Pregnancy yoga is commonly recommended by health care practitioners as an ideal physical exercise option for pregnant ladies. Recent studies have also shown that pregnant practitioners may continue their practice with the same intensity, irrespective of the fact whether they are new practitioners or seasoned ones, with the necessary precautions and modifications suggested by an expert prenatal care specialist

Though yoga keeps you healthy and fits during pregnancy, there are a few poses that must be avoided or must be accommodated with some modifications. Besides avoiding the poses and adapting the modifications, these are some basic precautionary steps you must follow to avoid any kind of complications.  

pregnancy yoga class at thane weat

1] Pregnancy yoga class nearby 

Morning sickness and the feeling of lethargy are very common in pregnancy. This may prompt you to skip the session due to tiredness especially if you have to travel a lot to reach your class. Always opt for a pregnancy yoga class that is not far from your home. Also choose one that provides both online and offline services, so that you can attend it from your home too. It also provides you an option to attend it online when you are out of town or unable to travel due to some reason.  

2] Avoid hot classes 

Excess heat can be adverse to fetal development. Pregnancy already tends to change your body temperature, making it warmer and you can also experience hot flashes. Drink plenty of water, you can also bring a small portable fan with you to avoid getting overheated easily. Avoid asanas and practices that generate heat in the body. Always keep hydrated by carrying a bottle of water or fresh juice with you.  

pregnancy yoga class at thane weat

3] Don’t go extreme 

Be gentle with your body, don’t overstretch it. Avoid hyperextending your joints beyond their normal range of motion. Practice asanas to the extent that you are comfortable in, do not exhort yourself too much. Always listen to your body limitations and stop as soon as you experience the discomfort.  

4] Balance your center of gravity 

With increasing belly size, the center of gravity shifts. You can take the support of the wall for balancing asanas. An expert yoga instructor can suggest you good prop or technique for better support and security, depending on your personal advancement in the pregnancy stage. Backbends can also put tremendous stress on your belly, do it under observation. Avoided them completely if you are advised so.  

pregnancy yoga class at thane weat

5] Take care of your knees 

Weight gain is common during pregnancy, especially in the abdominal and hip areas. The increased size of the uterus puts pressure on your knees. A sudden jerk or yoga pose putting further pressure on knees can turn out to be fatal for the already weak knees. Use a good quality yoga mattress, pillows to provide cushioning to knee joints. Follow a diet rich in fatty acids and amino proteins that can provide a good nutrition base for the lubrication of the knee joints.  

6] Avoid self-teaching 

Practice pregnancy yoga under the guidance and observation of any prenatal yoga care specialist only. Avoid magazines, books, DVDs, or videos. They cannot correct the mistakes you are making in the process, and this can be dangerous for your pregnancy, health, or life. It is always a safer option to opt for a highly qualified and certified yoga institute or teacher to avoid future complications.  

pregnancy yoga class at thane weat

7] Take a good rest 

Take clues from your body. If you feel tired then take short naps to feel re-energized. Don’t over-exert yourself. Inform your instructor about your condition so that you can go easy for the day. Follow simple asanas before going to bed, to get a good night’s sleep. Never skip the Savasana after the yoga session ends as it is a very good asana for the restoration purpose.  

These precautionary tips cannot be a substitute for professional medical advice, so it is always advisable to consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program. It is essential that you consult your personal physician for professional advice and feedback. If you then attend any prenatal or pregnancy yoga class, inform your instructor about your medical conditions beforehand.  

Pregnancy brings the greatest joy to not only the expectant mother but also to the whole new family. When everyone is busy celebrating the great good news and giving their fair share of tips and advice for a smoother experience, thinking about picking up a few pregnancy yoga books is a great idea! 

There are countless proven benefits of doing yoga- and maybe never more special during one is pregnant. Prenatal yoga or to be precise pregnancy yoga practice can help your body to easily accumulate the changes it is going through, ease the strain of an ever-expanding belly, and help the expectant mothers feel more centered and less stressed.  

The add-on is, it can also help new moms to recover from childbirth with flying colors, better results with quick recovery! Of course, it is always advisable to go according to the advice of a professional medical practitioner and an expert prenatal yoga care specialist before starting a new exercise routine, but getting acknowledged information through the books is always a good practice.  

pregnancy yoga books from prenatal care specialist dr shwet varpe from shwet yoga classes in thane west

On that note, with so many books out there, it can be a little overwhelming to choose one to start with. Here is a list of some renowned and giving best advice books on pregnancy yoga recommended by our prenatal care specialist Dr. Shweta Varpe (Shwet Yoga PregnaFit online/offline Program) 

Best Pregnancy Yoga Books for Expectant Mothers 

1) “Yoga For Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond” by Francoise Barbira Freedman 

This book is quoted as  “essential for every mother to be” by many. The author – Françoise Barbira Freedman, PhD, is a medical anthropologist at Cambridge University, England. Her pioneering interest in pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond stems from her earliest studies in the Amazon, where she was inspired by the energetic, light-hearted, and gentle mothering of the Peruvian Amazonian women. 

pregnancy yoga books from prenatal care specialist dr shwet varpe from shwet yoga classes in thane west

This is a wholesome book on pregnancy yoga providing step-by-step guidance including photos on yoga postures that can be adapted for each trimester. It perfectly illustrates the relaxation techniques, and simple breathing exercises showing you how to adjust to the physical demands of labor and give birth with minimum strain. From conception to birth, it explains the real advantages of pregnancy yoga for mother and baby. 

2) “Iyengar Yoga For Motherhood: Safe Practice For Expectant And New Mothers” by Geeta S. Iyengar, Rita Keller, and Kerstin Khattab 

From the daughter of yoga guru B.K.S. Iyengar, a book that every mother-to-be and new mom will celebrate! 

pregnancy yoga books from prenatal care specialist dr shwet varpe from shwet yoga classes in thane west

It is the indispensable volume for every woman who wishes to continue her Yoga practice during pregnancy and the first 18 months of motherhood. With a fresh, contemporary design and a strong emphasis on safety, it offers guidance, reassurance, and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. More than 350 photographs using ethnically neutral models carefully guide readers through every asana, highlighting variations on each for safe practice. Additionally, women will find safety rankings for each trimester of pregnancy, call-outs listing benefits and cautions, and detailed instructions for proper anatomical alignment and Pranayama breathing. Officially sanctioned by B.K.S. Iyengar, who has also written the foreword, the publication of Iyengar Yoga for Motherhood is sure to be an important event in the Yogic community. 

3) “Pregnancy Health Yoga: Your Essential Guide For Bump, Birth And Beyond” by Tara Lee 

pregnancy yoga books from prenatal care specialist dr shwet varpe from shwet yoga classes in thane west

The authors explain the importance of breathwork to relax your body and reduce stress. They also provide guided meditations and visualizations to help you feel calm and positive, as well as fully illustrated step-by-step routines to energize you and relieve muscle tension and pain. There’s a guide to the beneficial postures for a range of common pregnancy-related conditions, including back pain, breathlessness, and swollen ankles, and there’s detailed advice on preparing for labor and childbirth. The book concludes with a range of post-natal exercises to get you back in shape and energized as a new mum.  

4) “Yoga For Pregnancy: Poses, Meditations, And Inspiration For Expectant And New Mothers” by Leslie Lekos and Megan Westgate 

pregnancy yoga books from prenatal care specialist dr shwet varpe from shwet yoga classes in thane west

Yoga for Pregnancy offers detailed, precise instruction for over a hundred yoga poses to support you during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. Accompanying sequences focus on a range of applications, from quick daily practices to poses for common pregnancy ailments.  

Going beyond physical posture practice, Yoga for Pregnancy also includes guidance on meditation, visualization, devotional chanting, nutrition, herbal remedies, and other tools to inspire and nourish you and your baby. 

5) “Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful: Experience The Natural Power Of Pregnancy And Birth With Kundalini Yoga And Meditation” by Gurmukh Kaur Kahlsa 

pregnancy yoga books from prenatal care specialist dr shwet varpe from shwet yoga classes in thane west

In Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful, Gurmukh gives you all the tools you need to have a healthy and happy pregnancy while increasing your connection to your partner and building compassion and prosperity. The ancient practices of yoga can lead you back to your own power as a woman, capable of more than you ever dreamed. All you need is a belief in the possibility of change and a commitment of as little as three minutes a day. Gurmukh has helped thousands of women and their families find fulfillment through the healing movements and meditations of Kundalini yoga—and she can help you, too! 

Yoga is known to strengthen your body’s most powerful part, that is- the mind. From a small kid to college students, homemakers to working professionals, expecting mothers to an elderly aged person concentration is required to focus on their studies, professional work, daily activities, and many more. With physical asanas and breathing exercises, body and mind are relaxed and with the meditation, you are actively creating the ideal conditions for the mind to flourish. 

Have you ever wondered why these days people get easily irritated? Find it difficult to recall even the simplest things? Children have become more sensitive, pregnant ladies finding it more difficult to adjust to the emotional up-downs during the pregnancy period? Do you observe aging people find it difficult to even remember what they ate for lunch/dinner?  With so many distractions rampant use of gadgets, our reliance on technology for every small task, age, workload, and study pressure, affecting our memory and concentration, causing mood swings, increased irritation there is an immediate need for some reliable solution. The answer lies in Yoga. Yoga for mental stability, emotional balance, and increased focus and concentration is the need of the hour. 

Stress reliever for kids helping in focus and concentration 

Kids nowadays have many distractions such as electronic gadgets, video games, the virtual world, and social media addictions to name a few. All these adversely affect their concentration and memory retention power. Yoga helps them to have mind control and gives them the ability to comprehend what is beneficial and what is not. It improves the concentration power, stabilizes the hyperactivity in children, and improves their sitting capacity. Increased memory power improves the recalling power, helps to enhance the visualization thus showing significant improvement in comprehension power, spelling, and problem-solving capabilities are also improved. check out our article on yoga for kids. 

Memory retention and increased productivity for professionals 

Focus and memory retention is not limited to school and college students. A homemaker, working person either an employee or an entrepreneur, everyone needs to be focally cleared and alert to accomplish the quick and desired results whatever task they perform. Increased alertness and comprehension help them to focus on their work, help them to take the correct and beneficial decisions, generate a quick response to a situation, and high efficiency and productivity in the work. 

Relaxation and reduced anxiety in pregnant ladies 

Yoga is one the most relaxing form of exercise which is especially highly beneficial for vulnerable expectant mothers. The hormonal changes a pregnant lady goes through, they are sensitive physically and mentally too. In such situations, yoga gives the required relaxation to the mind, helps in inner healing. Regular practice has a calming effect on the mind, reducing anxiety, and increasing focus, inducing positive vibes.  

Reversing the aging side effects 

As a person ages the concentration, memory retention power, motor power reduce while at the same time anxiety, nervousness, loneliness, and anguish further affect the emotional balance. The calming and mind soothing pranayama and meditation are a great relief in such circumstances. Yoga is known to reduce the effects of amnesia, dementia, and Alzheimer’s symptoms in later years. A regular yoga practitioner finds their concentrating and comprehending power intact even in old age. 

Motivating the people suffering from chronic illnesses 

Yoga is not only remedial in curing chronic illness, but also helpful in increasing endurance power. Generally, these people tend to get tired mentally due to constant pain and frequent hospital visits. Regular yoga practice creates a positive mindset, reduces the negative vibes, and anxiety. Heavy doses of medications also tend to make a person dizzy, slow mental processing and reflexes. Yoga practices are highly beneficial in improving mental wellbeing and body awareness.  

yoga is a powerful tool not only to keep intact the concentration and comprehending power but also to enhance the mind’s cognitive and analytical power. Here are the top 3 yoga practices recommended by the Experts to maintain the healthy functioning of your brain and mind- 


This inverse position supplies the blood back to the brain, improving its functionality and its oxygen level, refreshing the mind. As the asana rushes back all the blood back to the brain, it recharges it effectively. As the brain muscles are strengthened and rejuvenated it enables a person to comprehend any situation more precisely. 

Bhramari pranayama 

This kind of purifying and breathing process awakens and stimulates the brain and clears the mind. It increases the level of intelligence level, enhancing learning skills and memory power. It builds confidence and releases negative emotions like anger, anxiety, and frustration. 


Also known as the “blink less glazing”. It is a cleansing process to improve concentration and memory. This is an amazing method for increasing your ability to be more attentive in everything you do. It steadies the wandering mind thus improving the focus. 

Moms-to-be can benefit greatly from consistent pregnancy yoga practice, whether you are pregnant or postpartum too. Becoming a mother is a magical journey embarking on a completely life-changing experience, but this magic comes with a responsibility. 

There are many health benefits associated with pregnancy yoga that you can reap throughout motherhood! Regular practice of yoga during pregnancy is going to help you keep your strength up, muscles and joints mobile, mind calm, and oxygen levels high.  

Yoga props for pregnancy yoga classes at shwet yoga classes and courses in thane west

There are several biological changes that take place in a woman’s body during pregnancy. This demands certain modifications in the regular way of practicing yoga to fulfill the need for the changed body strength, shape, and hormone level. An expert prenatal care specialist can help you out in such a situation by offering customized pregnancy yoga modifications and safety tips. These modifications are either way provided through changes in the positions, twists, or props helpful to provide much-needed support to your growing belly and stiffened muscles.  

Here is a list of must-have props to support your pregnancy yoga practice for a comfortable and relaxing experience. 

(1) Bolsters –  

Bolsters provide great support especially to your back during practicing savasana or other restorative poses instead of lying flat on your back. It is really helpful to the women who are discouraged to lie flat on their back especially after the second trimester. Many pregnancy yoga classes have yoga bolsters in their prop collection. But if you don’t have one at home and also don’t wish to invest in purchasing the one, then you can also use a pillow (or maybe a few pillows) instead.  

Yoga props for pregnancy yoga classes at shwet yoga classes and courses in thane west

(2) Blankets –

A yoga blanket is another absolute must-have for pregnancy yoga. A yoga blanket is firmer and heavier than the regular blanket, and also has the capacity to retain the fold. It means that even when one sits on it or moves it around, it stays firm and doesn’t unfold. A beach towel can be used as a substitute for a yoga blanket. It supports the legs and hips in stretches or can be put on other props to make the surface softer and more comfortable. Always make sure to wash them on regular basis to maintain hygiene.  

Yoga props for pregnancy yoga classes at shwet yoga classes and courses in thane west

(3) Blocks –

They are primarily useful in elongating the length of your arms when the increased belly size restricts your reach. For example, if you are performing a low lunge and need to reach the ground past your growing bump, yoga blocks are of great help. However, they can also be used to provide support in the restorative bridge, fish pose, or even savasana, which can act as furniture for extended squat or kneeling or seating pose. It can also be braced between the legs to create stability in poses like chair pose, plank, etc.  

Yoga props for pregnancy yoga classes at shwet yoga classes and courses in thane west

(4) Straps –

Straps are not essential but can prove very beneficial. In pregnancy yoga classes it is used to make it easier to reach, say, your toes. Resistant straps are also good for extra pull which typically enhances your strength. It also can be used to form a loop and can be used to hold the body in poses like supta badhha konasana.  

Yoga props for pregnancy yoga classes at shwet yoga classes and courses in thane west

(5) Balls –

Balls large in size give the necessary support during squatting positions, backbends, and other leg supporting asanas. Apart from these tennis balls or massage balls are also put in between the joints to lessen the impact of bends.  

Yoga props for pregnancy yoga classes at shwet yoga classes and courses in thane west

Yoga props are essential to use in pregnancy yoga practice to lessen the impact, avoid injuries, for support, and make the asanas seem easy even with the increased pregnancy weight and baby bump. Contact our yoga experts at Pregna Fit Shwet Yoga classes to know more about such props and their correct usage.  

Motherhood is the greatest life-changing experience of every woman’s life. During all these nine months a woman goes through several physical and emotional transformations. Health and nutrition must be the first priority of expecting mothers, especially the first-timers. Pregnancy yoga is specially designed considering the health benefits a mother and her unborn child need during these crucial months of development of the world’s most precious bond. Yoga can be safely practiced during pregnancy but only under the guidance of a certified yoga coach who is conscious of your health.  

Yoga remedies for pregnancy according to your need 

Yoga remedies for pregnancy through various asanas and practices can roughly be divided into three sections according to the three stages in pregnancy- first, second, and third trimester. The first trimester, that is, the first three months of pregnancy is a time of major changes in your body. A pregnant woman in her first trimester is expected to do the most basic yoga poses that are easy to perform, but it’s crucial that she must listen to her body and respect when she seems like exercising and when she just needs a rest.   

yoga remedies for pregnancy - pregnancy yoga classes at shwet yoga classes and courses in thane west

Around the second trimester, women tend to get accommodated with the pregnancy and their changed bodies. Regular practicing of pregnancy yoga increases your progesterone levels that cause muscles to relax, aids circulations, and improves digestion.  

As you approach closer to the maturity or delivery date, undertaking yoga exercises during the third trimester of pregnancy starts getting more difficult than before. Nevertheless, you can continue doing certain exercises carefully without putting pressure on the belly. It eases the childbirth process and considerably makes it less painful.  

Yoga remedies for pregnancy according to the symptoms and complications 

Here is given a list of beneficial asanas and practices to combat the symptoms and complications an expectant mother faces during her journey. 

To expand joints, muscles and to aid digestion 

The butterfly pose is one of the simplest exercises and a mild pose that may be performed with minimum help during pregnancy. It helps in stretching the groin area and therefore the hamstrings while eradicating abdominal discomfort. This asana boosts your metabolic rate, thereby giving pregnant women relief from heartburns and digestive problems during pregnancy. It also stretches and exposes the hips, thighs, and pelvic muscles, which help in having a simple, normal delivery. 

pregnancy yoga classes at shwet yoga classes and courses in thane west

To relax your spine and alleviate backaches 

The cat-Cow pose is a wonderful pose for future moms. Most women will encounter back pains at some point in their pregnancy. But gently practicing and transitioning between cow and cat pose will expand the spine, along with warming it. This helps you to get your sore spine back on track. They also help to shift the load of the baby from the spine, supplying you with some much-needed relief.   

yoga remedies for pregnancy - pregnancy yoga classes at shwet yoga classes and courses in thane west

To regain the lost energy 

Pregnant women most of the time feel sluggish. Try the extended side angle pose when you feel low on energy. Extending the upper arm above the top at an angle works the entire side body from fingertips to the extended back leg. If you reach for it, you would possibly find you’ve got more energy than you think.   

pregnancy yoga classes at shwet yoga classes and courses in thane west

For strength, power, and balance 

While pregnancy brings a time of celebration, it is also a highly traumatic and anxious time for a pregnant woman. You’ll end up carrying around an excessive amount of tension. A warrior pose (II) helps you to regain your sense of balance. This all-around good pose works on the legs stretch the side body, energizes the hips, and exposes the shoulders, which have begun to subside a little under the pressure.   

yoga remedies for pregnancy - pregnancy yoga classes at shwet yoga classes and courses in thane west

For a great blood circulation 

The Anantasana (side leg raise) may be a great exercise for strengthening the lower body. It works the pelvic floor muscles and therefore the hamstrings and helps circulate blood to those areas. Remember to concentrate on your body when doing the exercise and release the pose if you are feeling pain.   

pregnancy yoga classes at shwet yoga classes and courses in thane west

To endure the pain 

If there’s one yoga pose that’s almost practiced in every prenatal yoga program or pregnancy yoga class, it’s Malasana (also referred to as Garland Pose or a yoga squat). Squats during pregnancy provide quite an amazing stretch to the groin area, opening the hips, and beginning to make space down there for a baby to form his grand exit. Try to do the pose by putting a blog under your seating bones for extra support.   

pregnancy yoga classes at shwet yoga classes and courses in thane west

For stress relief and overall health 

Through conscious inhaling and mindful exhaling during pregnancy, one can strengthen the availability of oxygen and dispel CO2 within the blood. This purifies the blood, rids it of poisons, and supplies the fetus with fresh oxygen and nutrients. Supplying the baby with adequate oxygen contributes to its development within the womb, both cognitive and physical. BY practicing pranayama, you will reduce your own anxiety by relaxing your body and mind.

yoga remedies for pregnancy - pregnancy yoga classes at shwet yoga classes and courses in thane west

A more detailed analysis is required for all the factors considering the fact that every person and every pregnancy is different. A complete analysis of the challenges one is facing during the child development and growth period can only give a customized and modified structure of the pregnancy yoga program.   

When a couple comes to know that they are going to be parents, it is the greatest joy they can ever experience. Being able to bring a new life into this world is the most special power a woman possesses. But this good news comes with a responsibility. Pregnancy yoga or prenatal yoga is the best way to prepare for childbirth, benefiting the health of both mother and child.  

First of all, a very big congratulations to all the ladies who are expecting to experience the wonderful journey and bond of a mother and a child. If you are pregnant and looking for ways to relax and stay fit, you must be considering some fitness regime that can offer both – physical and mental wellbeing. Then prenatal yoga is what you are looking for! It not only ensures mental peace, physical fitness but also helps you prepare for labor and promote your baby’s health.  

pregnancy yoga classes in Pregna Fit Shwet Yoga Classes in Thane west

Before you join prenatal yoga classes you must take into consideration what possible benefits it offers, what important safety tips are followed, are providing the necessary modifications or not. Always look for a pregnancy yoga class taught by an instructor who has training in prenatal yoga. 

What are the benefits of Shwet Yoga Pregnafit? 

Shwet Yoga Pregnafit program is designed under the guidance and supervision of prenatal care specialist Dr. Shweta Varpe, having immense knowledge and vast expertise in the field of therapeutic yoga for more than a decade. This pregnancy yoga program is a multifaceted approach to the child-preparation exercises that encourages gentle stretching, mental centering, restoration & relaxation, and focused breathing. 

pregnancy yoga classes in Pregna Fit Shwet Yoga Classes in Thane west

These prenatal or pregnancy yoga classes are specially designed to cater to the needs of pregnant ladies experiencing pregnancy symptoms like headache, nausea, shortness of breath, morning sickness, emotional turbulence, backaches, swollen feet. The trimester-wise classification of the yoga asanas, kriyas, and various practices ensures to improve the sleep of pregnant lady, reduce her stress and anxiety level, increase strength, flexibility, and endurance to pain needed for childbirth. After you enroll in a prenatal yoga class you meet and bond with other pregnant women and prepare better after sharing the stress of being a new parent.  

What happens in a typical Shwet Yoga Pregnafit Class? 

A typical prenatal or pregnancy yoga class at Shwet Yoga Pregnafit will involve: 

Gentle stretching: 

During pregnancy, it is quite common that the muscles get tensed due to various body changes and restricted movements. In a typical pregnancy yoga class, you will be encouraged to gently move and stretch different parts of your body, such as arms, neck & shoulders, through their full range of motion. Various chest and hip openers ensure proper blood circulation throughout the body. 

pregnancy yoga classes in Pregna Fit Shwet Yoga Classes in Thane west


Prenatal yoga breathing techniques are highly beneficial to help you reduce or manage shortness of breath during pregnancy and also successfully get through contractions during labor. Pregnafit program encourages you to focus on your breath slowly and deeply through the nose. 

Postures and balancing: 

Various standing, sitting, or lying poses are provided with the necessary modifications to gently move your body into different positions assisting in developing the required strength, flexibility, and balance. A variety of props such as blankets, blocks, cushions, straps are used to provide support and comfort.  

Calming, relaxing, and restoring: 

At the end of each pregnancy yoga class, a calming and restoring routine is designed to relax muscles and restore heart rate. The practitioner is encouraged to focus on their own breathing, pay close attention to the sensations, thoughts & emotions for a calming effect. They are also told to listen or chant a mantra or music to bring a state of inner calmness and self-awareness.  

pregnancy yoga classes in Pregna Fit Shwet Yoga Classes in Thane west

No matter how tired you might be, exercising during pregnancy is very important for you and your baby. Yoga is the safest and most effective exercise option for pregnant women.   

Utmost care has been taken by our prenatal yoga experts while designing this pregnancy yoga program under the guidance of medical practitioners. To protect your health and your baby’s health during prenatal or pregnancy yoga class, all the basic safety guidelines are followed. So, what are you looking for? Enroll in Shwet Yoga’s Pregnafit Program as early as possible and take a step forward to being one of the healthiest Mummy and Baby. 

Babies whose mothers have performed regular exercise tended to have better health, development, and motor skills than their counterparts. According to the new captivating study, newborns whose mothers enrolled for prenatal yoga or other gentle exercise practices have noticed benefits of pregnancy yoga for infants such as earlier physical coordination, better health & immunity, normal growth and development, and lesser chances of motor inactivities or ADHD (Attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder). 

benefits of pregnancy yoga classes at shwet yoga classes in thane west

Experts suggest that an expectant mother should follow at least 20 minutes of yoga and breathing exercises a minimum of four to five times a week if they want a healthy, smart baby. The benefits of pregnancy yoga for your unborn child are numerous. It not only strengthens the mother’s wellbeing but also helps in the development of the fetus in a healthy baby.  

To protect the health of the expected mother and her child, always consult a correspondent health provider before joining pregnancy yoga classes. Don’t rush while practicing any yoga asana, take time, don’t over-exhaust. Choose a well-ventilated place for the practice to avoid overheating. Drink plenty of fluids, always stay hydrated.  

Here are some key benefits of pregnancy yoga for the unborn child every expectant mother must know and follow for the betterment of her child.  

1) Lowers the risk for the baby 

Prenatal yoga has been proven to reduce the chance of pregnancy complications, a mother’s stress and pain level, and even the possible risk of premature gestation period which can affect the growth of a child. Pregnant mums who do yoga are often in a healthier and happier space of mind, which ultimately leads to a healthy growing child. 

benefits of pregnancy yoga classes at shwet yoga classes in thane west

2) Oxygen and blood supply 

Breathing exercises ensure the optimum supply of oxygen to the baby in the womb. This keeps the baby on a healthy track of development. One of the key benefits of pregnancy yoga is that it increases the blood circulation in the body and all the required nutrients are supplied to the fetus which promotes the development of vital organs such as the spine, skull, and brain.  

3) Smarter baby 

Newborns born to mothers opting for yoga and exercise during their pregnancy are smarter and are better adopters of mobility and gestures than the other ones. They also prove to be quick learners and tend to be more focused. It is a type of a ‘Garbh Sanskar’, which is nothing but the education of the mind of the unborn.  

4) Chances of genetic inheritance lowered 

Starting yoga and pranayama in an early stage of life can lower the risks associated with the genetic disorders, can also reverse the corresponding ill effects. But adopting yoga during the pregnancy itself can lower the chance of inheritance of these genetic conditions or any neonatal disorders.  

benefits of pregnancy yoga classes at shwet yoga classes in thane west

5) Healthier baby 

Benefits of pregnancy yoga also include the fully developed, healthy-looking, and weighing baby. The nutritional benefits fetus received due to good blood circulation; abundant oxygen supply contributes to the baby’s weight. It also benefits healthy skin, hair, and nail development.  

6) Stimulates milk production 

One of the most significant benefits of pregnancy yoga is the assistance in facilitating the production of milk in lactating mothers. Everyone knows the importance of breastfeeding for a child. Yoga improves blood circulation, stimulates the pituitary gland, aids the secretion of prolactin, and increases the production of breast milk.  

7) Provides a strong support system 

Yoga establishes a better connection between a mother and an unborn child. It helps the mother to maintain a stress-free, positive attitude. This also provides the child with a strong support system in the form of a mother. The strong connection between a mother and child gives the baby warmth, affection, and security needed for better development. 

benefits of pregnancy yoga classes at shwet yoga classes in thane west

Prenatal yoga is the best way to prepare for childbirth. It ensures the good health of the child & mother with fewer complications. You can start attending prenatal yoga classes as early in your pregnancy as possible. The sooner you start the more beneficial it will prove. But, always consult your doctor and start practicing yoga as per your doctor’s advice and your health condition. The yoga practices are usually customized according to the stages or the trimesters of the pregnancy, so it is always advised to join the pregnancy yoga classes having highly qualified yoga instructors. 

Soft music, gentle movements, scented oils or candles, politely instructing yoga teachers……. yoga studios had been predominantly filled with ladies, but is now redefining masculinity by offering many health benefits of yoga to men also. Apparently, the original roots of yoga are actually much in the male domain. There are several real and powerful benefits of yoga for men that can drive them to the yoga mat, increasing the number of male yogis in the new generation.   

From time immortal the field of yoga is mostly dominated by men from several generations with many world-renowned yoga teachers, founders, scholars like BKS Iyengar, Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, K Pattabhi Jois, Paramhansa Yoganand to name a few. The below-mentioned health benefits of yoga for men will further elaborate the significance of yoga in men’s life and compel them to join a nearby yoga class as soon as possible. 

health benefits of yoga for men at shwet yoga classes in thane west

Health benefits of yoga for men –  

1) Flexibility and mobility 

The dynamic movements and stretches in yoga help the body to become more flexible and mobile. This further helps in far-reaching benefits for whatever other physical activities men need in their day-to-day life. From a martial arts enthusiast, a sportsperson or regular player, athlete, or one dreaming to join the forces, or someone looking forward to excelling in art forms like dance for all men out there yoga has several reasons to be part of a men’s life. The gradual practice of yoga eventually loosens the stiffness in the body with toe-touching, forward, and backward bending poses. And seemingly impossible poses become easily accessible with regular practice over a period of time.   

2) Body strength and muscle building 

Strong muscles have many other benefits apart from just making men stronger. They prevent arthritis, relieve aches, help elderly people in maintaining body balance. With yoga, men not only build muscle strength but also improve the flexibility of muscles. It also increases the speed of healing of internal damage or injury if any. It also helps to heal the joints and the fluid that resides in the joints thus providing the cushioning effect to avoid sudden jerk during the other masculine tasks.  

health benefits of yoga for men at shwet yoga classes in thane west

3) Maintains heart health 

The heart rate during the yoga session is slightly increased due to the aerobic exercise pattern it provides. You can lower the risk of heart attack, stroke, and can cure depression. Ashtanga Yoga is a vigorous form of yoga that boosts heart rate. Along with yoga, meditation, and pranayama, also improve the cardiovascular health of men. One of the best benefits of yoga is that it is highly beneficial in maintaining the optimum range of blood pressure, which is very common among men nowadays due to the highly stressed work environment.  

4) Better sex drive 

The High work stress and mental worries about the financial burdens affect the sleep and sex drive of men. Stress most of the time leads to mood swings, high smoking rates, and alcohol consumption, which is the main reason for sexual problems. Regular practice of yoga increases the release of hormones that boost arousal in men and increase blood flow to the genital area, curing the problem related to poor erection.  

health benefits of yoga for men at shwet yoga classes in thane west

5) Reduction in substance abuse 

Substance abuse, alcoholism, smoking is more common among men than in women. Rehabilitation of people with addictions, drug abuse is very difficult to achieve. It affects mental state and functioning. Yoga plays a vital role in overcoming drug addiction in both pre and post-clinical therapy and reduces drug dependency and other associated problems. Similarly, it shows positive social, psychological, and biochemical changes in alcoholics and tobacco addicts. Refraining from any addiction is one of the best health benefits of yoga for men. 

6) Stress relief 

Next on our list of health benefits of yoga for men is relief from stress, tension, and anxiety. It has propertied to help men cure the symptoms of depression. As mentioned earlier oxygen levels in the body are boosted with the regular practice of yoga. The healthier and more relaxed one feels the happier one becomes. Yoga also acts as a mood enhancer. One becomes more optimistic and more social. It encourages men to maintain a healthy lifestyle.    

7) Keep the belly in 

health benefits of yoga for men at shwet yoga classes in thane west

One of the major problem men worries about is the increasing size of their belly. Unhealthy food, lack of exercise, and nature of their work demand them to sit at a place all long day cause the fat saturation in this area. Active yoga forms such as power yoga or ashtanga yoga require rapid transitions from one pose to another, leading to rigorous exercise. Different muscle-building poses, balancing, and body aligning positions help you to tone your body by burning the fat at specific parts of your body. Meditation and pranayama kriyas in yoga help you to have a positive attitude towards your body, thus developing a feel-good approach towards yourself. So, yoga is the perfect cure for men to reduce the size of their bellies. 

The health benefits of yoga for men can further extend to correcting body posture, boosting self-esteem, controlling mood swings, enhancing body awareness, improving focus, and increasing productivity. There are many factors for men to consider yoga as their lifelong companion, you can have further discussion about it with us

Yoga asanas are known to serve special functions to every part of the body. From giving a radiant glow to increasing the blood flow throughout the body, supplying enough oxygen and nutrition to the top of the head to combat hair and scalp issues, from boosting immunity to enhancing the flexibility of the spine, from strengthening muscles to burning the calories and keeping you in good shape, yoga has everything to offer. Fat reduction from a specific part of the body is not only about hitting the gym and doing cardio or aerobics. Rather, practicing yoga asanas for the same is a safer, healthier option with long-lasting benefits and with many more add-ons like improved posture and alignment, inner healing, and a stable mind. 

Most people suffer from a problem of increasing waste line, fighting the stubborn hip and waist fat due to sedentary life style. Here is the list of yoga asanas recommended by yoga experts that specializes in reducing this unwanted fat and providing extra benefits as mentioned here. 

1) Ustrasana 

Ustrasana involves deep backward bending of the body that is performed while kneeling. Also known as camel pose, its role is to open up the whole front part of the body through stretching of the hips and spine. It is also helpful to reduce the fat from the thighs and lower back. It stimulates and activates the thyroid gland which ultimately increases metabolism.   

yoga asanas at shwet yoga classes and courses in thane west

2) Utkatasana 

The largest muscle in the body is involved while practicing this asana. It is recommended to hold the pose as long as you are comfortable. The longer you hold the pose the more beneficial it is and more calories get burned. It enhances the sense of balance. Doing this pose with weight resistance can fasten the process of hip and waist fat reduction. 

yoga asanas at shwet yoga classes and courses in thane west

3) Naukasana 

Naukasana or paripurna navasana also known as boat pose is a modern yoga exercise. This is a very good yoga asana for those who are trying to lose stubborn belly and waist fat. It burns the fat from the thighs, hips, waist as well as tones the abs. It improves the health of the abdominal organs such as the liver, pancreas, and kidneys. It regulates your sugar levels and eases constipation by stimulating the abdominal organs and regulating digestion.   

yoga asanas at shwet yoga classes and courses in thane west

4) Purvottanasana 

Also known as the upward plank pose. It translates to an intense eastward-facing stretch. It is a somehow difficult pose for the beginner but builds the core strength including leg muscles, inner thighs, thorax to a great extent. It opens up the chest. The holding positions require quite a strength. Thus it tones the back, hips, wrist, shoulders. It helps significantly in reducing the waistline and flattening the tummy.   

yoga asanas at shwet yoga classes and courses in thane west

5) Upavistha Konasana 

This asana engages the legs, buttocks, thighs, spine, chest, arms muscles, and also involves the heart and lungs. Giving a stretch to the whole body requires attention to the form and alignment and works on much-ignored inner thighs. It builds strength and flexibility, besides wonderfully working on toning the waist and hips.  

yoga asanas at shwet yoga classes and courses in thane west

6) Shalabhasana 

This simple backbend stretch strengthens your entire back body, from neck to toes. It treats a wide range of problems including lower back pain, postural problems, weakness, or soreness anywhere around your back body, including hips and hamstrings. It strengthens the leg muscles thus reducing arthritis of the knees. Incorrect practice can cause cramps in the leg muscles or lower back so be conscious while performing this yoga asana or perform it under the guidance of a yoga teacher.   

yoga asanas at shwet yoga classes and courses in thane west

7) Ardha Mastyendrasana 

Ardha Mastyendrasana or half spinal pose energizes the spine, twisting and wrangling out all the stiffness from your back. It relives the upper and middle back pain, stretching the shoulders, hips, and neck. It also removes the pain due to sciatica.  

yoga asanas at shwet yoga classes and courses in thane west

8) Setu Bandhasana 

This asana is known to calm the central nervous system. It strengthens the spine and reduces the strain on the neck and reduces the hip and lower back fat. Additionally, it helps to develop stronger shoulders and gives relief from the sagged shoulders. Lastly, it is remedial for migraines, headaches, stiff neck, and insomnia. 

yoga asanas at shwet yoga classes and courses in thane west

9) Malasana 

This yoga asana not only strengthens your spine, buttocks but also opens up the hip muscles, stretches, and contracts the abdomen thus resulting in the strengthening of the digestive tract. Try to stay in the same pose for about a few seconds before you relax for maximum benefits.   

yoga asanas at shwet yoga classes and courses in thane west

10) Natarajasana 

It stretches out the shoulders, hamstrings, and opens up the hips. As one needs to balance and stretch at the same time it requires focus and concentration. With regular practice, it has been effective to help in a balanced thought process. One of the most graceful yoga asana poses, this is also known as the lord of dance pose.    

yoga asanas at shwet yoga classes and courses in thane west

You might get conscious of those hips and waist being fat, but when they are not worked upon and ignored, it can lead to more serious consequences. Don’t wait for that time to come! Indulge in the practice of yoga and build those lean muscles everyone is envious of. 

Yoga is more than just a physical exercise. The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ meaning the union of mind, body, and spirit. In short, yoga takes care of your physical health, mental balance, and spiritual upliftment which ultimately takes care of your overall wellbeing. So, this new year adapt the practice of yoga in your daily routine and make it a Healthy New Year full of health, immunity, mental stability, free of anxiety, and filled with happiness and compassion.  

This auspicious occasion of New Year marks the perfect time to adopt some healthy practices that are going to benefit you in the long run. The motivation and enthusiasm one feel during the start of a new year can even compel a serial procrastinator to follow their resolution. And you can ensure that this resolution is executed till the end by enrolling in a good yoga class rather than relying on the home practice. Introspect and present yourself an opportunity to start a new practice or pick up a habit that lends itself to growth. Begin the year on a positive note and promise yourself better self-care.  

shwet yoga classes in thane west

Even a simple yoga routine done on regular basis will go a long way in promoting good health, strength, flexibility, and mental-emotional stability. Here are some simple yoga practices that are easy to do and the perfect choice to get you started off on your new journey.  


It is a foundational pose for many yoga poses. You can often do it during transitioning from one pose to another, but you can also do it in a stand-alone way. It is simple in method and difficulty level is easy.   

It helps to correct the posture and improve the balance. Increases the flexibility of ankles and joints. It tones the hips and abdomen, helps you gain control over your muscle movements.   

shwet yoga classes in thane west


Also known as the Forwarding bend pose. Hastapadasana is the basic yoga pose that is very effective to cure constipation, hair loss, back pain, stimulates the nervous system, and is also beneficial to increasing height.   

shwet yoga classes in thane west


It replicates the steady yet graceful stance of a tree. The body balancing act improves focus and determination. It builds single-mindedness, determination, and commitment towards your goal. Along with strengthening the legs, stretching the arms and spine improves concentration.   

shwet yoga classes in thane west

Adho Mukha Svanasana 

It is a full-body workout stretch that improves the health of the spine, hamstring, calves, lower back, shoulders, and core. The pose is also known to be beneficial in treating osteoporosis and menopause symptoms.   

shwet yoga classes in thane west


It should be practiced under the supervision of experts from yoga for beginners’ classes or studios until you achieve the required flexibility. The pose is excellent for overall vitality and strengthening of the full body. It is a great pose for balancing and stability which stretches the hips, joints, back, and shoulders. It benefits the intestine, abdomen, chest, and liver.   

shwet yoga classes in thane west


It is a forward bending in the seating position. It gives you an intense dorsal stretch. This is a classic pose from hatha yoga. It gives your whole back- from your spine, calves, hips to hamstring- a very good stretch.   

It calms the brain and relieves stress. It reduces anxiety and enhances a good mood. It stimulates kidney, liver function, and uterus. It soothes the symptoms of menopause and menstrual discomfort. It aids indigestion. 

shwet yoga classes in thane west


It is a beginner backbend yoga pose that prepares you for deeper back bending exercises. It is known for its ability to increase the flexibility of the spine. It opens the shoulders and chest thus increasing the lungs’ capacity and is therapeutic in asthma.   

shwet yoga classes in thane west


Phalakasana or plank pose is a transitional pose that forms the base for the other yoga asana pose. As suggested in the name it is the asana in which your body is held like a plank. It creates pressure on your core and shoulder muscles. The intense workout generates body heat thus burning the fat. It also helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles, boost metabolism, improve posture, and keep the spine aligned and healthy.   

shwet yoga classes in thane west


Balasana, also known as the child Pose, is, considered one of the most effective poses for people with sleep-related issues. The calmness and stability provided by this asana translate into sleep very quickly.  It stimulates the Anahata chakra because it stretches the spine as you go down on your chest and stomach. this is often why the asana relaxes both your body and your mind, releasing all the dissipated energy. 

shwet yoga classes in thane west

So, embark on your new journey and make 2022 a happy, healthy new year with the help of yoga!