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“By incorporating yoga into our routines, we can significantly strengthen our body’s ability to combat sickness.” When it comes to boosting your immunity, yoga proves to be a brilliant way. Studies show that numerous infectious bacteria and microscopic viruses quietly reside inside us until something inside the body’s interior condition gets unbalanced. At that point they rally without hesitation and attack our immune system, making us seek. Beat the cold and flu symptoms along with many other diseases by boosting up your immunity with detoxifying and body balancing yoga poses.

Yoga practices are best to improve your overall immunity

Asana practice gives a delicate, natural method for supporting the immune system on an everyday premise—, regardless of how busy your daily life may be. Yoga assists with lowering stress on hormones that deal with the immune system, while additionally moulding the lungs and respiratory tract, in a way to remove the toxins from the body, and bringing oxygenated blood to the different organs to guarantee their ideal capacity. Unlike the other exercise regimes, that only focus on only certain aspects and parts of your body, yoga deals with your whole body and mind.

So how can one start an immunity-boosting yoga program? Have confidence that whatever your present yoga practice involves, it already powers up your immunity and disease resistance power. The powerful resistance power you have already build is helpful for you to fight the infections and diseases, but if you want to be extra cautious and go further closer to a healthier life, consider modified forms of forward bends, backbends, and body twisting asanas that would all be able to help out in supporting and reinforcing the immune system. Practice these all yoga asanas to be better prepared for any kind of disease. Even if you get infected and fall ill, these particular yoga asanas will help you to fight it out and recover at a fast pace.

Breathing exercises such as Pranayama

Most of the diseases that firstly attack your immune system show the systems such as cold, cough and fever. So, yoga together with pranayama practice is the most crucial remedy to overcome bacterial and viral infectious conditions. Pranayama mainly focuses on strengthening your respiratory system and improving your overall breathing organ’s health. Regular pranayama techniques especially give a powerful boost to your lung health and respiratory tract. The oxygen-rich blood circulates to every part of the body in the process, reinvigorating your complete internal system.

Mindful meditation

Daily meditation even for just 20 minutes is very helpful to detoxify the body and lowering the harmful hormones and increasing the good ones. The different techniques of meditation can be practiced according to their specific purpose. Check out the different meditation techniques here.

Asanas and Poses


This posture is profoundly remedial for the nervous system and is awesome for combatting stress and depression. It is a simple posture to go into, you will love this one for the days that you feel to be emotionally overpowering. It’s viewed as a restorative yin act—which means it doesn’t require a lot from the body, and it’s wonderful to do it in the morning as it empowers and stimulates the mind. The stretch additionally emphasizes the lower abdomen and reduces stomach pain.

Parivrutta utkatasana

Parivrtta Utkatasana signifies the Sanskrit interpretation of power and intensity. An extraordinary method to reinforce and extend the leg muscles, this difficult stance likewise protracts and improves mobility in the spine. Rehearsing Parivrutta Utkatasana will give a sentiment of groundedness in the lower half of the body and opens up the chest area.

Twisting yoga poses are incredible for the general goodness of the body. Revolved chair pose ie Parivrutta Utkatasana, specifically, offers considerably more profound improved kidneys and stomach related organs, bringing about an internal detox. This stance is additionally fantastic for extending the breath.

Setu bandhasana

This yoga posture to support the immune system focuses on your thymus and invigorates it; which thusly improves your body’s instrument to battle diseases. It can likewise improve your blood flow and fortify the lungs.

It stretches the hips, groin, chest and shoulder regions. Alongside that, it extends the spine, opening it up. Rehearsing this asana or yoga pose discharges the strain from the lower back part.

Prasarit Padottanasana

Prasarita Padottanasana and its varieties are commonly done together and frame some portion of the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series. In Ashtanga Yoga, this is done in a stream to improve strength, balance, and adaptability. It is an extraordinary practice to improve the strength and flexibility of the whole spinal segment alongside its nerves. Being a semi-reversed posture, it assists with expanding the lungs. Assists with expanding the scope of movement of the various joints in the body. Lift digestion. Mitigates the issues like a sleeping disorder just as uneasiness.

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