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Corporate yoga is more than simply motivating the employees to practice yoga by providing them yoga chair, discount coupons to buy the equipment or memberships at the yoga studios. It is a corporate wellness program that emphasizes on teaching yoga through the simple stretches and postures, breathing techniques, and mindfulness to the staff and the employers. Incorporating yoga into the employee’s lives to improve their mental and physical health. Yoga can reduce the physical pain, workplace stress, and increase productivity by reducing the absenteeism. With the increased energy employees are highly motivated to work efficiently and contribute to the growth of the company. Some of the benefits of yoga in the workplace are listed below-

corporate yoga at shwet yoga classes in thane west

1. Increased energy

While trying to make a balance between he work and family life, we often start to lead a sedentary life. Constant seating in a office chair for long hours, daily 8-9hours, decreases the blood flow to your rest of the body especially the upper body area, like brain and spine. This creates a stress which causes the fatigue and lowers your energy level. Any physical exercise, especially the moderate stretch demanding yoga asanas, increases the blood flow, unblock the energy points, and helps to produce the energy. These simple stretches can be done at the office from your desk also to achieve the benefits of yoga.

corporate yoga at shwet yoga classes in thane west

2. Reduced stress

Long hours of work can be stressful. Stress is one of the major reason for the decreased workplace productivity and can badly affect the employee health. Due this company has to face the substantial monetary losses. Companies also observe the workplace accidents, absenteeism, reduced turnover. Yoga is one of the best way to reduce the stress and make the brain calmer. Taking time out to do a little yoga can significantly reduce the cortisol, a stress causing hormone, and eliminate the all the ill effects associated with it.

3. Increased confidence

Physical wellbeing creates a confidence in a person which automatically reflects in the work of that employee. Yoga’s benefits such as making the person more flexible, increasing the muscle strength, and improving the cardiovascular health, gives you the feeling of freshness all day. Because of the increased flexibility, muscle strength, and energy one feels comfortable and confident in his own body. This confidence slowly transforms into the leadership quality and reflects this positive attitude in his work area.

corporate yoga at shwet yoga classes in thane west

4. Better immunity

Unlike other exercise regimes yoga doesn’t only focuses on the improvement of any specific body part but focuses on improving complete wellbeing of the body, inner healing of all the organs. Regular yoga strengthens one’s immunity system leading to more working days and less seek leaves. Improved immunity helps in flushing out the toxins from the body, aids in blood circulation and supplies whole body the oxygenated blood, eliminating the aches and pains.

5. Increased focus

Stressful work environment in corporates having the deadlines, endless meeting leads to mental clutter, hindering the employee’s decision-making ability. Yoga especially the meditative practices help to remove this mental clutter, help to have a alert, focused mindset. It helps employees to have a still, focused mind to tackle the pressure of demanding work space.

corporate yoga at shwet yoga classes in thane west

6. Lesser irritability and aggression

Yoga relaxes the body and calms the mind. It helps one to improve their social relations, it is also very helpful in anger management. A person having control over his/her emotions is a better decision maker, tends to have a positive outlook on life ad less likely to be involved a counterproductive work activities. Such kind of members will function harmoniously, handle incidents of conflicts with a calm and rational mind, proves to be good team member.

Our work is our commitment and duty, which gives us our identity. But while committing to our duties and liabilities, we must also not neglect our first liability, that is, our health. Boost your health with our yoga classes in thane.

This is completely a new experience for everyone, where all old notions are breaking and new rules are replacing them for a better and safer tomorrow. Take care of your health with highly beneficial yoga asanas and keep working hard! 

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