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Shweta Varpe, the dynamic, vibrant founder of ShwetYoga emphasizes the beauty and strength of yoga. Yoga is in her blood, she lives for yoga. Yoga has enabled her in establishing a strong sense of affirmations, accomplishing multi-tasks effortlessly and developing core strength and a stable mind. Her approach through ShwetYoga is to highlight the importance of yoga to the fitness world and the masses through a holistic one.

SHWETA VARPE Virtual Yoga Guru and Life Sculptor, INDIA Brand Ambassador of DORP, SAPNA MA Package BANGLADESH.

Ms. Shweta Varpe, the Virtual Yoga Guru and Life Sculptor and the Brand Ambassador of “Bottom Lining MA Sangsad” as an invitation from Development Organization of the Rural Poor (DORP), is visiting DORP for a special event of mega celebration on both Mind-body and fitness to the Social Assistance Program for Non-Assessors (SAPNA) Package implemented by Women and Child Affairs Ministry, Govt. of Bangladesh from 30 October 2019 – 2 November 2019. It is a proud moment for all Indians for selecting an ‘Indian Celebrity Face’ for DORP, Bangladesh. Ms. Shweta’s aim is to represent India and spread the awareness of Yoga heritage at the global level in Asiatic countries. This is a great opportunity and responsibility for her to exchange and enhance values, beliefs, culture, customs and ideas with the neighboring country. She is working hand in hand for the empowerment of women and rehabilitation of children.