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A woman has many roles to play in her lifetime – a loving daughter, supporting sister, doting wife, caring friend, devoted mother, hardworking professional, dynamic human being, and many more. But many times, she gets so busy sacrificing and devoting her time and priorities that often she neglects her own well-being. Her hectic schedule and responsibilities can take a lot of toll on her health. Don’t worry yoga is here too to help. Practicing yoga asanas not only brings discipline in the women’s life it also makes sure that their life is stress-free, healthy, focused, calm and they have more self-awareness.  

yoga asanas at shwet yoga classes in thane west

Due to the multitasking and demanding lifestyle of women, they are highly susceptible to hormonal issues, psychological problems, anger and anxiety issues, insomnia, body pains, and a lot more. Studies show that yoga not only is beneficial for reducing and treating all these women’s problems but it also gives new vigor to them to endure the stress and perform their duties more proficiently. 

Here is the list of most beneficial yoga asanas for a woman of any age that can address several problems and health complications a woman faces in her day-to-day life.  

1. Baddha Konasana 

Also known as the butterfly pose or bound angle pose. It stretches the muscles of your inner thighs, hips, and knees. It increases your flexibility and relaxes the whole body. It is also recommended to pregnant ladies as it is highly beneficial in smoother and less painful delivery. Click here for more information about pregnancy yoga poses. 

According to Iyengar, this yoga posture is a blessing to women due to its therapeutic effects on the health of the ovaries and abdomen. It opens the hip muscles and increases the blood flow to the reproductive organs. It is also highly beneficial to women suffering from PCOS or irregular menstrual cycles.

yoga asanas at shwet yoga classes in thane west


2. Bhujangasana 

One of the poses from Surya Namaskar makes the back flexible and increases its elasticity. As it resembles the cobra the pose is also known as the cobra pose. It tones the abdomen muscles, increases flexibility, strengthens the spine, opens the shoulders, and increases blood circulation. It is helpful to get a flat stomach, but not recommended to the ones having severe lower backache issues.  

yoga asanas at shwet yoga classes in thane west

3. Dhanurasana 

Dhanurasana is an incredible back bowing yoga pose for expanding and increasing spinal strength and adaptability. It stimulates the internal organs. This yoga asana opens the chest muscles and thus increases the oxygen intake and stimulates the blood flow. This is a highly energizing pose that ensures all-day strength and stamina to deal with the never-ending tasks of women.  

yoga asanas at shwet yoga classes in thane west

4. Sarvangasana 

Also known as the shoulder stand, this yoga posture treats thyroid dysfunction effectively, a very common problem in women. This inverted pose increases the blood flow to the head and relieves stress. Due to a lack of Thyroid-Stimulating-Hormone (TSH), many hormonal problems including infertility arise. As Sarvangasana directly targets the thyroid gland, it is one of the most effective poses to treat infertility. It also treats hair fall issues.  

yoga asanas at shwet yoga classes in thane west

5. Balasana 

Balasana, also known as the child Pose, is, considered one of the most effective poses for people with sleep-related issues. The calmness and stability provided by this asana translate into sleep very quickly. Balasana stimulates the Anahata chakra because it stretches the spine as you go down on your chest and stomach. This is often why the asana relaxes both your body and your mind, releasing all the dissipated energy. 

yoga asanas at shwet yoga classes in thane west

6. Hastapadasana 

Popularly known as the standing forward bend, it stretches all the muscles in your back and legs, further improving the blood circulation in the whole body. It releases all the stress from the abdomen area and its regular practice aids in the flat tummy, treats hair fall, relieves stress, tones the muscles, gives relief from menstrual cramps, boosts confidence.  

yoga asanas at shwet yoga classes in thane west

7. Garudasana 

It is known to improve the sense of balance. It improves concentration and releases upper back tension. It stretches hips, thighs, shoulders, and spine. It loosens the tendons and joint muscles. As it stretches all the muscles and joints, it is known to strengthen them and is an effective remedy to prevent locked joints and future joint aches.  

yoga asanas at shwet yoga classes in thane west

It’s clearly understandable that by yoga we can overcome all body problems easily. Many female students at our institute (Shwet yoga wellness center) in thane west have experienced personally that YOGA is helping them to heal their all internal & external body problems. For more details on other forms of yoga and its practices contact us here.  

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