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You may have come across the term Hatha Yoga while attending a yoga studio in your vicinity.
Unfortunately, it is believed to be a form of yoga with people being strangely reluctant to explain its meaningfully. No reason to be despondent though. It will help you to know just a little about this
a wonderful term that can be described as modern yoga or the physical form of yoga practiced via a
variety of postures or asanas. Moreover, hatha yoga generally deals with breathing techniques with the
students often being asked to hold their breath or inhale plus exhale in a certain manner while trying a
few challenging poses.

Fact 1

The fish deity of Matsyendranath is credited to have been the founder of Hath Yoga. He was taught the art by Shiva, the Hindu God who blessed the fish by transforming it into an enlightened being.

Fact 2

The term is a combination of the Sanskrit words of sun and moon. The sun depicts masculine energy while the moon is all about the feminine forces. In other words, a unique balancing of forces takes place via hatha yoga with the concerned person being able to harness the power of both.

Fact 3

You might have been excited to enroll in power yoga program but rest assured it is just another name for hatha yoga. Remember that any yoga exercises that come with breath control included are in reality hatha yoga.

Fact 4

You have to be sure of your goals once you decide to opt for hatha yoga classes. Remember that you cannot concentrate on building muscles or perfecting your balance with the aid of yoga.
Instead, you get to de-stress, improve the flexibility of your body and build core strength along with
learning to relax your mind and rejuvenate your body.

Fact 5

You can go on and on about hatha yoga and knowledge about is just inexhaustible. However, you would be amazed to know that you can help to increase your brainpower by indulging in hatha yoga for just about 20 minutes every day.

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