Is Meditation Equal To Yoga?

Meditation is an activity that people swear on today. Yet, the practice had been in vogue from ancient times and resulted in helping a lot of people during different eras.

However, it is only recently that Western civilization has begun to sit up and take notice of the age-old system of yoga. It might be justified to say that meditation is a part of yoga while the reverse is definitely not true.

So, the basic fact remains that the two terms cannot be used interchangeably ever.

In short, yoga can be rightly summed up as a physical activity of sorts that pushes the body to certain limits in order to attain a certain ability of the body. It can be quite grueling with many different postures to master as well as acquiring balance and exercising various parts of the body.

However, attuning unity of mind and body comes via the able use of breathing and relaxation techniques along with rigorous exercising.

Meditation, on the other hand, is extremely easy and all you will need is a comfortable place to sit. However, you do have to focus on your objective and direct the mind while breathing properly but not in a hurried manner. You would also have to keep your mind calm and in control. This is easily said than done, however, as it is extremely difficult to keep the mind blank no matter how much your trainer might coax you. Thankfully, you will succeed one day and reap the benefits of meditation in the process.

Now comes the crux of the matter. Yoga or meditation –which one is best for you? Well, the answer depends on your goals, of course. Opt for a yoga studio if you want to challenge your body physically in order to remain fit. Choose meditation when you seek to calm your mind and accept the realities of life. The benefits are different as is the process but both are equally helpful. So, go ahead and select wisely!

4 Thoughts to “Is Meditation Equal To Yoga?”

  1. Sangeeta Patel

    Can the meditation be done only with closed eyes? I feel any activity that makes you forget the world and yourself and where one is closest to it’s TRUE nature can be called a meditation ? As I’m meditating when climbing the mountains. Becoming one with self and beautiful surroundings. I am in my highest state of awareness and positivity. No other thoughts in mind but just concentration with all the senses working together to its capacity. The state of joyfulness is achieved thru synchronization if mind and body.

  2. Sachin gohil

    Shwet yoga is the only fitness spot that is perfect trainer n professional which helps us n shape s our body n yoga has become an important part of our life to remove all illness n pains etc .n so thousands of people cures afters doing yoga exercises every day.

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