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Yoga is a term that you come across often enough. However, you certainly have to know what it is all about instead of trying to mimic the experts. It suffices to know that the practice is not limited to exercising the body either. On the contrary, it can also help you to relax and improve the functioning of the body effectively so that the entire life together with the physical and the spiritual abilities get vastly enhanced over a period. You might also find that yoga incorporates 5 different principles namely.

Basic 1- Exercise

Physical supremacy is achieved by exercising the parts of the body. There are a number of yogic postures known as asanas that address various parts of the body, enabling you to perfect the functioning of muscles, joints, and ligaments along with the organs thus benefiting the body as a whole. Exercise promotes chemicals in the brain that improve your mood and make you more relaxed. Physical activity reduces anxiety and you feel excited and it enhances your self-esteem.

Basic 2 – Diet

You live because you eat. Food is definitely the fuel that drives us. You do not have to give up on eating when you do yoga though. However, you certainly have to practice restriction by limiting the intake of food as gluttony will not help you in any way. The yoga experts, therefore, recommend only eating fresh, local food that has not been tainted in any manner. The energy obtained from food is then used for repairing the body tissues and rejuvenating the spirit. In other words, you get to feel good about yourself. What could be better?

Basic 3 – Breathing

Yoga emphasizes on proper breathing techniques and recommends long inhalation of fresh air. This will enable you to have oxygen circulating throughout the body and rejuvenating the tissues.

Basic 4 – Relaxation

Stress has been recognized as a silent killer that can attack you unawares. Yoga recommends relaxation techniques that can cause you to de-stress effectively thereby getting rid of the lifestyle problems that are known to plague mankind today.

Basic 5 – Meditation

Channeling your inner self and being in control is definitely the way to better your life. Yoga also incorporates meditation wherein you begin to think positively thus improving your spiritual wellbeing.

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