Here are 10 common challenges faced by Yoga Teachers and their solutions!

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Many Yoga practitioners and enthusiasts in pursuit of their sheer love, admiration, and dedication become professional yoga instructors or teachers. Years of regular practice and updated knowledge keeps this fire of yogic excellence alive in a reputed yoga teacher. But this is not a simple task. Yoga is all about the new ideas, innovations, challenges, variations, and realizations yogi encounters throughout the whole journey. All these factors cause every yoga teacher to face hardships at some point in their career or profession.

A love for yoga can give you vigor and inspiration to follow your dream of becoming a professional yoga teacher, but it is not necessary that only this single factor will help you to turn it into a successful career. There are many technicalities yoga teacher has to adapt to turn this health earning business into a wealth earning one. An optimistic approach, positive attitude, excellent knowledge updating, perseverance, and creativity, a good planning helps a yoga teacher to overcome all these challenges.

Here are the 10 common challenges faced by yoga teachers and the simple solutions to overcome these problems.

1. Stagnancy and fatigue after years of training

Yoga business Coach in thane west

Performing the same asanas, techniques, and kriyas for years brings a staleness in the everyday yoga classes and tutorials. No variation in asanas and lack of knowledge updating makes a yoga teacher’s career a stagnant one. A monotonous routine is a common cause of fatigue. No matter how much you enjoy teaching or performing yoga, after years of static practice lacking any kind of dynamism is a big challenge for every Yoga teacher.


Yoga is already contained with vast knowledge, which keeps on updating. Every person, trainer contributes to the immense ocean of yoga knowledge. A yoga teacher must remain open to new information and updates about yoga practices. This not only enhances the yoga instructor’s performance but also keeps them engaged. It is always advisable to keep yoga knowledge dynamic and updated.

2. Choosing the right school of yoga for updation

Constant updates in yoga knowledge, new innovative ways of doing asanas, or everyday possibilities of coming of new styles of yoga make it mandatory for every yoga teacher to keep on learning new techniques and enrolling for various yoga certification courses. But the real challenge is to choose the correct school of yoga, from the existing long list of institutions.


Yoga business Coach in thane west

A yoga teacher must choose Yoga School or Institute wisely. There may be a possibility that you get to learn the things that you already know, providing no further benefits, wasting your time and money. Proper research about the faculty and the contents of the course must be done. The key parameters such as maturity of yoga school, consistency & sincerity towards conducting regular sessions and yoga events, and its ability to grade up your knowledge and level further need to be checked. The study of their online presence and ratings, reviews about the institute by its students give insights about yoga school and their vision.

3. Travel exertion

A yoga teacher needs to travel daily to conduct classes in different places. There may be a case where a yoga teacher needs to travel a lot from place to place to give personal training, corporate training, or for some yoga events. This problem worsens if the teacher is based in a city where traffic conjunction is common. They themselves don’t get time for their own yoga practice or meditation, living them irritated and frustrated. This physically exerting practice is a common challenge faced by yoga teachers.


The time and energy wasted during commuting from one place to another just to conduct classes can be utilized more productively and efficiently by the yoga teachers. There is a simple solution to this problem. Just go Online! This is the era of the internet and digitalization. Every person can connect and take lessons from online yoga sessions. This saves a lot of time and travel fare for a yoga teacher.

4. Lack of direction to be successful

There can be a possibility that a yoga teacher has all the qualities and qualifications needed to be an expert yoga teacher. But it is not always the case that knowledge can lead you to become a successful yoga icon. You do have knowledge but are unable to convert this knowledge into a money-earning profession.


Yoga business Coach in thane west

To become a successful Yoga Teacher a good strategy and planning, optimum marketing, and various factors need to be implemented correctly and in a timely manner. This does not mean any strategist or business consultant can give you the correct advice about the actions you are required to take for success. A Yoga Business Coach is a person you need in this dire situation. A yoga business coach is a person who is highly experienced in the field who can lead you to your glory with proper guidance. Click here to get in touch with a Yoga Business Coach.

5. Not generating enough income

Another problem yoga teachers face is the non-generation of enough income according to one’s experience and qualification. This may be a very discouraging situation where a yoga teacher is himself/herself is not able to generate the sustaining income, especially in the business for training aspiring yoga teachers.


A person who is well experienced and well-acknowledged about the aspects of yoga services and it’s business dimensions can only guide you to materialize your knowledge about yoga and get your due in the form of monetary gains. A Yoga Business Coach is a perfect answer to your question.

6. Lack of technical knowledge for online classes

A yoga teacher may have thorough knowledge about his / her field, but it is not necessary that he/she be a tech-savvy and accustomed to all the new-age technologies. There are many aspects an online yoga business involves that requires yoga instructors to rely on some other person for technology-related tasks.


You need to find a trainer or Yoga Business Coach to guide you for this. The tools and software required to learn for conducting online classes and other such stuff can be easily mastered with their help.

7. Balancing between yoga classes and a desk job

Similarly, there are many office and desk jobs- like presentations, paper works, data filling and updating, follow-ups, and other desk jobs- a yoga teacher need to cope with along with timely conducting classes.


You can recruit staff to handle all the office and desk related work. But it is not affordable for some Yoga teachers or maybe they want to do the jobs personally for more satisfaction. A Yoga Business Coach can train you about how to find a balance between yoga classes and a desk job, or how to monitor the efficient working of your staff.

8. Confusion about the style of yoga

Yoga has evolved drastically in all these years. Every day there are new updations taking place in the patterns of yoga. This has lead to the emergence of many yoga styles over the years- Vinyasa, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Power yoga, to name a few. Many Yoga teachers are not sure which style to emphasize more on or which one to choose as their USP.

Shwet yoga classes in thane west teaching different styles of yoga


A yoga teacher may be master in one style of yoga but not so sure about the other one (which is more trending in the market). Many yoga styles are interconnected and can be mastered with some more efforts and giving some time to learn, maybe through enrolling for a training course and updating your existing knowledge. A teacher learning every day can only train well. So, yoga teachers must always update their knowledge about other yoga styles.

9. Feeling your knowledge is imperfect

If a yoga teacher has not been in touch with the updates and changes taken place in recent times in the yoga world, he/she may have a feeling of lack of knowledge. Their confidence may hinder due to imperfect knowledge. Some yoga teachers feel that they are pursuing only one style of yoga, neglecting the others, or this lack of practice imbibe them with a sense of imperfect knowledge of other styles and variations.


If you are feeling that you are not updated or lacking in some aspects, then enrolling for the yoga teachers’ training is the best way to enhance your knowledge and gain back your confidence in the field of yoga. Yoga teachers’ training has many different courses (depending on the study hours) to choose from according to your requirements and expertise.

10. Feeling shy about promoting yourself

Many Yoga teachers and instructors feel awkward and comfortable about promoting or presenting themselves. There can also be a problem of not having enough confidence and not possessing effective communication tactics to be an influential yoga master. There are also hesitations about asking for optimum charges for the valuable services they provide. If the yoga teachers are themselves not confident enough about the fees, they can’t convince the clients for the remuneration they deserve.


Yoga business Coach in thane west

Learning yoga is a different thing and presenting it is a different task. But don’t worry it is not an impossible task. Yoga in itself is a confidence-boosting activity, You just need some brushing effects to make yourself more effective and presentable to your prospective students. A Yoga Business Coach can guide you ahead with your goal of becoming a global and influential yoga teacher having a commanding and effective communication and convincing power so that you get your due credit in the form of high remuneration you deserve. No more shyness or hesitancy about disclosing your service charges even if the paying person finds it costly because ultimately ‘health is wealth.’

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