Shweta Varpe

Ms. Shweta Varpe, the Virtual Yoga Guru and Life Sculptor and the Brand Ambassador of “Bottom Lining MA Sangsad” as an invitation from Development Organization of the Rural
Poor (DORP), is visiting DORP for a special event of mega celebration on both Mind-body and fitness to the Social Assistance Program for Non-Assetors (SAPNA) Package
implemented by Women and Child Affairs Ministry, Govt. of Bangladesh from 30th October2019 – 2 November 2019.

It is a proud moment for all Indians for selecting an ‘Indian Celebrity Face’ for DORP, Bangladesh. Ms. Shweta’s aim is to represent India and spread the awareness of Yoga heritage at the global level in Asiatic countries. This is a great opportunity and responsibility for her to exchange and enhance values, beliefs, culture, customs and ideas with the neighbourhood country. She is working hand in hand for the empowerment of
women and rehabilitation of children.

This four day visit of Ms. Shweta to Bangladesh will be incorporated with different activities and programs in and out of the capital, Dhaka. The program will begin with SAPNA Package in Kaligonj of Garipur District on 31 October 2019. On 2 November 2019, she is being honored as the Chief Guest at an event at BRAC Centre Inn; wherein a
competition is held to select the best 3 mothers considering family, economic conditions, culture, mother and child health, housing, employment and beauty. The best 3 mothers along with MA Sangsad will be awarded crowns and prizes by the respected Chief Guest. It was in December 2018 that Ms. Shweta Varpe was honored as the Brand Ambassador of Bottom Lining MA Sangsad DORP, while as the Chairperson at a session of World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) at O. P. Jindal University, Sonipat, India. She had presented a paper titled “Yoga as an instrument in Global Peace and Harmony”. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed in between DORP and Ms. Shweta at WCPA conference being held by Mr. AHM Nouman, Founder DORP and Gusi International
Peace Prize Award Recipient in presence of all dignitaries including Dr. Glen Martin, WCPA Chairperson and Mr. Azhar Ali Talukder, Chairperson, DORP.

DORP is an NGO headed by Mr. AHM Nouman, Founder and CEO, which aims at a mission for changing the condition of the disadvantaged and poor people of rural society with
special emphasis on empowerment of women. DORP also has the credit of innovation of Maternity Allowance (MA) based SAPNA Package for the pregnant and lactating poor
mothers. DORP has various projects to its credit – to name some of them such as Health Village, WASH, SPRING, DESWSP, Micro Finance, Samriddhi, Unique II, and VGD. Ms. Shweta has dedicated herself in the service of Yoga for the last 12 years wherein transforming lives of many aspirants. She won the esteemed crown and title of Ms. United Nations Goodwill International 2018 in New Kingston, Jamaica in line with Ms. Elite Asia Goodwill United Nations 2018 and Mrs. Tiara India Woman of Substance 2018.

“Yoga is a powerful instrument to help gender equality and rejuvenate mental health around the world; so recognize your unique gifts and talents as an empowering experience through yoga.”

Ms. Shweta’s message to all across the globe.0

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