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Nowadays it is very difficult a person who does not have any idea about yoga, that much popularity it has gained over the years. Whether you are walking around and come across many yoga studios out there, or find astonishing yoga influencers on the Instagram showing their flexibility making you awestruck, or watching a celebrity praising yoga for enhancing their beauty and energy, you are quite familiar with what yoga is. But how familiar really you are with yoga? Do you know some interesting and funny facts about yoga that may surprise you?

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There is a lot of information and misinformation available about ancient culture of yoga. But there many historical facts and information most people are not much aware of. By knowing these fun facts about yoga will make the picture more clear, whether your concepts about yoga are correct or not.

1 Injuries can be there

Most of the people think that yoga is simply stretching out the body and not a high end exercise. And so the chances of injury are also very rare. Though it is true that yoga is way safer than any other mode of exercise, but it is not free from injuries. It is always best to practice it under the guidance of any expert yoga teacher, so the chances of injuries are very blink. In fact, regular practice of yoga reduces your chances of severe injuries due to its strengthening, cushioning and flexibility effects.

2 There is yoga for dogs as well

Doga is the new term used as yoga for dogs or pets. It is type of yoga designed for pets to accomplish a harmony between pets and their owners. Most of the time they are used a prop to assist in any pose but also are supposed to do some stretches by themselves. This concept was first time used in New York in 2002 by Suzi Teitelman as “Yoga for Dogs”.

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3 Origin and meaning of word “Yoga”

It is derived from the Sanskrit word, having its root in Yuj meaning to yoke or join together. This also made Sanskrit tattoos popular. The yoking refers to the yoking of the conscious mind to the higher self or the parmatma, the supreme spirit. This is to reach the ultimate bliss also called as the samadhi, or placing and putting together.

4 True origin of swastik

Swastik is actually a yoga symbol. The symbol is derived from the Sanskrit terminology Svastik, which means something that is associated with the wellbeing.

5 The importance of Om

Similar to swastik and other yoga symbols Om is one of the most influential part of yoga. It has great importance in yogic, and meditative practices. Sounds like the soft humming, “Om” is said to be the primordial sound of the universe. It is connected to the third eye (Ajna) chakra, otherwise known as the conscience.

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6 World’s oldest text mentions yoga

The RigVeda one of the oldest texts in the world mentions the elements of yoga. Rig Veda is known as the “praise of the knowledge”. It is 4000 years old dated back to 1500 B.C. Scholars have found that it has the elements of yoga mentioned in it demonstrating how old the practice of yoga has been.

7 Yoga can even aid in improving sex

Regular practice of yoga is effective in strengthening the pelvic floor muscles also known as the moola bandha. It also acts as the workout which provides the benefits similar to the Kegel exercise. This results in stronger orgasm. Yoga is always been associated with improving sexual life and preventing premature ejaculation.

8 Budhha is shown in lotus pose

Lotus pose is a seated pose in yoga, deemed as the preparatory pose for meditation. The founder of Buddhism, Gautam Buddha, is typically shown in the lotus pose. Lotus pose represents the perfect symmetry and poise of the lotus flower. Similarly, Shiva, the ultimate creator and god from Hinduism is also shown in this pose.

shwet yoga classes in thane west

9 There is a yoga postal stamp

In 2015 Late June International Yoga day was established. In the form of celebration and tribute Indian Postal Services released its first yoga stamp. The stamp shows a yogi in seated position with Anjali Mudra just overhead.

10 Yoga is officially in Olympics

In India, Yoga is not considered as the competitive sports. But in Summer 2016 Olympics, it became official sports. Each participants needs to perform 5 mandatory poses, and 2 of their choice. As per the stamina, endurance, flexibility, breathing they are judged. Yogini Briana Bernal was the winner in Summer Olympics 2016.

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