benefits provided by that particular pose. Many times, while performing the asana you don’t realize that the alignment is disturbed. But when you perform the same under the observance of a yoga teacher, they always correct your posture and remind you about the proper alignment. 

yoga classes in thane  yoga teacher performing veerbhadrasana

4) Why join yoga classes? – To avoid injury 

There are chances of injuries while performing the inverted poses, body twisting asanas, and not following the correct sequence. Some asanas are not recommended during some physical conditions or they are strictly prohibited for people with certain medical conditions.

An asana may have many benefits but can be fatal for the person suffering from high blood pressure, migraine, a heart condition, or any such ailment. Similarly, doing the asana in the wrong way can cause a lifelong injury. So, it is always preferable to join yoga classes to avoid such injuries because of faulty practices. 

5) Why join yoga classes? – Lack of space 

Many of us don’t have a dedicated place for yoga practice. With small-sized apartments, no green place, a room stuffed with furniture and other material makes it difficult to find a little place for yoga practice. There are disturbances from other family members too. Due to lack of space, many stretches cannot be performed to their full potential. Also, there are chances of injury. At a Yoga studio, you can get a dedicated place for yoga practice. This is also a mentionable reason, especially in big cities, why people prefer joining classes instead of practicing it at home. 

yoga classes in thane  yoga teacher performing reverse table top pose

6) Why join yoga classes? – To maintain consistency 

Yoga classes ensure consistency in your yoga regime. Though yoga is self-disciplinary you teach to your mind, body, and soul, there arise situations when you skip your daily routine of practicing yoga. But when you join a class you hardly miss out on a session. So, it makes your practice consistent. Regularity in timing too can be achieved easily when you join the one.  

7) Why join yoga classes? – Modifications and props 

Certain yoga poses are difficult to achieve at the beginning stage. And it is our tendency to give up on a yoga pose when we don’t find any improvement even after trying for a long time. Many teachers from yoga classes similar to our Shwet Yoga Classes in Thane, show you the modifications for such difficult poses so your body can adapt slowly and finally achieve the perfect pose. Also, there are props available to make the task easier and achievable. When you join the yoga classes you don’t need to invest further in yoga props. 

yoga classes in thane  yoga teacher performing shirsasana

Joining a yoga class or performing it by yourself at home is completely a personal choice. But many people all over the world prefer to join yoga classes due to above mentioned common reasons. of course, there are many other reasons too. You can also join yoga classes as a beginner and then do practice by yourself afterward but a yoga expert can give you more insights about the yoga techniques, new poses, and modifications.  

If you want to make your yoga practice more fruitful then join your nearby yoga classes as soon as possible or if you are looking to join yoga classes in thane west then click here to check out our institute. 

Yoga asanas incorporate breathing techniques, physical exercises, and meditation to encourage relaxation and reduce stress. Regular practice of yoga comes with many physical and psychological benefits. With today’s competitive lifestyle starting since the school days people especially students tend to neglect their physical and mental wellbeing accumulating stress and fatigue. There is no debate about the fact that yoga asanas are highly beneficial for students.  

Family & peer pressure, exam stress, long working hours, the burden of school projects & assignments, unpredictable dietary patterns, and a variety of such reasons lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. A number of diseases and health complications related to these bad lifestyle patterns have become common among students nowadays. Stress, lack of sleep or insomnia, nervousness, depression, stomach related issues, headaches leading to an unpleasant way of life. All these problems not only adversely affect their physical health & growth but also is a reason behind their poor academic performance. This again induces more stress and the vicious cycle continues.

yoga asanas for students

It is always recommended to perform yoga asanas on regular basis by everybody irrespective of their age. With daily practice, you reap its rich benefits like adaptivity, greater alertness level, better understanding, increased awareness, channelized energy, greater vitality, constant motivation, and many more. Learning yoga asanas at an early age provides enormous advantages for the progress and prosperity of the students. 

Students must perform yoga on regular basis at home or they can enroll in a good yoga class along with their other academic, sports, or hobby classes. Let’s discuss the basic yoga asanas that a student must follow on daily basis to become a happy, successful, and well-balanced grown adult. 

Yoga asana for students 1 – Sarvangasana 

Students are constantly under pressure, requiring them to deal with depression and anxiety. Yoga asana like Sarvangasana is the best way to help them face this family pressure, study pressure, and any other such distress. It keeps the stress away and makes the mind fresh and active. 

This inverted pose with keeping the upper body resting on the surface is fondly called “the queen of asanas” due to its uncountable benefits. It relieves the blockage of energy from the neck region, removing the stress from the neck & shoulders. As the chin is pressed against the throat it stimulates the thyroid gland, assuring the healthy functioning of the vital body organs.  

yoga asanas for students

Yoga asanas for students 2 – Halasana 

This pose is usually performed immediately after the Sarvangasana pose. It helps to build strength in the body. Physical strength is very important for the students to do the daily activities effectively. Students are overloaded with many tasks requiring them to perform Halasana on daily basis to build muscles and generate power. It relieves fatigue and gives good stretching to the whole body. It stimulates the nervous system especially the spine area. It ensures the proper functioning of the thyroid and parathyroid glands. 

yoga asanas for students

Yoga asanas for students 3 – Matsyasana 

Keeping stress, nervousness, and negativity at a bay, Matsyasana acupunctures your points that stimulate the grey matter. Thus it is highly beneficial to increase concentration and memory power. It helps to synchronize your left brain with the right one. This establishes the equilibrium in the brain energy, enhancing the thinking capacity and increasing mental strength. It eliminates stiffness from the cervical area, promotes lung functioning, and increased ease in breathing. 

yoga asanas for students

Yoga asanas for students 4 – Tadasana 

Also known as the mountain pose, this is the basic standing yoga asana. Easy to perform, this pose teaches the technique of standing correctly. It is strongly suggested to the young children, especially in their growing age, who want to increase their height. It corrects body alignment and improves posture.  

Students spend most of their time seating during the long school and coaching hours. This puts pressure on their back and makes them slouch, also lessening their breathing capacity. A tip to toe stretch with Tadasana revitalize the body and fills it with oxygen and energy. 

yoga asanas for students

Yoga asanas for students 5 – Natarajasana 

One of the most graceful yoga asana poses, this is also known as the lord of dance pose. It strengthens the legs and improves the whole-body balance. It stretches out the shoulders, hamstrings, and opens up the hips. As one needs to balance and stretch at the same time it requires focus and concentration. With regular practice, it has been effective to help students concentrate longer on their studies. It sharpens the focus and increases the concentration power, also simultaneously enhances the multitasking ability of its practitioners.

yoga asanas for students

Yoga asanas for students 6 – Bhramari pranayama 

This bee breath pranayama helps to relax and vitalize the brain waves resulting in a positive approach and increased confidence. Its regular practice enables students to master them in keeping calm during times of extreme tension and enhances their performance during crucial moments. It relaxes the conscious mind. It gives you access to communicate with your subconscious mind and enhance its capacity. It gives a relaxation like sound sleeping but with awareness. 

yoga asanas for students

Yoga asanas for students 7 – Shavasana 

It creates a balance between your mind and other vital organs. It relaxes the mind and when the mind is relaxed its productivity increases. Shavasana gives a good rest to the whole body after a long day of a hectic schedule. So, it is important for the students to take some time from your schedule and perform this yoga asana for 10 minutes to re-energize themselves.

yoga asanas for students

Yoga is a boon for student life. It helps them to induce the required growth hormones for overall physical development, relax their body and mind, increase their focus, retaining capacity, helps them to study for longer hours, and build strength & stamina at an early age. You should consult a good yoga expert to get all the benefits of yoga to prosper in your student life. 

Western studies and science are starting to provide concrete theories about the incredible health benefits of yoga. An ardent yoga practitioner notices the difference just after few yoga sessions like getting better sleep, increased breath holding capacity, getting fewer colds, and feeling of calmness and relaxation. Once you understand how it works to improve health, heal chronic ailments, keep sickness at bay, and relives pain, you will certainly feel more motivated to step on the mat. 

benefits of yoga

The purpose of the yoga is to build strength, harmony and awareness both in the mind and body. Here are the 10 undeniable health benefits of yoga that are supported by science. 

1. Benefits of yoga – Builds muscle strength 

Strong muscles have many other benefits apart from just making you stronger. They prevent arthritis, relieve aches, helps elderly people in maintaining body balance. With yoga, you not only build muscle strength but also improve the flexibility of muscles. It also increases the speed of healing of internal damage or injury if any. The gradual practice of yoga eventually loosens the stiffness in the body with toe-touching, forward, and backward bending poses. And seemingly impossible poses become easily accessible with regular practice over a period of time. 

2. Benefits of yoga – Protects cartilage and tissues 

The bends and twists during the practice of yoga give them a full range of motion. This prevents the cartilages from shrinking. The cartilages and tissues present at joints work as cushions to the bones and muscles preventing the pain during movement. Without proper care and lack of exercise can cause the wear and tear of cartilage, eventually exposing the bones to friction. One of the benefits of yoga includes the generation of fresh fluids and proper soaking of nutrients by this section to prevent future joint breakdown. 

benefits of yoga

3. Benefits of yoga – Increases blood circulation  

Yoga gets your blood flowing and this provides the entire body the required oxygen. As all organs get a fresh supply of oxygen they function better. Inverted poses like handstand, headstand, and shoulder stand pumps out the venomous blood from the legs and pelvis back to the heart for purification, and then the freshly pumped oxygenated blood is circulated back to it. It also boosts the hemoglobin level which carries oxygen to the tissues. 

4. Benefits of yoga – Maintains heart health 

The heart rate during the yoga session is slightly increased due to the aerobic exercise pattern it provides. You can lower the risk of heart attack, stroke, and can cure depression. Ashtanga Yoga is a vigorous form of yoga that boosts your heart rate. Along with yoga, meditation, and pranayama, also improve the cardiovascular health of a person. One of the best benefits of yoga is that it is highly beneficial in maintaining the optimum range of blood pressure. 

benefits of yoga

5. Benefits of yoga – Perfects the posture 

Regular practice of yoga strengthens spine health. It makes the spinal cord flexible, erect, and less prone to neck and back injury. A good spine is a pillar for a good posture. Poor posture can cause back and neck pain, stress, low self-esteem, muscle, and joint problems. Practice plenty of back bending, forward bending, and twisting yoga poses to keep your spine in a good condition. 

6. Benefits of yoga – Regulates the gland functioning 

Hormones are secreted with the help of glands present in the human body at various positions. Yoga stimulates these glands with various postures and asanas. As the hormones are secreted in the optimum amount, the health is prospered. Functioning of various glands like the thyroid, pituitary, adrenal is necessary for a healthy and long life. 

benefits of yoga

7. Benefits of yoga – keeps you happy 

Yoga is known to relieve stress, tension, and anxiety. It has propertied to help you cure the symptoms of depression. As mentioned earlier oxygen levels in the body are boosted with the regular practice of yoga. The healthier and more relaxed you feel, the happier you become. Yoga also acts as a mood enhancer. You become more optimistic and more social. It encourages you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  

8. Benefits of yoga – Improves focus 

Yogic and meditative kriyas make the wandering mind more stable, thus increasing concentration and maintaining the focus. It makes you realize the importance of focusing on the present moment rather than worrying about the future. It improves coordination, IQ score, reflexes and reaction time, memory, etc. It enhances the problem-solving ability of a person as you are less distracted by unnecessary thoughts.  

benefits of yoga

9. Benefits of yoga – better sleep 

Yoga gives you a break from the hustle and bustle of life. It relaxes the mind and maintains a healthy nervous system. The calmness and peace of mind you attain due to various yoga asanas and meditative kriyas help you get a sound sleep during night hours. In other words, it keeps the mental hustles, regrets, anger, frustrations at bay which may hurdle your good night’s sleep. 

10. Benefits of yoga – Improved immunity 

Yoga not only maintains the proper functioning of internal organs but also aids indigestion. A good metabolism keeps you energetic and fresh, this induces good sleep, eventually giving your body time to heal internally. Ultimately the immune system is rejuvenated. With regular practice of yoga, one sees the transformation in respiratory, nervous, endocrine, immunity system. 

Children tend to be the biggest mess makers. No matter how much you beg, plead, or threaten them to be disciplined the tender age they are in doesn’t allow them to do so. Do you find your kids or teens always doing the stuff you strictly deny them to do? Do you always worry why they are the most disobedient among most of them? Do you wonder what is the best way to discipline them without shouting at them? The best answer is not to discipline their behavior afterward but to develop a character of self-discipline before-hand. And the best solution to do so is- Kids Yoga. 

Kids Yoga - A lady performing yoga and kid is playing at Shwetyoga Classes & Courses in Thane

The development of mental strength through Kids Yoga creates a foundation for living a calm, balanced, peace-loving, happy and blissful, satisfying life. It is never too early for your child to enroll in the Kids Yoga Classes to imbibe these values in their life as early as possible. And this gift lasts for a lifetime. Below are the points mentioned to help you understand how Kids Yoga is a fun way to discipline your children. 

Kids yoga develops self-discipline –  

You may be surprised to know that yoga is so much more than just physical exercise, meditation, fun with friends. By regularly attending the Kids Yoga Classes at a particular time your child develops discipline, learns time management, honesty, self-control. Yoga is simply a list of do’s and don’ts. And by thinking of these niyamas and yamas from yoga philosophy, a child will easily adapt to the basic values of society.  

Kids yoga at shwet yoga classes thane. Yoga instructor lovingly teaching kid the yoga asana

Kids Yoga imbibes ethics and Morales –  

Yoga philosophy teaches children the ethics to respect themselves and everyone around them, similarly an appreciation for the world they live in. Your child with his other fellow little yogi friends may not realize it, but cleaning, rolling the yoga mat after use, and putting it away imbibes the niyamas or observance in their life. It teaches them to take care and have a value of their belongings. This prompts them to keep surrounding neat and clean and do their work on their own. They become more obedient. 

Kids yoga make children consistent –  

As mentioned earlier, Regular practice and daily routine of kids yoga classes make children more consistent. It shows a mood and attitude change. Practicing a pose on daily basis to improve it to perfection, performing breathing exercises before every session, or meditating for a few minutes before sleep or after waking up makes them calmer, happier and peaceful. It is the consistent practice of yoga that gives them the power to set new habits, find new potential, and redirects their emotions. 

Kids yoga at shwet yoga classes thane. Yoga instructor lovingly teaching kid the yoga asana

Kids yoga encourages and motivates 

Only consistent practice is not enough, you must also need to push the limit for better performing an asana. You must keep challenging yourself to attain the perfect posture. This behavior children attend during yoga practice motivates them to face any challenge in life without giving up. It has a lasting effect on their mind making them truly believe that practice makes a man perfect. It develops an ‘ I can do ‘ attitude in them. 

Kids yoga calms them 

As yoga is known to build strength, discipline, mind and body control surely it will inculcate discipline in children. Yoga helps in calming the mind and body. This means one can learn from starting how to control negativity. When these kinds of things are taught from the starting, kids tend to grow as more happy and disciplined kids. Many studies have proven this point. 

Kids yoga at shwet yoga classes thane. Yoga instructor lovingly teaching kid the yoga asana

Kids yoga generates awareness about their body 

Yoga makes children aware of their body and its functioning. This makes them slowly start appreciating their physical bodies. As they regularly start practicing the pranayama techniques, they become aware of themselves. This same technique works for adults in a similar way. You get self-disciplined once you are aware of your system. However, you should consult a good yoga teacher for your children. 

Kids yoga improves social behavior 

Yoga helps to maintain or build a healthy social relationship. During the yoga classes kids perform asanas together, they tend to mingle with each other, impacting their social behavior positively. They cultivate the habit of showing a positive approach toward others. After a day of school, it may be a good time to relax a little and relax the tension to spend a good evening with family! The benefits of meditation and yoga in children are numerous and recognized, but above all, a family practice will allow you to share an accomplice activity and further develop the bond of attachment that unites you. 

Kids Yoga - A kid performing yoga at Shwet Yoga Classes & Courses In Thane

You can start yoga with your child from the age of 3 by concentrating on fun exercises: imitating animals, becoming aware of breathing with the help of a feather or a balloon. From 6/7 years, you can start to specify the postures even if the imagination can remain an important part of your sessions.  

As of today’s time, kids really need to adopt yoga from an early age, it will be really beneficial for them as they grow older. 

Full body yoga workout is a deep stretch practice for the legs, back, and hips. This invites you on the mat to go deeper. Daily practice of 20 min yoga poses is great for the lower back and the hips! Lean in, take a deep breath, stretch it out, connect within, and explore the undiscovered areas in your body. This will be a good morning practice to start your day with. Or you can practice it after a long day to relax your body and mind. Try it and experience the changes and unfolds it brings into your life.  

yoga pose at shwet yoga classes in thane

If you are wanting to increase the flexibility of your body, wanting to stabilize the joints then these deep stretching yoga poses will really be an awesome choice for you. It helps you to reconnect with your breath, focus on body alignment, and balance out whatever it is you got going on in your life. So, what are you waiting for? Just hop in something comfy clothing and get started with these deep stretching yoga poses to give your full body a good workout. 

9 Deep stretch yoga poses with benefits 

Yoga Pose 1 – Adho Mukh Svanasana 

yoga pose at shwet yoga classes in thane

This is a deep rejuvenating yoga pose stretching shoulders, feet, calves, arms, and hamstrings. Also known as the downward-facing dog pose, it elongates the spine and strengthens the arms & legs. It aids in digestion and helps to loosen the tight muscles especially in the leg and back area. Adho mukh svanasana opens the chest and gives a good stretch to the shoulders. 

Yoga Pose 2 – Mastyasana 

yoga pose at shwet yoga classes in thane

This asana gives a decent stretch to the muscles of the throat which makes it one of the useful activities to dispose of the thyroid dysfunction. It is an incredible yoga pose for your back issues. It relieves the tension from worked up shoulders and relaxes them. It facilitates deep breathing and thus increases the lung capacity. It is also a great way to beat stress and work wonders for fatigue due to a sore neck and back. 

Yoga Pose 3 – Ustrasana 

yoga pose at shwet yoga classes in thane

Also known as the Camel pose, it is a simple backbend pose that opens the chest and increases the upper body flexibility. It increases shoulder mobility. This yoga pose is especially beneficial for the working professionals who are required to sit at a desk all day. Slouching due to continuous and long working hours can cause back issues and also wreak organs by compressing them. This yoga pose stretches the front muscles, abdomen, thighs, chest, and neck. Beginners may find it difficult to perform, but yoga experts can suggest simple modifications to make it accessible to everyone. 

Yoga Pose 4 – Ardha Mastyendrasana 

yoga pose at shwet yoga classes in thane

Ardha Mastyendrasana or half spinal pose energizes the spine, twisting and wrangling out all the stiffness from your back. It relieves the upper and middle back pain, stretching the shoulders, hips, and neck. It also removes the pain due to sciatica. 

Yoga Pose 5 – Karna Pidasana 

karnapidasana -  shwet yoga classes and courses iin thane yoga pose

This yoga pose requires flexibility and balance. It is sometimes called raja halasana as it is an advanced version of halasana. It calms the mind, reduces pressure & anxiety, and controls the negative thoughts. It stimulates the Visudhha, Manipura, and Svadhisthana chakras. Through these chakras, it not only cleanses the body but psyche and mind, balances energy and controls vitality, incorporates inner acceptance, and increases productivity. 

Yoga Pose 6 – Skandasana 

yoga pose at shwet yoga classes in thane skandasana

If you are looking for a great hip opener yoga pose then try skandasana. It stretches your hips and hamstrings and builds core strength. It is sometimes used as a transitional pose. It improves balance and cures sciatica. Avoid this pose if you have an injury in the hip, knee, or ankle. 

Yoga Pose 7 – Ardha badhha pashchimattanasana 

yoga pose at shwet yoga classes in thane

Also known as half bound lotus forward pose. Though it is placed early in the Ashtanga sequence it is quite a tricky position. It relieves the stiffness in the knees and tones the hips. It improves respiratory health. It is helpful in increasing the flexibility and strength of the body. 

Yoga Pose 8 – Mrjarasana Bitilasana 

yoga pose at shwet yoga classes in thane

Marjarasana tops the list of beneficial asanas for back pain. It is highly recommended by physiotherapists also. This is a multipurpose asana that helps to strengthen multiple parts of your back including the spine, rhomboid, and trapezius. It is helpful to loosen the stiff muscles in the upper back region. This one asana is especially recommended for all types of backaches like slip disc, cervical spondylosis, sciatica, or stiff back. It releases the prolonged stress your spine faces due to habitual lifestyle problems. 

Yoga Pose 9 – Balasana 

yoga pose at shwet yoga classes in thane

Balasana, also known as the child Pose, is an effective remedy to relieve stress from the spine and lower back. It increases circulation and provides oxygen to all body parts. It stimulates the Anahata chakra because it stretches the spine as you go down on your chest and stomach. this is often why the asana relaxes both your body and your mind, releasing all the dissipated energy. 

The astonishing benefits of yoga are spreading like a wildfire throughout the world. Many people all over the globe have appreciated its incredible power to transform the entire body structure and mindfulness. Exciting results of daily practicing yoga have prompted many to join the yoga classes. You can start your practice at home and then join any of the nearby yoga classes for further improvement. Or you can join the yoga classes for a better understanding of its structural benefits and then continue your practice at home. Either way, joining yoga classes will be of great advantage for your fitness level. 

Shwet Yoga Classes in Thane west

Everyone seems to be curious about how an ancient practice involving stretching and twisting can be a solution to so many chronic health conditions. Yoga is all about generating a much-needed body awareness over a period of time. Joining yoga classes with an expert faculty definitely helps you gain knowledge about inversions, assists you in paying attention to movements, enhances the power to focus on a specific body part, opens you to that curve, and steadies your breath. 

Here, our yoga training experts from Shwet Yoga Classes in Thane explain what you must know before joining a yoga class- covering important aspects and doubts one has in mind before joining a yoga class. 

1. Its more than just fitness 

First of all, it is very important to note that yoga is much more than just fitness. It has deep down effects on the inner health system both physical and psychological. Originated in India, many thousand years ago, it was never considered as just a fitness regime. It is a philosophy about how to live life fruitfully and face all the hazards in life with calmness without any distress.  

Shwet Yoga Classes in Thane west

Binding to its cultural significance, yoga has always been considered a way of life. It unites the soul and mind, involving eight limbs. The Spiritual awakening, inner peace & calmness, strengthened internal organs and immunity helps to revitalize the body from within. This re-energization must be the ultimate goal of your yoga classes. So, while your yoga classes are focused on giving you a great workout it must also help you reap the holistic benefits of yoga. 

2. No pre-requirement for flexibility 

Have you ever wondered how these yoga experts manage to twist their bodies to such extremities? How they find it so easy to transit from an inverting pose to another highly twirling pose so smoothly? Do you think it is next to impossible to even imagine yourself doing such stuff effortlessly? But, with consistent efforts, dedication, and proper guidance from your yoga classes anyone can attain the same perfection. 

It is a misconception that all yoga practitioners are already blessed with a certain amount of flexibility or fitness. Anyone with zero fitness level or a stiff rigid body can join the sessions without any hesitation. A good yoga class doesn’t have any pre-requisite condition of flexibility, but certain design the customized yoga structure according to your body and requirements to attain the desired results. 

3. Assist you to choose your style 

Shwet Yoga Classes in Thane west

There are many yoga styles available out there. Everyone has a unique body, specific health disorders to cure or treat, certain goals to achieve with the workout. Yoga classes with experienced and well-versed staff will be of great help to assist you through this overwhelming process of choosing the correct and most beneficial style of yoga. If you don’t possess much knowledge about the technicalities and other complicated versions of yoga and yoga kriya then yoga classes will give you the perfect solution. 

Which yoga style to choose from, what modifications you must incorporate in the yoga poses to reduce the complexities according to your body type all these aspects are covered in the yoga classes. 

4. Opt for comfortable clothing 

The most important requirement for practicing yoga is- you should always be comfortable. Whether it is about the stretch or holding time for a pose or about your clothes- it must always be comfortable. They must not be too tight to restrict your movement, should absorb the sweat quickly, allow you to breathe with ease. The inners especially the bra must be supportive. There is no specific requirement for the shoes as yoga is generally performed barefoot. 

5. Bring water, towel, mat 

Shwet Yoga Classes in Thane west

A water bottle to keep you hydrated, A towel or small napkin to whip out the sweat, and a well-cleaned yoga mat are few essentials you must keep in mind before starting your yoga session. Though some yoga classes provide all or some of this stuff, it is always advisable to first check with your classes about its availability beforehand. It’s a good practice to double-check the offerings and what is included in the course fee.  

6. If you can’t, don’t stress 

Good yoga classes with well experienced and knowledgeable yoga trainer will show you how to achieve certain pose over a period of time. They teach you how to do some yoga pose with certain modifications to achieve end result. It is not possible to achieve the perfect posture on the very first day or within the month of the start of the practice. Don’t stress if you are not able to do it at the start. It is completely fine and acceptable if you skip a step or entire pose if it is not working for you. 

7. Muscle soreness is common 

Shwet Yoga Classes in Thane west

You may feel little soreness in muscles and joints after the very first class or after trying out a new pose. Don’t panic this is completely fine. Yoga tends to work on muscles you often tend to neglect to cause a little discomfort for a few days. But if the pain persists and the condition deteriorates you must consult a medical practitioner. Guidance from the yoga teacher in yoga classes will help you to avoid any injury during practice. 

A good yoga class gives you the chance to open up to your vulnerabilities and learn everything yoga has to offer. If you are looking for good Yoga Classes in Thane then click here