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Dr. Shweta Varpe- A highly motivated Fitness Life Sculptor and Motivator in a multitude of disciplines is referred to as the Yoga Queen. She being a strong believer of a disciplined life, has herself inculcated Natural Living, Yogic values, Yoga as Therapy and Shatkarmas along with other yogic practices in her personal lifestyle. Dr. Shweta strongly believes in the therapeutic aspects of yoga sadhana for a disease-free lifestyle. SHWETYOGA pertains to Yoga Therapy as the foremost service to yoga aspirants. Hence, emphasis is specially laid on healing of mind and body through various yogic practices.

As the Founder of ShwetYoga Wellness Institute, Dr. Shweta’s contribution to society has been massive. An initiative of mental, emotional and physical hygiene sessions was introduced by Dr. Shweta in her awareness program for sex workers, police force, jail inmates, truck drivers, and factory workers.

The principal aim of ShwetYoga is working towards inspiring lives, changing lifestyle and raising awareness towards collective health and collective peace. To maintain balance at work place, healthy relationships with colleagues, healthy family relations will all lead one towards a prosperous and peaceful life.

Dr. Shweta Varpe believes “to enjoy good health, to bring true happiness and peace in one’s life, one must first learn to discipline oneself by controlling one’s thoughts.” Learning to manage a “Healthy Lifestyle” assembles physical and mental hygiene – in which emotional balance has to be specially taken care of. With the regular practice of yoga, there is equilibrium of thoughts, action and behavior.


Grow and Glow with Yoga

Practicing yoga does not merely mean practicing yoga postures and pranayama to perfection. Yoga is the journey, a pathway to self-realization. Managing life is a skill. If you adapt this skill with the help of yogic values, you are actually doing yoga.

Practice of yoga lifestyle is for all – if an individual is emotionally, mentally and physically healthy, he/she is capable to handle relations, manage stress and share positivity to the universe. Optimum wellness is necessary to reduce the risk of illness and ensure positivity. One needs to maintain a holistic health, cultivate faith, set values and manage the art of life leading to a harmonious life.

“Be beautiful from within and share and spread the power of beauty and health all over.”

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